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  1. patrickhahn

    Question Retune Philips TV

    Our Phillips TV has stopped receiving local channels. YouTube & Netflix working fine. Any a=suggestions?
  2. M

    How do I hook up a turntable?

    I have a Cambridge cxn which only has digital inputs, all turntables have analog outputs. can someone tell me what I need please? Just an analog to digital converter? Or does it need to be a pre amp? And advise on a turntable?
  3. P

    Question How do I connect all these to each other?

    I have a question please. I have purchased a TX-55GZ950B, a UB820 Smart 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD Player and a Denon AVRX2600H & Q Acoustics 7000I PLUS. The TV has one HDMI ARC and three 'regular' HDMI ports, and an optical port. The 4k Blu ray player has one HDMI ARC and two 'regular' HDMI...
  4. A

    Screen share won't work on C9 using OnePlus 7T and how do I fix the issue with FLAC videos not being supported by the C9?

    Hi everyone, I know about the Screen Share function the TV has and have tried "casting/sharing" from my phone last night and I could never get it to work. I was connected over WiFi with the same connection for both TV and phone. It mainly said it has something to do with the "Overlay" but I'm...
  5. Rambles

    How do I go about getting my new TV calibrated?

    I have just purchased a Samsung 65Q90R and I am interested in getting it professionally calibrated. I thought there used to be an area of AVF with a link to forum approved calibrators, but I can't find it. I am based in Essex, how do I go about finding a good and affordable calibrater? Thanks...
  6. A


    HI...does anyone know how to reset lamp timer....manual says to check instructions that came with lamp..but i have no instructions and i cant contact the supplier....its is not in the onscreen menu ......thanks for any help
  7. L

    How do i sell bottles of champagne that i have?

    Hi I am trying to sell my bottles of Armand de Brignac Ace of spades Champagnes. I have the rose and gold which I got as a leaving present and which have sat under my stairs for a year and a bit I have just had my listing cancelled on ebay as your unable to sell drinks on there. They come...
  8. Franco50

    Motorola G7 - how do I stop constant Settings notifications?

    I have a Motorola G7 with an annoying problem. I keep getting constant notifications of "Settings Update - 1 new provisioning update". I get roughly four or five each hour. I don't want to stop the updates themselves obviously but is there any way I can stop the notifications which are driving...
  9. miggins1610

    Soundbar connections- how do i do them?

    My ps4 and 4k blu ray player are not Dolby atmos capable. My tv is. If I plug the blu ray and ps4 into my tv and then use an arc cable into the soundbar, will I get dolby atmos sound?
  10. p64imp

    How do i wire this projector screen trigger switch?

    Hi All, i purchased the Monoprice 30453 screen and am having a horrible time trying to wire up the RS-232 / RJ12 connector. Here's the manual: https://downloads.monoprice.com/files/manuals/30453_Manual_190808.pdf In the manual i found the wiring diagram to be incorrect. when bridging the...
  11. S

    How do I get dplay on my smart tv?

    I apologise in advance if I’m being thick here. I’m trying to put dplay on my mom & dads Panasonic smart tv but I cannot seem to find it in the App Store. Am I being an absolute dummy or is it not possible to put it on their tv?
  12. Z

    How do I get sound from the TV apps to my receiver?

    Hi, I just got the C9 and have hooked everything up to my Yamaha receiver, which is eARC compatible. The wall mount I used covers the jack for the optical audio cable. However, given that both the TV and the receiver are ARC compatible, is there a way to bring sound from the TV to the receiver...
  13. kenshingintoki

    How do I switch hdmi source using avr?

    Hi I have a Sony hw40es projector, a Panasonic 902b and a demon x3300. Is there a device I can buy which switch the hdmi signal from the project to the tv? I want them to both use the same set of speakers. At present I’m having to manually change the cable each time. I’d rather have a manually...
  14. Elitedan

    How do I set up my pc with my amp and lg c9 to get doby atmos and G Sync?

    Hello I need help on setting up my system. At the moment I am running my pc to my Marantz sr6012 with a hdmi cable then from the marantz sr6012 to the lg c9 I am runnning hdmi this is where I can get doby atmos fine but I can't get G Sync the only way I seem to get G Sync if I go direct form the...
  15. D

    Question How do I turn on LG UK6950 via mobile?

    I've searched and it's either not possible or I'm blind. I have the LG TV Plus app which only seems to work once the TV is on. I also have Chromecast connected but that doesn't seem to do anything. I've ensured that Mobile on via WiFi and the CEC options are enabled in the Settings. Help please.
  16. W

    Sky Q 1Tb or 2Tb, How do i tell what i have?

    As the thread title really, just wanted to know if there is an easy way to tell what Sky Q Box i have, as i am about to by an OLED Tv and want the UHD capability of the 2Tb box. Thank you
  17. dimmockg

    How do i go about selling a website / brand

    Hi all, I have a question I'm hoping some of the gurus on here will be able to shed some light or potential solutions on. A friend of mine owns a website domain which furniture and furnishings were available from. The brand /image (as I understand) has some pretty good reviews/write...
  18. MorayMan

    How do I get the best out of a Meridian G51?

    Hi all, I've just inherited a Meridian G51 amplifier, and am looking for a bit of advice on how to get the best out of it. I've been around separates all my life but this is my first proper piece of "high end" equipment. The fundamental issue I have with it, is that it just sounds flat and...
  19. Ragekage79

    Question How to get Dolby Vision+Atmos on Netflix / Prime / Vudu from OLEDC9?

    I’ve tried everything I can think of to get Dolby Vision + Atmos on Netflix and Prime from my setup, which is: LG OLEDC955 Onkyo TX-RZ630 Roku Ultra When I go through Roku apps, I get no Dolby Vision, but I do get HDR / Ultra 4K HDR. I also get 5.1 lossy but no Atmos. When I go through LG TV...
  20. B

    Urgent help, how do I rip DVD of home movie so I can send file online?

    I have a DVD of myself and some friends I need to rip so I can send the file to someone to edit shorter. Firstly how do I rip the DVD please and then which is best free service top send a large file. File is 2.15GB it says. Thanks
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