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  1. Bunman

    X-Arcade tankstick not responding

    As of last night, my X-Arcade tankstick has decided not to respond to any stick or button presses. The red light comes on when I plug it in, but there is no response at all from any input at all. Ive tried opening Notepad to see if anything happened in there when i pressed buttons and...
  2. P

    The Actors (2003)

    My enternal gratitude to anyone who can help me find somewhere to stream "The Actors" from 2003, a movie starring Michael Caine. I've been trying to find it for years since my cousin plays in the film, but the title is not really helping me
  3. J

    Question Audio Expert needed

    I have an old Panasonic dvd home theater sound system (SA-PT750). It’s amazing and I don’t want to buy a newer home theater system. I bought a new Samsung 8 series UHD tv and now I can’t connect the home theater to the TV. I’ve tried using the HDMI connection to the HDMI-ARC but still nothing...
  4. Nick8123

    Need help with amplifier/cables...

    I just bought this vintage Nikko amplifier off eBay. (Nikko TRM-230) But I have never seen these inputs before so I have no idea which cables to buy for it. Or maybe I need some type of converters? If anyone knows anything about this I would really appreciate the help. Thanks! Nick
  5. aliegilbert

    Switch JoyCon won't pair but still charges..

    Hi guys, hoping someone can give me a bit of an insight here. **I am aware it was my fault, I'm silly and I'm just looking for guidance from my silly mistake** I took part my switch to put a new shell on, second time. First time went totally smoothly and was way over a year ago. Last night I...
  6. L

    Question System Help Needed!

    Okay so I managed to grab a Yamaha RX-V681 for a great price, although I’m stuck I have an old ish panasonic 5.1 surround sound system and currently wanting to use them speakers until I can afford to up my speakers, my question is I have found some speakers (budget) on eBay and I’m wandering if...
  7. Basicbri

    Help needed please

    I was wondering if some very knowledgeable member could give me some advice on a sound speaker issue. My problem is I've put a blue tooth wireless base box from the company wish .com Into my juke box' and the remote module so I can control the unit, into the front of the jukebox. Before I did...
  8. Phish

    65 inch 6754 or the 7304

    Hi! Bought the 65 inch Philips 6754 last month on amazon at a great price. TV is pretty solid for the price and it seems that the motion issues from last year have been resolved. The ambilight is fantastic and has really changed our viewing experience for the better. The OS is pretty crap...
  9. Olly1202

    Question NP-55 Battery for Sanyo Camcorder

    So I’ve finally got round to getting my Sanyo camcorder to work, sound a cheap Sanyo NP-55 battery online. While searching a noticed that there was a few Sony NP-55 batteries as well. My question would a Sony NP-55 battery work on a Sanyo Camcorder? They are the exact same specs, I’m just...
  10. Lars00

    My projector is flickering. Can someone help?

    I bought a projector from amazon a while back and its starting now to do this weird flickering thing on one side. It goes away sometimes when i turn it off but it keeps coming back. Should I replace it or is it an easy fix? I tried disconnecting the HDMI, but it still keeps doing the weird...
  11. natibgil

    Question heyy

    I'm very new in too this and will appreciate any advice !!! i ordered 2 speakers from Dali spektor 2 mostly for music playing ( from my laptop/Ipad pro) but also would like to connect them to my future TV for movies now i need to choose a receiver witch i can use and connect to the following...
  12. Gabrielsdaddy

    Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! Help

    So I landed an LG 5.1 surround sound speakers and went for the LG HT 353 dvd player to connect them to the amp so I connected everything up and I noticed it only has L/R component in and component video out or scary my tv is an LG43uk6400plf so it has the component in and outs will these suffice...
  13. lukeysl

    Sky Q losing sound via VSX-531 to KD-55XE8596

    Hi Odd problem. I have Sky Q, a Pioneer VSX -531-B 5.1 AND a Sony KD-55XE8596 TV. all about a year old. Suddenly we have lost sound on Sky. And diagnosis is odd. It feels like a problem passing Sky audio via ARC to TV. When it happens I can switch to TV speakers still no sound. However if I...
  14. BarackObllama

    So uh... my Sharp LC-58Q7300U just disabled it's HDR functionalities somehow.

    I'm very confused at the moment, and so is Roku and Sharp staff (they are of no help). I've been using this television with HDR on for about 7 months now, and suddenly 4 hours ago I was greeted on my ps4 with the message "Your television is no longer HDR supported." I then checked all my...
  15. FpsRicho666

    HELP I can't find a motherboard to support my LAPTOP

    I can't find a motherboard for my Qosmio X70-B Laptop that came with an inherent fault with the logic board. Please help me find one that can support my CPU Intel I7 4710HQ Socket: 1364 BGA DDR3 RAM 8GB thank you.
  16. hunterrr1334578

    Question EH-TW9300 help

    Hi all, First off, delete this thread as necessary if what I'm asking has been posted a million times before - I have looked, but so far no luck. Right! Bought an eh-tw9300 a couple days ago and am currently in the process of setting it up, only I'm struggling to find the setting that lets me...
  17. M

    Question Optoma hd 141x purple(red+blue) led won't turn on even when bulb replaced

    The led indicator for the power button is both red and blue at the same time making it seem purple. the projector won't turn on at all even though i replaced the lamp. i tried turning it on the with remote and the buttons on the projector and no response. tried unplugging and leaving it for a...
  18. Srinivas8113

    Answered Is Yamaha RX-V685 right for my speakers

    Hello, I'm Srinivas from London, Ontario, Canada I do not have any experience in using/setup of AV receivers. I moved into my current home few months back and have been thinking about setting up a home theatre. I found a speaker set available at what I thought was a bargain (below are the...
  19. U


    A movie i watched when i was young with my uncle and aunt. The movie was a dvd one the disk was blue and the movie involved i think college kids going to a motel and finding these creatures that like kinda glitched. It was like they did each action very fast like jittery, i remember one scene...
  20. K

    Please help me find a song

    I hope you can help me find this song I saw it on MTV about 10 years ago and is a rock type song. It started with a man walking down an Italian looking street in slow motion and when people came out of the shops in the street they would run away and drop things to get out of his way for reasons...
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