1. B

    AVR X3600H Heos use?

    I have an old Denon amp at present that I'd like to upgrade. I've been looking at the avr x3600h but I'm unsure on the Heos features. I already have a heos 3 and heos 7 in other rooms with 5.1 Q acoustics speakers in the main room. Can these all be linked up to play sound from the hdmi inputs...
  2. C

    HEOS 1 - just cuts out

    I have 3 x HEOS 1speakers connected on my home wifi I play bbc r2 they recently started to just stop playing for no reason the app is auto updated would anyone know why this might happen or suggest how to prevent it please ?
  3. elbowcpt

    Denon HEOS DIY/opensource receiver

    Surely it is possible to implement your own Heos speaker / client? Or is the protocol actually closed and not reverse engineered? Looking around I only find libraries that implement the Heos control API, but i can't find something to Alternatively, is there a way to "gateway" from Heos to...
  4. F

    Question Heos soundbar and Denon home 150 speakers

    Hi there I wonder if someone can help. I have the heos bar and would like to purchase surround sound speakers. Would the Denon home 150 speakers connect in this way to this soundbar? Thanks
  5. J

    Denon X3600H - TV Audio to HEOS Wireless?

    Planning a wired home theatre system with a Denon X3600H (or comparable Marantz SR6014). Does anyone know if it is possible to send the TV audio to a wireless HEOS speaker in a nearby kitchen rather than the LCR/surrounds when "big audio" is not required? Thanks in advance.
  6. F

    HEOS Link HS2 Setup Question

    Hi All, Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. I have a simple home theater system, and want to integrate streaming content. This is far from audiophile - more just wanting a good setup that I can enjoy with what I have now. I may want to expand/enhance (with higher quality speakers...
  7. Z

    Denon DSW-1H Wired Setup

    I am trying to pair my Denon DSW-1H with my Denon DHT-S716H soundbar. The Soundbar is wired to the network and working perfectly. However, when I connect the DSW-1H subwoofer to the same network and attempt to pair, the HEOS app tells me "Please disconnect the Ethernet cable from your Denon...
  8. A

    ATTN DENON AND MARANTZ OWNERS: No network functionality for HEOS users on network receivers! Temporary fix here.

    EDIT: This is probably going to be an issue in the coming months for anyone using HEOS as in some cases all network activity will be killed off when you use the HEOS app when it prompts you to update. That means no WiFi, no Bluetooth and no Ethernet. Diagnostics will show a failure in router...
  9. jamtare

    First time Hi-Fi setup: Playing local Hi-res files on Marantz processor

    Looking for some advice from the experts on this forum! <sorry for the long post, but wanted to give all my info in one shot> I am setting up a Hi Fi system (setup given above), and I would like to play my local MP3 and FLAC files on the new Marantz. I want to play them in the highest quality...
  10. C

    Denon HEOS choices

    I am changing my old AV set up and looking at soundbars. Can anyone advise if they would recommend the Denon HEOS DHTS516H with the subwoofer or the DHTS716H without the subwoofer. It will be used mainly with a streaming player and some live TV on a 1080p LG LED, which at some point will be...
  11. peter312

    Question Track order in Heos app

    I’m hoping that someone can help me with a strange issue I have when accessing my NAS drive with the Heos app On my iPad. If there are less than 20 tracks, they display and play correctly in track order. However, if there are more than 20, they show and play in alphabetical order instead of...
  12. G

    Playing CD's via HEOS or Sonos

    Hi...I am new here and joined because it is difficult to find a straight answer to my question. It is pretty simple: It is time to replace my 30 year old Denon system and move forward. I love the concept of the wireless speakers systems like Sonos or Heos, but I don't want to give up playing my...
  13. NullMind

    HEOS (Denon 3600) in the 'Everywhere' Alexa group ?

    Hi guys Not sure this is possible or if I am missing a trick I added HEOS skill into Alexa, everything works great, but I wanted to make the Denon (HEOS) part of the 'Everywhere' speaker group of Alexa, so I can say to alexa to play something everywhere and besides the other systems I have...
  14. B

    Denon X3600H to HEOS wireless?

    Hi good day, Now I'm not a sound expert at all. I have my TV sound coming through my Denon X3600H to wired speakers around the TV no problem. Outside nearby I have wireless 2 x Denon Heos 7 which I usually use HEOS app (on iphone/ipod) to play spotfiy music on etc no problem. What I'm trying...
  15. Y

    Denon x3600h problems inc heos and zone 2

    Hi guys So i just setup all my new kit Denon 3600h running 5.1 and tv main zone Running 2 speakers and tv zone 2 I find it very buggy, Main zone has to be on for zone 2 to output video. Sometimes no video zone 2 unless you kinda trick it by selecting options on main zone. Swithing inputs...
  16. A

    Marantz 5014+Frame stuck in heos

    hi Hope you have ideas how to solve a little issue i am having. Samsung frame ls03 with marantz5014. After listening to music via heos and switching source back to tv audio nothing plays. Tv says its still connected via earc and i can change the volume via the tv but no sound. To get it back...
  17. J

    Amazon Music HD + Heos + iOS + on Denon AVR-X3500H

    So, I got a Amazon HD subscription today and am trying to stream to my Denon AVR - X3500H through an iPhone / iPad. It works fine through the Heos app - no issues. However, if I try to stream through the Amazon Music App I am unable to connect. If I select the Alexa device set up through an Heos...
  18. Roscovitch

    Amazon Ultra HD Music and HEOS

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I've been reading various threads and can't seem to find an answer to this specific problem. So it's like this: I have a Denon X4500H with a HEOS account. I have a Amazon Ultra HD account and can stream in HD directly from an iPhone X using the Amazon HD...
  19. B

    Heos amp vs multi-channel

    Evening all Hopefully I have started this thread in the correct section, new to the forum! I am in the process of building up a multi room audio system, and have been considering the Denon Heos or obviously Sonos (the price!!) My question is both of these brands offer an “amp” that I can use...
  20. jameskb101

    Question Streaming upgrade recommendations over Denon setup

    Hey all Would be very grateful for any advice. My current living room set up is an old Denon PMA350SE amplifier, hooked up to a pair of tannoy Revolution R1s and a HEOS link to enable TV sound and link to a multiroom setup with a couple of HEOS 1s (HS2) elsewhere in the house. Pretty happy...
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