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  1. Grangey.

    For Sale Gaming HTPC (GTX970 i5 4690k 16GB RAM LC16M case BDRW and 3TB of storage)

    Gaming HTPC for sale, spec as follows: -Silverstone LC16M case, looks incredible as part of an av unit -i5 4690k -ASUS ROG Maximus VII Ranger mobo -ASUS GTX970 4gb itx gpu -2x4gb Corsair vengeance ram -Corsair 850w professional modular psu -Noctua NHU9B cooler -3x Noctua 80mm case fans -1tb...
  2. nitram_tpr

    Question Sky go issues on HTPC but not on Laptop!

    Howdy, I recently built myself a new htpc based on the Ryzen 3400G APU. It works really well apart from Sky Go, which did work when I initially built it back in August but now it just refuses to work. Whenever I fire it up it goes through the motions, says checking for update and then closes...
  3. A

    Chumu Larkbox PC mini review - worlds tiniest Windows 10 PC

    I bought one of these from the Indiegogo campaign and it arrived yesterday. It's 6x6x4cm in size roughly. It's got 6GB RAM and a 120GB M3 SSD. Indiegogo Link I bought it with the intention of creating a HTPC to replace my Raspberry Pi 4. I love the Pi 4 but the biggest issue is it doesn't...
  4. SaintPriva

    NOOB Question: Does FreeNas Automatically back up files?

    I plan on building a nas server for movies and family photos and plan on having 4 16TB drives or 64TB in total. - Is there a way to have 2 drives 32TB or 2 16TB as backups for my two main ones? I am new to this so not sure how it works. -Can I use a SSD to instal freeNAS and use my HDD for...
  5. C

    HTPC - Newbie Help

    Friends, i have a question that is basically a Two Part Query: 1] Is there anything like TV doesn't support certain sound standard and/or not compatible with soundbar ??? I just bought Bose Soundbar 700 and my LG TV From 2012 doesnt output Dolby Digital no matter what on either Hdmi or...
  6. Rambles

    Which OS for HTPC and is 4k HDR possible?

    I have just got an Nvidia Shield, and have to admit that it does everything I need it to do with minimal fuss. Namely, auto HDR on and off and auto resolution / refresh rate switching to match content. I use Plex, and so far I'm preferring Plex for Kodi than Plex Media Player, also for one...
  7. Derkster

    Getting rid of a HTPC - Options

    Hello, I currently have a HTPC and I want to scale it down as I its a bit bulky. I am looking at cabinets but due to the length of the case I would need to leave the back off the unit and pull the cabinet from the wall. I have got it like this currently as the cabinet is in the corner and at 45...
  8. N

    Atmos setup for htpc

    Hi folks, I have a htpc for playing my 4k Atmos mkvs. I use kodi with has mpc-hc and madvr for playback. However, I am having problems with my AVR not outputting Atmos sound from files which I know have Atmos. I have installed the dolby access app for Atmos and it says it is setup and good to...
  9. MarkyMark717

    Building new HTPC for UHD(4K)

    Hi, I am looking for some advice. I have been a HTPC enthusiasts for a number years and recently upgraded my projector to 4K. Now I want to build a new HTPC specifically for this purpose. All my UHD movie discs are ripped to Remux mkv, the question is: 1. Will I be able to get UHD (Handshake...
  10. E

    Question Claritas 260M Compact Digital Media Server

    I've changed the above enclosure (after many years of good service) to a SilverStone GD09 case. I went for the newer case for the improved cooling and to be fair, it's not half bad. I'm wondering if it's worth my while trying to sell the Claritas. I've had it on e-Bay for the last few weeks -...
  11. C

    Question HTPC for 4K HDR10. Motherboard and CPU decision misery.

    ok. thought now i have a 4k hdr10 dolby vision tv id rebuild my server as a dual duty HTPC. But non of the reasonably priced Z490 motherboards have HDMI 2.0. I could use a DisplayPort to hdmi adaptor, but these seem to get hot and die if not good quality. And this machine will be on encoding for...
  12. Haizum74

    New amp and Atmos HTPC Question

    Just got a new amp and wondering if a) I can use some spare surrounds instead of 'proper' atmos speakers for the atmos channels for the time being and then upgrade to atmos speakers b) as most of my film watching is through my PC, changing W10 sound setting to Dolby Atmos OR 7.1? Speakers are...
  13. T

    Question HTPC remote controls?

    So I have a computer that I use as a HTPC, I want to make it so I can turn it on remotely with a remote of some sort, I don't mind adding another remote to my swarm of remotes, are there any products? I've had a look and I've found some from China for £20 but they look tacy and cheaply made...
  14. P

    Receiver won't Display HTPC

    Hi All, I have a 6-year old Harmon Kardon AVR1565 that won't display anything with my HTPC. The HTPC is fine, if I plug direct into TV, no issues. As soon as plugged into AVR1565, it just cycles NO VIDEO, 480p, NO VIDEO, 480p, NO VIDEO over and over. -I've tried 3 different HDMI cords...
  15. S

    Time to replace HTPC???

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help/suggestions if anyone has any ideas. Just spent all weekend trying to figure out why my HTPC has decided to play 3D movies with a lot of pixelation. At first, I thought it might be a corrupt movie, but all my older 3D movies are doing the same thing. To make...
  16. tread72

    HTPC Antec 430 fusion

    Hello everyone, I just built a antec 430 fusion HTPC, it everything works, but I am having a hard time finding the software to set up the LCD. Tried Antec no help, hoping someone can help me.
  17. N

    4K HDR10 HTPC Build

    I'm still researching this and finding little concrete help. I no longer use disks (Blu-rays etc). Instead, files are ripped into remuxes and stored on my NAS for playback through my HTPC. This remux work is done on my main rig. My needs: For kodi or similar to play 4k HDR remuxes and able to...
  18. rcopp

    Question HTPC vs onboard processors

    Hi, I'm replacing my beloved Pioneer PDP-507CMX after 12 years or so. OLED is (I think) the only real option as everything else looks worse than what I've got now, even at 720p. I run a Fedora PC with DVI out to the Pioneer with a good wireless kb, after years of fooling with Myth and Plex I...
  19. geluadi2

    HDR Streaming on HTPC

    Hello all, i have a desktop used for HTPC and i have a BIG problem. My device: i5-9600k-4.5Ghz MB- Z390 UD- Gigabyte(Intel Graphics chipset UHD 630)- Z390 UD (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global TV-LG 55UM7100PBL-HDR+4K available and tested on own player from LG(LG app-Netflix and...
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