1. DDot

    Amazon said they received an Empty box and won’t issue a refund! Help!

    Hi guys, On 30th April 2020 I ordered a PC from Amazon for gaming which cost me £1899. I was ready to get in to PC gaming as I play on console and have been literally all my life. I had not used the PC as I realised literally all my friends and family are on console I decided to return the item...
  2. adzbell1

    Really need help!

    Hi i have a Philips 50PUS7334/12 and I'm really stuck with calibrating the HDR and Dolby Vision settings i could really do with some help.
  3. R

    Sony A8H (2020) vs Sony A9G (2019) - help!

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a 55 inch OLED and narrowed down my choice to Sony A8H (2020) and Sony A9G (2019). As far as I can tell, the 2020 A8 has incorporate much of the 2019 A9G's technology. What are the key differences and which one would be the better option? The price difference...
  4. jwhatle

    Help! Inherited sound system that I want to sell

    Hello all! I am new to this forum, so if I'm in the wrong spot or if you know of anywhere else I could post this message to get some help, please let me know! A complicated (to me) sound system was left in my apartment that I would like to sell. From what I can tell from light googling it has...
  5. SuzyQ20

    Trying to find title of PS3 game! Help!

    Hello, Years ago, before children, my husband and I would play our PS3. My hubby has expressed eyeing the PS4, and I'd like to get that for him for his birthday... we now have three kids, and there's a game I'd love to play with them, but don't for the life of me remember its title! It's...
  6. H


    a friend built my son a pc for his birthday 3 days ago,alls brilliant and super happy although he can’t play Fortnite or shall I say he can but half way through it says launch failed,it’s really frustrating him,does anyone know why this is doing this?my friend has checked his end and can’t find...
  7. G

    Question Need a new projector to replace an EPSON EH TW6100. Please help! :)

    Hi folks, So I’ve had my trusty EPSON EH TW6100 projector on the go for 6 years now and its finally kaput (it’s served me well!). So I’m in the market for a replacement but don’t really know where to start. Its a relatively short-throw (about 12ft from projector to screen) and is being cast...
  8. gamingninja33

    Problem with Philips 43PUS7303/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV problem - Please help!

    I purchased a Philips 43PUS7303/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV from AO approximately a year ago and it has developed a fault. Everytime I watch a normal TV channel it switches back to the home hub screen. I did a factory reset and a complete reinstall which worked for a couple of hours...
  9. L

    Optoma HD143x please help!

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help, I bought an Optoma HD143x used from eBay, I set it up on Friday when it arrived and all was fine, used it again today and after a coupe of hours the fan went very loud For a couple of seconds and the image went off, there were no warning messages or anything...
  10. G

    HELP! How do we connect our TV to the aerial?

    This is probably a very stupid question, but we recently bought a new house and have been having trouble connecting our TV (and old HD Toshiba model) to the aerial, for freeview access. I am posting a picture of the “ANT” connector on the TV, anyone know what cable/connector we need to connect...
  11. DT79

    Question Speed ‘glitches’ on Clearaudio Performance DC - Help!

    I’ve started experiencing a weird and concerning issue in the last few days and was hoping for some pointers. I’m using the above turntable with an aftermarket upgraded power supply from MCRU (I know, I know, but the supplied wall wart was just so cheap it became an itch I just had to scratch...
  12. C


    Hi all I'm looking to purchase a projector as a gift for my husband but I am totally lost on what I need! The projector will be mainly used for streaming sports from our Sky TV box outside in our garden. Can anyone give me any advice on what I need and what's the best value for money? I'm...
  13. A

    Help! Arc stopped working?

    Good day, I’ve got an LG TV and a Sony sound bar that have been connected up via arc, working together great the last 6 months.. However a few days ago the sound bar stopped producing sound! Originally I thought it was the sound bar, however after connecting it to a Sony TV the sound bar worked...
  14. L

    Evoke 30 Amp help! 4 Ω dilemma * 1st Post / Be Gentle (also)

    Just before the holidays I treated myself to a pair of Evoke 30 and i have yet to get proper amplification for it. I'm not looking for recommendations on what to buy because that would be an endless quest with too many variables but what I DO need is help understanding the basics of what specs...
  15. Neonzz

    Question Help! I dropped my Galaxy S10 LCD broken but flickers white red green blue then works

    Hey all, I dropped my Galaxy S10 without it's case and broke the screen but sometimes I get the screen working sometimes it just flashes white for a second can't hail bixby nothing then all of a sudden bixby will start listening for "hey bixby" and can be hailed and sometimes I get the screen...
  16. Kingzippy

    Help! HDMI Modulator crisis

    Looking for advice. recently got a Edision Xtend HDMI modulator to distribute my CCTVs (hikvision colour vu and hickvision turbo 7200 DVR) to the TVs around the home. All connected up Correctly and channel tuned in but getting nothing..... :( I tested the Modulator by plugging a DVD player...
  17. A

    Help! Alphason Luna 1400 alternative?

    I have bought one of these, but having unpacked it, the glass shelf is shattered, and the retailer I bought it from is now showing it as unavailable! If they can't replace it, can anyone suggest an alternative? It has to be a three shelf item, and have shelf heights of at least 180mm for one...
  18. M

    Help! Pioneer equalizer

    I have a Pioneer sx-650, 35wpc receiver. Any reason I couldn't hook up a Pioneer sg-9800 equalizer? Thanks
  19. Saladin88

    Please Help! Advice needed: 65" at 7feet too big,. Likely return for 55"?

    Hi all, I just received and set up a 65" LG OLED yesterday and I'm having severe buyer's remorse as I feel it is way too big at my viewing distance of 7 to 7.8 feet,. 😞 I am now considering swapping it for a 55" being within my return window.. Please please help. 🙏 Thank you.
  20. T

    HELP! PS4 on HP Monitor with Logitech Sound

    Hi all, I’m at a sort of final straw now and desperate to get some help with getting my PS4 working through a monitor. I’ve searched numerous threads but I’m just not getting anywhere I have a HP EliteDisplay E243d monitor and some old Logitech X-530 speaker. The Monitor doesn’t have audio...
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