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  1. Bidge

    Device Compatibility between different video/audio formats

    Hey all Not really sure if this is the correct thread to ask these questions in and if it is not, hopefully someone can move it to the right place. Looking for some advice. My tech knowledge and how each system talks to each other is no longer up to date. In fact, it's not even close to being...
  2. Srinivas8113

    Answered Is Yamaha RX-V685 right for my speakers

    Hello, I'm Srinivas from London, Ontario, Canada I do not have any experience in using/setup of AV receivers. I moved into my current home few months back and have been thinking about setting up a home theatre. I found a speaker set available at what I thought was a bargain (below are the...
  3. Skellyjoe97


    Hi there I'm new to drones and quadcopters. I have reasonable experience with RC planes/cars and the building processes of each. Which leads my question. I recently bought a TBS discovery pro for a complete steal of a price. However, it has no battery or controller. Currently it's fitted with...
  4. D

    Answered PC setup upgrade. Would like your opinions.

    Hello people of toms hardware and the PC master race! At the moment I have a very outdated PC. I know this and would appreciate you not commenting "Your PC is sh*t" or "UR PLEB BRO". My current setup is: Hard drives (these are fine for now): 250GB Samsung SSD A couple of 1TB WD drives. Power...
  5. halfpastfive

    New Emotiva Setup Help/Questions

    I am looking at a new piece of Emotiva gear and a few used pieces for a new setup at home. The pieces in question are all Emotiva: XDA-2 UMC-1 USP-1 (Like the idea of an onboard crossover) PT-100 The plan is I have 2 input sources 1. A Bluetooth Receiver that is optical out and 2. A Linux...
  6. Scott28

    Any Photoshop experts care to make £

    I am looking to start a website i have a logo i want to use (basically a design i found on Wix website builder) i need to have the exact same logo in photoshop format so that i can easily post it on flyers and social media ( ability to resize and keep it looking sharp) Any photoshop experts...
  7. A

    Question Do I Need a Power Amp?

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here at AVForums!! Need some help with a home cinema setup. I'm Planing to use the following components and was wondering if i need to use a power amp for the same or not. The Equipment - 1) Pioneer SC-LX89 (AVR) 2) Definitive Technology RCS-II LCR (L + C + R =...
  8. Juliraro

    Question Please help to identify a song

    I've been looking for about 2 years or more a song i remeber was 2012, a young couple and the guy sings she wakes up and lost a boot, she goes to work and thw guy goes around town searching for bulbs, he buys to a guy some and he steal the bulb of her work lamp and then when she gets home in the...
  9. S

    Question New receiver after 15 years???

    I have a Denon AVR-3802 and KEF Q3 speakers, Kef Q9 centre and Kef 2001 rears, old but have been excellent. I am tempted with the Onkyo TXNR 646. I need a phono input and 25% will be music use. Only have 5.0 speaker set up. Will a 2015 amp show an improvement over the current unit and should I...
  10. C

    Compatibility of Sony STR- DA555ES with a Blue ray player

    Will this work or do I need to purchase a player that is not blu ray?
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