1. S

    Icecrypt T2200 Freeview HD Receiver

    Hi have had this Freeview box now for some time and everything was fine until I got a new tv which just has hmdi connectors on it, so plugged the hmdi cable and all I get is no signal on the tv and yes its on the correct channel. the tv aerial goes into the box and then into the tv this is...
  2. stu232

    Cant connect to Freeview Play.

    I don't normally use Freeview Play so I can't say for sure how long this has been an issue. When I click on the Freeview Play button on my remote I get a black screen with an error message saying "Can't connect to the server. Please try again later". It has been say this since last week when I...
  3. The Grandfather

    Bye Bye Sky Need Freeview Recorder - Suggestions please

    As the title says I need a suggestions as to a Freeview recorder so that my wife can still satisfy her addiction to the soaps!! Our Sky contract is finished in about one months time. I should add that my wife likes her Sky HD+ Box but is more than willing to try something else. I would have just...
  4. E

    Recording from Freeview Tuner on LG65C9

    How useful is it? looking to ditch VM TV and use the TV or am I better just buying a BT Box for recording TV? can you record to a HDD on your server or does it have to plugged directly into the TV?
  5. S

    Can’t Tune BBC HD Channels in Freeview

    Hi. I have an odd problem that I’m struggling to answer. I mainly use Sky but have 3 freeview tv’s that I wanted to make use of. I live in Manchester and my nearest transmitter is winter hill which is about 10 miles away. I have an aerial in the loft that I’ve had for some time and when I try...
  6. N

    UE55KS7000 loses freeview channels when HDMI device on

    Hi. I have a UE55KS7000 connected to a HTPC via HDMI. Recently it's started a strange habit of 'forgetting' most of the freeview channels if the HTPC is on. HTPC off and all hunky dory. Basically turning on the PC causes the TV to switch to the HDMI source (as expected) but if at any time I...
  7. A

    LCN missing since June freeview reshuffle

    I can't work out if this is the TV, the reshuffle or both causing the issue. Since the reshuffle I was getting notifications on some channels to retune. I did and now all channels are in alphabetical order not LCN order with 4 music etc and the 5 channels coming first. Also seem to have multiple...
  8. A

    No LCN since freeview reshuffle

    I can't work out if this is the TV, the reshuffle or both causing the issue. Since the reshuffle I was getting notifications on some channels to retune. I did and now all channels are in alphabetical order not LCN order with 4 music etc and the 5 channels coming first. Also seem to have...
  9. UKCDJ

    Sky+ vs Freeview

    Quick question. We are paying £90 a month for Sky+ including broadband, HD & 1 x multi room. Not bothered about films & sport just the HD, broadband & 1 x multi room plus the option to download in HD. Are there any negatives at leaving Sky as don’t want to continue paying £90 a month for TV. I...
  10. M

    Triax mod103t

    Hi guys i have purchased th above mod in order to combine my bt vision output with my standard freeview channels on 8no tv’s with magic eyes on each. When i retune all tv’s they only find the triax and not the rest of the freeview channels. The setups i have tried are: 1/ aerial into mod, hdmi...
  11. M

    Question Coaxial cable problem? Losing freeview signal

    I use Freeview through an aerial. I only moved in last year so am not sure of the exact set up but there seems to be some sort of device in loft splitting (boosting?) the signal to multiple rooms (late 80's house, aerial faceplates and phone sockets everywhere!) Anyway, after a new aerial it...
  12. JudgeDredd2010

    Loss of Channels Talking Pictures and Yesterday.

    I have a Humax HDR-2000T Box when i did a retune the the other day i see that i have lost the channels Talking Pictures and Yesterday. They are also not in the list that lists everything. A retune does bring them back. I am in Fife in East Central Scotland. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  13. wolfie138

    Freeview Player "Can't Connect To Server. Please Try Later"

    i'm using a Hisense U7A, don't go to FP much but was checking it out a couple days ago and got the message above, and since then that's all i get. Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc are all fine, is there any reason FP isn't playing ball, and anything i can try to rectify it? TIA
  14. A

    Anyone else having issues with freeview retuning since the June 22 update?

    It seems there has been a major update on 22nd June that has removed and changed many channels. I was getting a notice on some channels saying I needed to rescan. I did but now all channels are in alphabetical order instead of the normal freeview order. Nothing I have tried including...
  15. mozeygray

    No sound from speakers in Freeview Play

    I have a QM2 soundbase connected to my Humax FVP-4000T. My fairly basic Panasonic TV only has 2 HDMI ports, one connecting the Humax, the other, my DVD player. I had originally connected my soundbase to my TV's headphone socket but the audio gradually became distorted. I purchased a HDMI...
  16. P

    Android tv box with Freeview?

    I need a decent freeview HD box but on with android tv would be nice, so I can add the smart apps I want. Does anyone know if Plex can be installed on the Manhattan T3 or is just the Freeview Play apps? Wanted something with Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Plex.
  17. oldmanhouse

    Question Help interpreting Freeview coverage results

    Hi folks. Some Freeview channels I like to watch (4Seven, 4Music) have recently moved from ARQ B to ARQ A. Unfortunately for me, the reception I get for ARQ A is non-existent, whereas ARQ B was good. In an effort to determine if there's any hope of improving my setup sufficiently to receive...
  18. J

    Freeview on Samsung TV's

    Hi guys, I can not quite justify the cost of the QE55Q90R, as good as it looks, so am thinking about the slightly cheaper QE5580R or the QE55Q85R. I did see one review for the 80R that stated it did not come with Freeview built in, but the reviews for the 85R do not mention whether it does or...
  19. A

    Aerial Freeview and Sky Q

    Hi I have a Question i have a 4k tv to which has built in Freeview and I also have a Sky Q box. Today I was experiencing Signal issues with the Sky Q so I switched to Freeview to which I was amazed with the picture I was getting it blew me away. I then switched back to Sky Q and the picture was...
  20. W

    LG Tv freeview aerial for Dover xmitter since freq changed for 5G.

    Hi.. Ive seen various previous posts about LG tuning problems. However, I inherited a 20yr old loft aerial when I moved in and had no problems tuning various TV including my latest 11month old LG 4kTV .. intially getting BBC SD & HD plus all the other junk. BUT, after Dover Xmitter started...
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