1. WeegyAVLover

    DAB Radio | Bluetooth Tx | Bluetooth Headset = No Working - Help

    Hi All, Okay I have maybe made a bit of a error here. I got a DAB radio for my birthday a few weeks ago. I already have a a pair of bluetooth headphones. So I got a bluetooth transmitter/receiver to link the DAB to my headphones. However I have just realised when I use my headphones with...
  2. celtic1967

    Question Turtloe Beach headset and Samsung TV

    Hello, My son has Xbox One and Turtle Beach headset, which has previously worked ok with Panasonic plasma tv. Just had to replace the tv so got a Samsung UE43J5500 (lovely set). However he has connected up the same as for the Panny but can get any sound on the headset. He has connected to the...
  3. Gozmit

    What is the best PS4 headset

    My Astro a40 headset recently broke and I have been looking for another headset. I have seen that the turtle beach elite 800, Astro a50 and the steel series Siberia p800 have all got good reviews but still can't make my mind up on what to get?
  4. kennyreid95

    Question My new headset not recording System Audio Help.

    I use Audacity and I would use WASAPI and did not need Stereo Mix enabled with my old headset. Now with my new headset I have to use Stereo Mix, WASAPI won't work anymore, pretty weird issue to say the least. I installed Asus Realtek Driver I record in Mono. My mic boost is at +0.0db...
  5. rjcathens

    Sony STR-DN1060 - no sound with Xbox headset

    We just got a Sony STR-DN1060 receiver along with a XBR75x850c TV. We have an Xbox connected to the DN1060. We cannot seem to get sound through an Xbox headset, regardless of whether we plug it into the TV or receiver. Does anyone have ideas as to what we're doing wrong? Thanks.
  6. T

    Question Recommend a wired headset (200-300 USD)?

    I'm looking for a wired headset that's compatible with PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, has great sound quality, has a good/great mic (for MP/lobby chat, not recording) with noise-cancelling, and chat and sound controls. Different sound modes are strongly appreciated.
  7. J

    Question How to connect wireless headset to Sony STR-DH520 A/V receiver?

    I have a Sony STR-DH520 A/V receiver and a Sony KDL55HX750 TV. I have three media sources: cable box, DVD player, and an Amazon Fire TV box. I use the A/V receiver to drive my speaker system and to switch between the audio sources. I am using the TV to switch between video sources. The cable box...
  8. Danbottomburp

    Question Eliminating hiss from headset

    So i bought a Soundblaster recon 3d omega about 8 months ago and when there is no sounds coming from like a game i can hear a low hiss . I thought this was down to it being wireless and maybe interference from maybe my router or something else. So i changed the router to only use the 2.4Ghz...
  9. S

    Xbox or TV Headsets?

    I need a bit of help please, i want to do something and cant quite figure out the best way of doing it. We have an Xbox one and a Xbox 360 attached to our TV. We use the consoles to play games and also we use them as media players. We predominately use the Xbox one for gaming and are just...
  10. Sedated

    XBox one Stereo headset to PC

    Hi My son has a official xBox one stereo headset and is wanting to use it on his PC for skype and PC gaming. To do this is it as simple as getting a adapter like this (See Pic). sticking one end into headphone socket and one into the mike socket in the PC? Anyone done this? Thanks in advance.
  11. M

    wireless headset to tv solution required

    My friend has a Sennheiser RS120 II RF Wireless headset. He wants to listen to TV through the headset but his Samsung TV only has optical audio output. His sennheiser base / transmission unit only has a single 3.5mm Jack plug. Is there an adapter that will solve this problem? Can you link us...
  12. F

    Best PC Headset for Podcasting/Microphone

    Hi I need to replace my failing G930 Logitech headset as it's just dying out on me. But there's a lot of choices for a decent PC headset with microphone and I was wondering if members had ideas about which one would be good for the use of podcasting (i.e. needs to have a quality microphone on...
  13. donka

    Coulax Magneto Bluetooth Sports Headset review

    These sports earphones are an in ear design coupled together by a short connecting cable. Included are the earphones, micro USB cable, a well-illustrated user guide, two pairs of silicon tips and a storage bag. Build quality feels good for the money - the plastic construction feels sturdy and...
  14. M

    Xbox 360 audio through chat headset and PC monitor

    Hello, I'd be very grateful for advice please. I've just rigged my son's Xbox 360 up to a PC monitor using an HDMI to DVI cable and the game sound can't be heard through his headset, although he can still talk to his friends through it. The monitor doesn't have speakers fitted and isn't...
  15. M

    Question PS4 Headset - 7.1 / 5.1 / Stereo - What to buy? (My Sony Golds are uncomfortable)

    Hi all, I recently purchased the Sony Playstation Wireless headset 2.0 (Gold) but i find they are pretty uncomfortable after a relatively short space of time (20 minutes). Maybe its my odd shaped head, or im a bit sensitive but they just dont seem to sit right (yes they are the right way round)...
  16. Benny2209

    Question PS4 2.0 Official headset conflicting with AVR

    Hi, I've just bought the official PS4 headset and I'm having some issues with my receiver. I had a turtlebeach PX4 before this and had no issues as it required that i use "chat audio" for all the sound to come through the headset. With the ps4 headset i have to change the audio setting to "all...
  17. Chrisharry12345

    Cheap headset to fit in the elite controller.

    Just looking for a basic one hear headphone and mic combo like the typical chat headset. I have had 2 fail on me now in 13 months and im not about to pay £20 for another! Looking for something cheaper and better quality :)
  18. bellso

    Xbox One Stereo Headset - no chat??

    Any owners of the above headset ever struggle to get chat sound through? Received a new pair this week. Only tried them twice, but both times [on Forza 6] there was game sound, but no chat. Could see my mic symbol lighting up in the multiplayer lobby as though my mic was working, but couldn't...
  19. O

    ps4 controller 3.5mm jack, connected headset mic now not working

    Hi, my headset mic connected to my ps4, has stopped working the headset itself is fine, tested elsewhere, so thats not the issue so it must be the ps4 pad itself :( anyone had something similar happen ? the ps4 detects that a headset with mic is connected, but when i talk on chat or try to send...
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