high dynamic range (hdr)

High dynamic range
  1. theCrystalballs

    All you 4k TV gamers out there. I have a problem.

    Hi Everyone. Just bought a LG OLED55C9 and i'm really pleased with it. However i have a problem where while using it as a pc i keep getting an issue. The HDR keeps coming up in the top right corner of the screen and the screen turns black momentarily and then it does it again seconds later. It...
  2. G

    Apple 4K Dolby Vision to a HDR Projector

    Hi, Does anyone know of a HDMI splitter that can convert a 4K Dolby Vision signal from an Apple TV 4K source to a 4K HDR signal that can be played on a Benq W2700 projector? My current setup can send my Apple TV to either my Benq projector or my LG tv. The TV can can handle Dolby Vision but...
  3. Franky1971

    HDR capability of Sony xf9005 ports

    I'm looking to use a Sandisk 'extreme portable' ssd to watch HDR content on my 65 inch Sony xf9005 but the supplied cable with the ssd only has a regular 'usb A' connector to go into the tv. Are there any USB ports in the tv that support HDR or will I need to buy a 'usb c to hdmi'...
  4. nicolaidenmark

    Rant about XE9005 and HDR

    So, the 9005 is my first LCD TV and... I must admit that I''m disappointed with it's performance. I had (and still have a Panasonic 37 inch C10Y Plasma) before this screen and enjoyed it. I hate the zone light on the 9005. On normal SDR I can live with it but for HDR, the max brightness of the...
  5. mech engineer

    SOLVED - Help Please!!!!! Windows 10 HDR Looks Horrible On Samsung 8K QLED Q900R

    Spent the entire weekend messing with a 75 Q900R 8K TV for my gaming/rendering/HTPC rig trying to get HDR working on Windows 10. The PC is equipped with dual 2080 Ti's bridged with NVlink. Managed to get [email protected] working, but it looks like crap. Everything is washed out. Even removed one of...
  6. M

    HDR looks weird/bad, SDR looks at least equally good

    I'm currently doubting my OLED purchase, because either I'm not able to get it working properly or the difference between SDR and HDR ist just not there. The TV I bought is a Grundig GOB 9990 which, accoring to the internet, has a 2017 LG panel. Not the latest but the OLED tvs from two years...
  7. Nickfxs

    75" TU7000 HDR Smart 4K TV with Tizen OS

    https://www.samsung.com/uk/tvs/uhdtv-tu7000/UE75TU7000KXXU/ What do you guys think of the spec sheet for this price? My Hisense H75B7510UK is being delivered tomorrow, I paid £800 for it and it comes with a 5 year warranty. This Samsung TV can be bought from richersounds for £850 and comes with...
  8. JabbaNut

    Amazon Prime Video 5.1.1 for Android TV with 4K HDR

    " Today we have a new version available to download for the Amazon Prime Video app for Android TV. This new version is numbered as 5.1.1 still cannot be downloaded normally from the Android TV app store on many of the TV-BOX. This version seems to support 4K HDR and is more modern than the...
  9. 0borrissey0

    Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81, 55 inch, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV

    Currently have a Sony 55 inch 1080p TV. Which is about 7 years old still going strong I’m very happy with it. want to upgrade to 4K which my Sony av receiver is able to do. Is this TV any good?
  10. 0borrissey0

    Sony BRAVIA KD55XG81, 55 inch, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV - Black

    I’m thinking of buying this TV to replace my current 55 inch Sony TV which is about 7 years old.. Has anyone got this? what is it like?
  11. S

    B9 HDR issue

    Hey folks - Had a quick question that hopefully someone can answer regarding HDR for the B9. So, a couple of years ago, I bought a B8 - great TV. Whenever I'd play my ps4, watch a 4k blu-ray or some OC on Prime, I'd always get the HDR popup in the right hand corner to indicate that it is...
  12. vedranius

    4K HDR TV under 500€

    Hi all! Mainly the use would be: Watching FHD live tv via DVB-T2 (HEVC) Working on PC, from typing e-mails, writing documents to watching YouTube and such TV to sit place is at around 2.5-3 meters Android is an option but it's not needed as I have a Xiaomi Mi Box. I'd like to watch some 4K HDR...
  13. V

    Best 65" for HDR, max £800

    Hi everyone! After moving in to the new flat I have been looking for a new TV - mostly I watch Netflix and Amazon Prime (what means HDR is quite important to me) TV is going to be connected to Apple TV and soundbar in the future, room is quite dark. I decided to get VA panel for better black...
  14. pressure

    4k, HDR, Atmos HDMI switch - recommendations please

    Hi all, I’m looking for recommendations on a reliable hdmi switch. I want one that will definitely do 4k Hdr Passes through atmos etc without issue (seems to be a frequent failure point even for switches that say they do atmos) HDCP 2.2 And preferably 18gbs Ideally 5 hdmis Under £100...
  15. C

    Philips 50PUS8204 & PS4 PRO 4K HDR 60Hz - No Longer Working

    Hey guys, so I've got the weirdest issue... I have a 50PUS8204 which supports 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 @60 Hz HDR 10 on all ports along with a new, 2.1 spec HDMI cable. Using 'HDMI Ultra HD' mode on my TV I was able to run 4K HDR games in 60hz, but it's suddenly stopped working (despite nothing in my...
  16. R

    Question Panasonic 65GXR700 - how good for HDR and gaming?

    Panasonic 65GXR700 - how good for HDR and gaming? What else you can tell about it? Thanks !
  17. F

    Onkyo NR646 / NR656 Passthrough HDR Formats

    I'm having trouble getting Sky Q to recognise my TV via my receiver in 10-bit Deep / Colour mode. I had an LG EG960V that everything worked fine on. Sky Q set to 2160p 10-bit passed into the Onkyo TX-NR646 along with all my other sources, then one output to the TV with Deep Colour switched...
  18. MontyB

    JVC DLA-X5900 Images washed out with HDR content

    This is a new spur from a thread I started a few months back as most of the issues we had have now been fixed. We still however have an issue with HDR content - or it appears this problem happens when we watch HDR programs, specifically "Sex Education" on Netflix. We also noted this watching...
  19. N

    NR1607 issue with HDR passthrough

    AppleTV 4K -> NR1607-> Vizio E70-E3. Monoprice 8K 48Gbps HDMI cables. Life has been good until recently, when I did a reset of the Visio for an unrelated issue. 4K SDR syncs up, but HDR will not. Also cannot set Chroma to 4:4:4, which previously worked. The ATV cable test passes. HDR will sync...
  20. G

    Do panasonic oleds not support Youtube HDR?

    Do panasonic oleds play HDR Youtube videos as SDR on the built in app? No youtube HDR support on the built in app? Can any panasonic GZ series owner confirm me? Will the HZ oleds this year with the newer My Home Screen 5.0 support youtube HDR? I don't like to use external streaming devices.
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