1. TaurusDevil

    Kinga VR Headset.

    I am thinking about getting one of these. Are they any good/worth buying?
  2. Z

    Question Good headset splitter?

    Looking for an audio splitter that inputs mic and outputs audio to both devices. The headset will be a Turtle Beach Recon 70 and the Devices mainly an Xbox One S controller and a Gen 5 iPad. It should also ship to the uk and be preferably under £10
  3. E

    Wanted Samsung Odyssey+ (Plus) VR Headset

    As/title, no price gouging please
  4. E

    PS4 Pro Headset Problem

    I have the playstation pro, brand new 3 days old. After closing out each application my headset gets no sounds, but still can receive input audio ( my voice through the mic ) Example... If i play Apex Legends and then close it out after some time, and go to YouTube, i will not get audio. I will...
  5. mr starface

    Bluetooth Headset Woes

    I recently bought Bluetooth headphones from Amazon (This One) for gaming purposes, they were well reviewed and sound great when I use them. The one issue I have is the inbuilt microphone and talking to friends whilst playing - Its a nightmare. When I setup a voice chat and use the Mic it seems...
  6. Darrenraymond

    Question Pairing headset to USB dongle

    Hi folks, Quick question. Is it possible to pair my Beats Studio 3 (Bluetooth) to the Bluetooth receiver of my Logitech keyboard/mouse combo? My PC doesn’t have an embedded Bluetooth chipset and whilst I know a USB Bluetooth dongle can be purchased for as little as £6, i thought I’d ask the...
  7. rayanfjdnd

    what vr headset should i buy

    i really want to get vr but i dont know wich one my pc specs are gtx 970 4gb 32 gb ram 4 ghz cpu
  8. mrminibus

    Bluetooth gaming headset help please!

  9. MikeKay1976

    New Oculus headset coming ? Del Mar

    https://www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2020/3/20/21188147/oculus-del-mar-prototype-vr-headset-codename-developer-page-leak-screenshots No details yet but if people are developing for it already hopefully someone will spill beans. –– ADVERTISEM ENT ––
  10. snadge

    no sound through headset after charger pack ran out and went onto batteries

    as per title my battery charger ran out and i quickly grabbed some batteries and put them in and NO SOUND..even on USB...so i let the pack charge for a while and again it says NO MIC, tried a second MIC and still the same and no sound coming out headset - tried Xbox audio settings never been...
  11. bl0ckev

    Question Help... Wireless headset

    Tried Arctis 7’s and I’m thinking they don’t do what I need as I’d like some headphones 5.1/7.1 that I can use for gaming and/or general TV ..with a budget of <£200 could someone recommend me some that can plug into the TV (optical or hdmi) and once headset is switched on the sound goes through...
  12. Spence0108

    Question Recommendation for gaming headset?

    Hi all. I'm looking to upgrade my gaming headset as my corsair hs50s right ear cup is on its way out and keeps cutting out. Would be looking for a headset that can be used on ps4 & Xbox one? Budget up to £100. Not too bothered by wired or wireless but think wireless would be better for long term.
  13. D

    What kind of VR headset would be best for someone with limited mobility?

    Is it possible to control a VR headset remotely via a laptop or phone when the person wearing it is unable to use the controllers? Not sure if this is possible on the untethered Oculus Go or Quest, or will it require a laptop and the Rift or Vive headset?
  14. A

    Question I need VR Headset for Samsung Galaxy A20s. Any suggestions?

    Samsung Gear VR is not compatible with A20s. Can anyone please tell me if there's any VR Headset that works with A20s?
  15. harribo

    Question Why can't I find my Oculus quest link update on my Oculus headset about page?

    Hello there, I recently connected my oculus quest to my pc to get a wider game library. After successfully connecting it (the connection is not the issue here), on the oculus application on pc, it said to to be connected, I must get an Oculus update on the about section of the setting on my...
  16. ldoodle

    Headset Recommendations

    Hi, Most important is weight - they're for an 8 year old. The Razer Kraken seems well regarded so looking at the 'X' - the Tournament model features seem to be lost without the USB dongle which is for PC only. Any other recommendations? Not bothered about wireless unless they come with a...
  17. Bunnyhop

    Headset connectivity problems

    I've bought my kid an Oculus Rift S for xmas, and just found out that your computer MUST have a display port socket to function. Apparently, adaptors don't exist that will work. His laptop has HDMI and USB3 outlets. Any help please?
  18. W

    Best headset for £50?

    What would you say is the best headset for around £50 for the PS4 and can they do 7.1 surround sound?
  19. H

    Question Looking for a new headset

    Hey everyone I need some advice. I am looking for a new headset to use primarily with my ps4. However I will sometimes like to use them for my phone or tablet if they are bluetooth enabled. I had a pair of the wireless gold previously but they seem to have given up the ghost. I would like...
  20. Ibsen3

    PSVR headset shows only a static screen

    Hello, This is my first post here. I've been using my PS4 for a long time now and there is nothing wrong with my display for the PS4 itself on an ex-PC monitor. However, after happily using my PSVR for over a year, I turned on the headset to find that all that was showing was a static screen...
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