1. Harpernize

    For Sale SteelSeries Arctis 3 Xbox One, PS4, Switch Headset - Black

    Bought about 6 months ago, used a couple of times and they have just sat in a drawer. Don't have the original box but will be well packed. Still selling for £60 online so I feel £27.50 posted is a very fair price.
  2. Se777eN

    For Sale Plantronics RIG 800LX Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One

    I have had these about 6 months but I have hardly used them as I have been playing on the PS4. does not come with with the Dolby atmos code. £65 with postage PBG please thanks.
  3. barney007

    For Sale Sony 2.0 headset wireless / Astro a50 gen 3 with mod kit

    Hi All Just having a clear out, both headsets only been uusd a hand full of times. Fully boxed Wireless stereo headset 2.0 for ps4 - £ 50 Fully boxed Astro A50 Gaming Gen 3 Wireless Headset Ps4/pc - Black / Blue With Mod Kit - £130. If you buy the xbox base you can use then for xbox aswell...
  4. TwoJs

    For Sale PSVR Headset V1 and Camera V2, (no VR Worlds)

    In excellent condition, everything boxed from new and headset earphones unused also. VR Worlds Starter pack, but code already used and not included.
  5. T

    Wanted PCVR headset wanted

    I'm after a PCVR headset, something like the rift cv1 with controllers or a Windows mixed reality headset. Let me know what you've got.
  6. furryhobnob

    Wanted Vr headset for sim racing

    As the title I'm looking to get into VR sim racing so looking for a VR headset. Oculus rift HTC vive Or even the wmr ones like the dell visor I could be interested in, feel free to post whatever, worst I can say is no, thanks in advance
  7. M

    Two Headset Mics in Parallel

    Hello, I want to connect two (stereo)headsets at te same time to one laptop. They both have to function fully, so phone and mic. They each have a phone 3.5 jack and mic 3.5 jack. I make a junction box to make it possible. In view of the 32 Ohm impedance of the phone, it should be no problem to...
  8. C

    Wanted Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

    Looking for a Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset. Delivery only as cannot collect. Thanks
  9. Hellraiser1287

    Question OEM Battery for Platinum Edition Headset

    Greetings fellow gamers, I am in desperate need of either the company that supply the OEM battery for the PlayStation Platinum Edition Headset or somewhere i can buy it from, I am on the forums because i have tried eBay, and all battery shops listed on google, I have also tried to use a 2000mAh...
  10. T

    Headset recommendations

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to get some ideas/thoughts off people regarding gaming headset. I have a PS4 that I want them to work with. I want to see what people's thought on the pros and cons for wired and wireless?? To be honest I'm not fussed either way as long as it give a good quality sound...
  11. Singhisking

    Question Any wireless gaming headset that works with xbox and ps4?

    Hi everyone basically I started playing cod on my xbox instead of ps4. I used a steelseries 840 headset on ps4 without any problems on xbox its a faff as I have to use the xbox app to communicate. Is their any headsets that will work with both? Or can anyone recommend a good wireless headset for...
  12. TaurusDevil

    Kinga VR Headset.

    I am thinking about getting one of these. Are they any good/worth buying?
  13. Z

    Question Good headset splitter?

    Looking for an audio splitter that inputs mic and outputs audio to both devices. The headset will be a Turtle Beach Recon 70 and the Devices mainly an Xbox One S controller and a Gen 5 iPad. It should also ship to the uk and be preferably under £10
  14. E

    Wanted Samsung Odyssey+ (Plus) VR Headset

    As/title, no price gouging please
  15. E

    PS4 Pro Headset Problem

    I have the playstation pro, brand new 3 days old. After closing out each application my headset gets no sounds, but still can receive input audio ( my voice through the mic ) Example... If i play Apex Legends and then close it out after some time, and go to YouTube, i will not get audio. I will...
  16. mr starface

    Bluetooth Headset Woes

    I recently bought Bluetooth headphones from Amazon (This One) for gaming purposes, they were well reviewed and sound great when I use them. The one issue I have is the inbuilt microphone and talking to friends whilst playing - Its a nightmare. When I setup a voice chat and use the Mic it seems...
  17. Darrenraymond

    Question Pairing headset to USB dongle

    Hi folks, Quick question. Is it possible to pair my Beats Studio 3 (Bluetooth) to the Bluetooth receiver of my Logitech keyboard/mouse combo? My PC doesn’t have an embedded Bluetooth chipset and whilst I know a USB Bluetooth dongle can be purchased for as little as £6, i thought I’d ask the...
  18. rayanfjdnd

    what vr headset should i buy

    i really want to get vr but i dont know wich one my pc specs are gtx 970 4gb 32 gb ram 4 ghz cpu
  19. Z

    For Sale Sennheiser RS175 Headset

    Hello, selling this as after purchasing a soundbar they sadly don't see any use, they were used for gaming occasionally but think they would do better with someone who has more use for them asking £100 delivered Images:
  20. mrminibus

    Bluetooth gaming headset help please!

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