1. G

    freesat 4k 500gb recordable box

    hi I keep getting a box popping up every 5 mins telling me my ethernet cable is connected , if i use wireless it also tells me every 5 mins that my wireless connection is connected?? can anybody throw some light on this ??
  2. mjm383

    Upgrade from Pioneer plasma

    Hi my current set up is a 42" pioneer plasma with humax hdr1000s & android box which both connect via ethernet to my synology drive. What am looking for is a 55" tv that can accommodate twin sat tuner with ethernet connection and have as good as a picture and if possible sound as the pioneer i...
  3. B

    Arris Freesat UHD Box

    My old faithful Humax 1100S started to give up, decided to look at the next gen. Seems its been rushed to market, software bugs etc It's not the best youtube clip, but i recorded this. Arris Freesat UHD recorder box I'm going to raise it with freesat customer support, but I don't hold out...
  4. Ke33er

    Freesat 4K box failed recordings

    Hi. This is my first post so apologies if it’s in the wrong place. I bought one of the new Freesat boxes a couple of weeks ago and nearly all my recordings are failing. I’ve done a factory reset but the problem persists. I’ve tried Googling but all the results seem to be about Humax boxes. I’ve...
  5. S

    New house with Sky Q LNB - options?

    Hello, I am in the process of buying a house that has existing Sky Q service and no (or very poor) terrestrial signal. We intend to use FreeSat instead (and will need a new TV anyway) and I'm trying to work out my option - I'm quite new to satellite systems in general so please forgive any...
  6. B

    Question Viera can find freesat satellite but only as "other satellite"

    Hi, Tl;dr : I tried retuning my freesat TV, it can see the satellite and get good signal, but only if I scan as "other satellite" instead of "freesat". I have a Panasonic Viera TX-P50G20B. I have a satellite dish pointing to freesat, and 3 TVs in the house that use this. I noticed yesterday...
  7. nheather

    How does FreeSat compare with Sky

    I have been a Sky customer for many years. Recently I have been reflecting on how much it costs and how much we actually use it. I predominantly watch Netflix, Prime and Disney+ and if it were just me I would ditch Sky and the licence. There are a few things I watch on Sky but not that many...
  8. S

    Freesat Newbie wants basic advice

    We’ve moved to a part of Gloucestershire where Freeview reception is poor. I don’t have any experience of satellite TV but there’s a dish up on the roof pointing at the southern sky with twin coax feeds terminating in plugs downstairs. Our TV doesn’t have a satellite tuner. Is there anything...
  9. barryc808

    Bargain Expired 20% discount on new Arris 4K Freesat box (ends 28th Sept)

    ****OFFER ENDED**** Just a heads-up, Hughes Direct Ebay store has 20% off until 28th Sept using code: POPUPSEPT20 This brings the 4K Freesat box prices down to: Receiver - £111.99 500GB - £175.99 1TB - £199.99 2TB - £231.99 + delivery is free...
  10. T

    Arris Freesat box

    Am I right in saying the HDD spins continuously when in ‘Active’ standby? and that without being in that mode you can‘t send remote record requests from the IOS App? It might just be my box (2TB, a few days old) but the noise is just enough to be annoying in the bedroom! another question, is...
  11. B

    Quick questions about Sky+ box after leaving Sky

    Firstly apologies, but i have tried to search for the answers before posting so apologies if they were actually there. Have decided to cancel Sky TV due to cost, and am currently looking at best options for what to do next but am looking at Freesat / Freeview options for a while. Having had Sky...
  12. Y

    sky and Freesat from same Dish

    Hi, if i wanted to watch both from same dish, what do i need. I have only one transponder. Could i use a Transoptic Satilite splitter, and just have one cable in. thanks. john
  13. F

    Arris UHD Freesat box

    Hi folks I'm itching to cancel Sky. I have the cables coming into the house from the LNB's. Sky was installed around 13 years ago, so these I guess would be Universal LNB's? Am I right in thinking I would only be able to record two channels while watching a third if I still use said LNB's...
  14. W

    Help with Freesat satellite settings

    HI All! I just ditched sky Q and have a dish which has an LNB with 2 cables. I plugged one into my LG 49UF680V tv which I believe doesnt have Freesat features but I have read I can still pick up the free to air channels. Anyway I have performed a search on Astra 28.2 with LNB set to 9750 /...
  15. Steca

    Freeview or Freesat

    Hi, Hope someone can help I have both aerial and sat disc. Currently I have a Sky Q box and looking at getting rid and just have Freeview or Freesat. Can anybody tell me what’s better? Can you connect two boxes one upstairs and go into both recordings say like with sky mini box? Thanks
  16. A

    Humax freesat box dead, new setup suggestions

    Hi, I have the following setup: - Sky mini dish with quad LNB - Living room: Humax HDR-1100s Freesat box & Triax TriLink providing RF2 - Bedroom: RF2 feed from Triax with magic eye for IR - Dining room: Manhattan freesat HD box for spare TV The storage has stopped working on the Humax...
  17. B

    Freesat loosing stations

    My Samsung tv UE50RU7400 is loosing stations On freesat. , ie bbc1, itv this this happens every morning when I switch on the tv, if I switch of the tv then turn it back on the then the stations are back in the channel list. but sometimes I have to retune the tv to correct this issue. i have got...
  18. S

    What Freesat box?

    Hi Please could someone help, I apologize if Ive posted in the wrong section. I want to get away from paying sky TV and internet. I'm after a Freesat box of some sort as I have sat dish and no Freeview Ariel. I would like to have Netflix access on it. I would like to record maybe 2 channels...
  19. I

    Question No picture on Freesat Tv

    We had Sky Q for about a week but decided to cancel. I did ask for a hybrid lnb as I liked the idea of returning to Freesat in the future. When I connected the Sky HD box back to the TV as expected, it still worked on the TV in the other room. Today I've removed the Sky q box from the main TV...
  20. kencouk

    Question Freesat HD mini box

    I've been trying to find a suitable mini Freesat HD box that could be hidden behind the TV (save for a little ir blaster) like a Spiderbox but ideally I'm trying to find a Freesat one with EPG rather than just now and next, and one that works out of the box. Is there perhaps an Enigma 2 (I...
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