1. D

    Hub 3.0 Firmware Update

    Hi there, I hope everyone is safe, well and not losing the will to live given all this Covid-19 stuff. Anyway, my reason for posting was I wanted to know was there a known way, to force the Super Hub to complete a firmware update. I’ve had mine for years now and it is still running the software...
  2. Z

    the latest firmware update

    How can i check what is the latest firmware update for the Philips 42PFL8654H/12 lcd tv?
  3. Z

    how can i upgrade the resolution support of my tv?

    I have an old Philips 42PFL8654H/12 lcd tv. Is there a firmware update that will upgrade the resolutions that this monitor supports?
  4. H

    Question PS4 firmware 1.76

    Evening All, Not looking to sell, just yet, but wondering if a PS4 on firmware 1.76 was particularly valuable? It is unboxed and the case is scuffed. It used to be in Currys as a demo model and the scuffs are where it was secured. To my knowledge it's never been online. Any help or...
  5. 8

    TCL TVs - software / firmware downloads

    Does anyone know what's happened to TCL's software update download option? It looks like they've removed from their range of TVs?
  6. T74g

    Sony X950H firmware on 950g

    Hello , I’ve seen a guy on Avs forums saying that it’s possible to put the latest 950h firmware on the 950g and it works and updates all menus etc to the new style of the 950h ?? Please has anyone done this ? Many thanks 🙏🏻
  7. N

    Question SAMSUNG Q80R HDMI (ARC) Firmware update to (eARC)

    Hi, does anyone have anything definitive as to IF and WHEN there may be a Samsung Firmware update.
  8. whiteswan

    HISENSE B7100 Firmware Update This Morning.

    Hi My tv updated to 0420 Firmware this morning but I skipped past the improvements in this fw - does anybody have a link to explain what has changed ? Dave
  9. JabbaNut

    FIRMWARE: Fake Android 9.0 for Tanix TX9S with S912 SoC (04-01-2020)

    " New updated firmware for download valid for the Tanix TX9S Smart TVBox with Fake Android 9.0. A firmware that in reality is an Android 7.1 OS but it is modified to look like a higher version, perhaps it will be useful for some user. This Box includes the powerful Amlogic Octa Core S912 SoC...
  10. M

    Question Oppo BDP-95 firmware?

    Hi, Does anyone have a copy of this which fixes the HDCP issue (no sound in new receiver). The latest version of firmware on Oppo site is 2014, & I believe Oppo Germany may have a fix. I've emailed them, just waiting for response. thanks
  11. BBritcliffe

    Question Hisense Firmware Help! H50M3300 - Hisense I1207 Firmware

    Hi all, I am wondering if someone can help with a Hisense H50M3300 Firmware upgrade? Turns out that I require an upgrade as I am still not on the newest one for my TV. I contacted Hisense and got told as I am out of warranty they can not give me the file and to "Search online" for it...
  12. P

    AirPods Pro Firmware Updated to 2D15

    So Apple just slipped in a new firmware for the AirPods Pro. 2D15. I might let a few ginea pigs go first before opening mine after the last debacle. if anyone updates let me know how you get on.
  13. B

    Panasonic blu-ray DMP-BD77 Update Firmware

    I have an Apple Mac running High Sierra. I am in the UK I am trying to download and install firmware version 1.47 to update from version 1.40. I have downloaded file UPDATE_BD77E_V147.exe and burned it to a cd-r disc using High Sierra. I followed the istructions and iserted the disc into the...
  14. MisthaLu

    Anyone tried making custom firmware for Dune HD devices?

    I've been reading a bit about the Dune HD devices lately, and recently stumbled across this: Dune HD Firmware Build Service - Dune HD STB - FIRMWARE BUILD SERVICE Dune HD Custom Firmware Images - Dune HD STB - CUSTOM FIRMWARE IMAGES Apparently it's possible to create your own firmware. That...
  15. ospielman

    Question Firmware for 55M7000

    Hello, Is it possible to get the latest stable firmware for 55M7000? (is it Spanish one?) many thanks!
  16. A

    Arcam AVR550 firmware update - no sound from CD player?

    Just updated my avr550 firmware to latest version 7.14. All se3med ok until I tried to play a cd on arcam CDS27. Everything appears to be fine. CD player is showing the track is playing and amp has correct input selected. But no sound. Switched the CDS27 to streaming Tidal. Again everything...
  17. A

    Oled b8 65 firmware update to 05.10.50

    Hi all. I've just received the following firmware update on my 65 b8. It's 05.10.50.i now have a new option in the picture settings menu called 'preferred colour' I clicked in and it gives you the option to adjust skin colour, grass colour and sky colour... Apart from that I've no idea what else...
  18. S

    Question Pivos Xios DS M3 Android Firmware

    I am looking for the last official android firmware for the Pivos Xios DS M3. The Pivos Forums and pivosgroup webpages no long exist and I am unable to locate any android firmware so far. Hoping someone has a copy still on a flash drive of storage media somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. A

    Firmware update 1113.0 for 2020 Models

    Today, Samsung released a firmware update (1113.0) for its 2020TVs. My 2020 model of The Frame (65") was updated automatically. The previous version was 1060.6. Here is the info about the update from the support page for my TV...
  20. S

    Question Firmware for 55U7A

    Hello, I need upgraded firmware for Hisense 55U7A if anyone have please share a link with me for download
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