1. T

    will I still be able to receive freeview through my sky box

    Hi after 20 years I have decided to cancel sky it's costing me to much money, they want the sky Q box returned so is it possible for me to buy a sky+hd box and plug in the satellite cable and receive Freeview. many Thanks Terry
  2. J

    Freeview Breaking Up, Cutting Out on BT TV - Some Guidance

    Hi All, I posted a few months ago about this issue, i am in Haddington, 2nd Floor Flat with a communal aerial( I assume its damage, out of alignment) TV reception for the Freeview channels is awful, I believe i should get a lot more channels than I have and the ones I do have break up, stutter...
  3. N

    Is there a good OS choice ? YouView or Freeview Play or neither?

    Im getting rid of sky and purchasing a new TV. What is the best OS for user experience? From the research i have done there is not really a clear winner with some missing apps or experience. For example when it comes to EPG... Is youview or freeview play worth it. I have sky so freesat is an...
  4. P

    Missing Freeview channels

    I wonder if anyone can help. We've recently replaced the TV in the living room with a Hisense H65B7500UK, moving a smaller Toshiba "branded" (Vestel made I think), but we're unable to pick up several Freeview channels on the Hisense, in particular we can't get the Horror channel. We have a...
  5. Menacesco

    Freeview HD Channels 106; 108; 110 etc will not tune

    I have a new Samsung Q90 QLED TV and existing Panasonic BlueRay Recorder. When setting up I could not get Freeview HD Channels. After reading forums I have managed to now get the main 101 to 105 plus 107, 109 etc on the TV but just 101-5 on the recorder. I know it can’t be an aerial problem as...
  6. Evansjd2112

    Freeview Play HD 5.1 Channel + Denon AVR-X1300W = No Centre Speaker

    After some guidance and help to understand! Recently moved to a Manhattan T3-R Freeview Recorder from a Humax DTR-T2000 Connected to a Denon AVR-X1300W. All is good but with one niggling "feature" I cannot understand. On the HD channels, the Denon detects a Digital signal. Whether the channel...
  7. T

    Freeview (unfair) Play?

    Hello, can anyone help with this?. I bought a LG 43UM7000PLA recently. The EPG guide clearly has a FreeviewPlay logo and adjacently a FreeviewPlay INFO facility. When used, this displays a CATCH UP flag, and next goes to a full selection ( and search) of catch ups. So far, so good. However, the...
  8. D

    LG C9/X record freeview

    On the LG C9/X, can you set a recording from freeview onto an external USB stick? I’m going to guess USB’s are still not USB3 on modern tv’s (don’t quite understand that), so if you can record onto a USB stick, is it fine to record HD channels too? I know these tv’s have built in apps (except...
  9. K

    Philips 55PUS9104 Freeview Play Update

    I purchased my 55PUS9104 from John Lewis in December 2019 and the sales invoice clearly states that it is a 2019 model TV. I have been searching for the Freeview Play software update for about a week now. This is done through the TV's menu system which is connected via ethernet. Each time, I get...
  10. M

    FreeSAT vs FreeView question

    Not sure which sub-forum this should go to.... sorry. We recently moved to a new house that has a satellite dish. We had FreeView at our old house, but when we had a company come to set us up, they insisted on connecting to the dish and giving us FreeSat. It works fine, but our old recorder box...
  11. D

    Freeview Play Help

    Hi guys I have the Philips 50PUS8204 and I have seen others post pictures of freeview Play on their Tv and saying the latest firmware update worked, I have installed the latest update to my TV, it says it is up to date and it is connected with an aerial and still do not have Freeview Play on my...
  12. K

    Losing end of ITV Freeview recordings

    Using Humax 500, in Southampton, last 2 episodes of Belgravia have cut off a minute or 2 before the end, I do not record much of ITV, but other channels do not show this problem. Anyone else have this issue ? Thanks
  13. A

    Not getting freeview digital channels from Sky RF2

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help. I have my main tv which is connected to my sky box, the main aerial from outside goes into the aerial in, then a cable from rf1 to the main tv and a cable from rf2 to the second tv in the other room. I have tuned the second tv which gives me the sky analogue...
  14. CatsWithThumbs

    Question Freeview Play recording issue after clocks change?

    Hi, I have 43UK6500PLA running 05.10.40 I had one programme set to record from the Freeview guide - Repair Shop, BBC1 HD (101) on Wednesdays at 8pm. This worked fine for the first week. At the weekend the clocks went forward. This seemed to break the timer, as I found it recording the previous...
  15. B

    Pus6401 Lost freeview channels

    Hi lost all freeview channels on PUS6401 yesterday tried retuning twice still no channels ,so did factory reset this morning then hey presto all channels returned ,the TV was set to auto retune must been Gremlins in software .
  16. leckie

    Coax to f-type for freeview

    Excuse the state of my wall and skirting! I've just put a TV up on the wall in my bedroom and am looking to get FreeView running on it. The previous owner had put a large aerial in the loft with lines running into the rooms to sockets like the attached. My assumption is that I just need a...
  17. Stevie G

    Freeview vs Freesat for quality on HD channels - which is best?

    Hi guys Is there much difference between the broadcast quality of HD channels on freeview compared to satellite? I am thinking of getting a satellite based DVR (VBox Android TV XTi 4134) and using that instead of my HDHomerun and wondering what the quality difference is with HD versions of...
  18. jazzy2006

    Question Humax FVP-5000T or Manhattan T3-R Freeview?

    I am looking for a new Freeview box and I have narrowed it down to two receivers a Humax FVP-5000T or a Manhattan T3-R. Just looking for advice which receiver would you consider is the best to purchase?
  19. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Philips Android TVs to get Freeview Play

    TP Vision has announced the imminent arrival of Freeview Play on Philips’ range of Android TVs. Read the news.
  20. Z

    Freeview + Now TV Live + PVR capabilities

    I'm really struggling to understand this new world.... I was thinking of getting Sky once again (after a 10 year hiatus!) but my friend has suggested to me that NowTV is much cheaper and does most things a Sky sub will do. However, I want the ability to record/pause/rewind live TV, i dont watch...
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