High-Definition Multimedia Interface
  1. Steelhorse75

    HDMI 2.1

    So been reading a lot about TVs as looking for a new one. I see the new thing is HDMI 2.1 so my question is.....what’s the deal with it? We currently have no gaming consoles in the house as no one is really interested in them but my daughter has stated an interest of sorts..so scenario....get a...
  2. ti33er

    For Sale Arcam AVR450 7.1 Multichannel AV Receiver Dual HDMI Output High End

    Arcam AVR450 7.1 Multichannel AV Receiver Dual HDMI Output. High End system. Collection in person is most welcome. Information on ARCAM Website: https://www.arcam.co.uk/product,fmj,av-receivers,avr450.htm This ARCAM Receiver has worked flawlessly in my flat since it went to ARCAM for a...
  3. B

    HDMI audio extractor

    Afternoon, I have a couple of hdmi devices connected to my telly, however as my av pre doesn't have a hdmi input, sound from these is via an optical out from the TV. I realise there are limitations using optical, however my question is really around whether external hdmi audio extractors out...
  4. M

    Sony AG9 - Denon A1 UD - no hdmi signal

    I just purchased the Sony AG9 TV, but unfortunately I am not able to receive the HDMI signal from my blue ray player (Denon A1 UD). I have also tried to pass the HDMI signal through my Denon receiver (x4700h), but with no luck. When I turn on the blue ray player, it says "loading" on the...

    Question HDMI 2.0 Switch (HDR10, [email protected], etc, etc support)

    Hello Everyone. Almost two weeks ago, i've bought a Samsung 55Q80T QLED TV, as you know, it has 4 ports of HDMI and i've just the last port with the soundbar HW-Q60T and now i need two more ports, wich a i don't have, for the Nvidia Shield and for other PS4 Pro. I'm searching for a long time...
  6. S

    HDMI box with 4k firestick

    I have bought this audio extractor box, link here: I have connected a Humax box S1110 and a DVD player to the HDMI switch whereby the audio works fine with both. I have just bought an Amazon 4K fire stick and plugged this into the same audio extractor box, on the spare HDMI connection, only...
  7. B

    No hdmi Lg 55cx6

    So, suddenly all of my hdmi ports are not working anymore. Tried about everything, even the tip to put Quickstart + off. Nothing seems to help. Would this be a software issue or does it need repair. The tv is only 3 weeks old. I read that this is happening quite often among LG tv´s, so I hope...
  8. S

    Split HDMI signal into video-only for TV and ARC only for Hi-Fi amplifier?

    I'm looking for a device that does the following (also see attached drawing): Receive input from 1/many HDMI device(s) Send HDMI video-signal to TV And send audio via HDMI-ARC to a receiver which can only use the HDMI port for receiving audio via ARC. All with CEC commands, so the TV and...
  9. Simba

    Wanted Gamecube Hdmi adapter (kaico/ carby etc)

    Hi Recently took out the gamecube from storage and looking for a hdmi adapter such as Kaico or Carby... Please also advise firmware version. Thanks
  10. Jalluwaan

    65 OLED 873 HDMI problem

    Hdmi will remain on even if the TV is turned off. Just by taking the power cable off it turns off and at the same time of course almando decoder and speakers. Otherwise, they'll both be on top, what's the advice?
  11. N

    HDMI control?

    Hi guys, I have a Sky Q box which is connected to my Yamaha RX-481D receiver, which is connected to my LG TV. and Simplink is activated. The TV is relatively new (5 weeks). With my old LG TV I could press the ON button on the sky remote which would turn on my sky box/receiver/ TV via HDMI...
  12. R

    Can someone suggest me a good quality HDMI switch please.

    Hi. I'm getting a new soundbar and as it only has one input I am going to need a hdmi switch. Theres seems to be loads about so I was after suggestions of a good quality one. It needs to pass 4K and Dolby atmos and if possible come with a remote. I don't want to buy one that is going to...
  13. S

    Question TW7400 - hdmi cable

    I have got a TW7400 projector working alongside a Humax 1100S and amazon 4K fire stick. Can anyone send me a few links on Amazon to a high quality HDMI cable that would work at a 4K res at a length of about 12M please
  14. B

    Looking to get a projector I can use with HDMI or Digital Optical Soundbar and firestick

    I already have the soundbar I am looking to use it is the vizio V51-H6. I want to pick a projector I can use with that and a firestick. I am having issues finding what I believe I need is a HDMI Arc or Digital Optical port. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems as though that is maybe what I...
  15. HUSKY K


    I have a samsung q90t and I understand that one of they hdmi ports can do 4k 120 for gaming next gen but what about the other 3 are they 4k 60? can anyone shed any light on this thanks.
  16. Q

    HDMI over CAT6 Ethernet

    Good morning, Looking for a little guidance. I am about to move into a new house and want to cable it out with CAT6. Whilst doing this I want to move all the TV STB's etc into a central location with one box (or wall plate) that the TV (There is only one TV) plug into HDMI/Ethernet to obtain...
  17. A

    tx-40gx830e to lenovo yoga 920 via usb-c hdmi

    Hi, Might be a silly question, but when I tried to connect my laptop to the tv, the picture is there, but the sound comes from the laptop. Is there a way to change the audio output so it would be the TV speakers? The cable I use is goobay USB-C HDMI adapter cable (4k 60hz). Thanks!
  18. A

    HDMI Distribution to ARC\eARC compatible sound bars

    HDMI Distribution to ARC\eARC compatible sound bars Is there a product to split out one HDMI source to 20 sound bars that have ARC or eARC support? I would like to use the HDMI out (ARC\eARC) on the sound bar. This is going to be used for a product display. Any ideas?
  19. R

    HDMI - Sky switch through amp problems

    Dear all, I have recently bought a Denon 2300 as advised by this forum. I have Sky Q and Bluray in via HDMI and it feeds an Optoma DLP Projector with a repeater in line to get me over 10 metres. It all works well and the picture and sound is breathtaking. One small problem that persists is...
  20. river123

    Hdmi 2.1 receivers

    Having a HDMI 2.1 receiver hooked up to a LG CX tv and selecting the tv’s streaming app’s such as Netflix and Amazon am I right in saying for surround sound from the receiver I don’t need to use the simplink hdmi-cec on the LG CX?
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