1. Zone

    January 2020 Photo Competition - Voting Here

    Quiet start to the New Year but well done to those who entered this month :thumbsup: The theme for January was "Structure":cool: Please view the attached thumbnail file to view all the entries; please let me know if yours isn't there! As always a huge huge thank you to Gordon @ for his...
  2. Zone

    January 2020 Photo Compeition - Launch & Discussion Thread

    Happy New Year one and all, I hope the festive season has been kind to you? Well done to spannersatcx for winning Decembers 2019 competition. The Theme was "The small pleasures in life" which he won with this picture To kick off the New Year he has chosen the theme Structure Just to be clear...
  3. raigraphixs

    Colette (25 January 2019)

    Keira Knightley, Dominic West, Eleanor Tomlinson
  4. Zone

    January 2018 Photo Competition - Voting Here

    First one already over :eek: As always well done to all who have entered :thumbsup: The theme was "SOOC Straight out of camera" Please view the attached thumbnail file to view all the entries; please let me know if yours isn't there! As always a huge huge thank you to Gordon @ Convergent...
  5. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 207 - 29th January 2018

    This week: 00:00:29 – Who did well in the Oscar nominations? 00:04:40 – Current competitions 00:05:10 – Philips launch their 2018 OLED and LCD TV line-up 00:17:45 – Who will win out of HDR10+ and Dolby Vision? 00:33:18 – What do we think of Dolby Cinema? 00:45:12 – Films opening this week –...
  6. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 206 - 22nd January 2018

    This week: 00:00:42 – We’re back! 00:08:50 – Current competitions 00:09:56 – CES 2018 – Samsung showcase new technology but when’s it coming? 00:20:43 – CES 2018 – LG consolidate their OLED TVs and give us a glimpse of the future 00:37:34 – CES 2018 – Sony reduce TV line-up and mess up Dolby...
  7. car-man

    4am this morning 7th January.

    QQ8A5200 by John Walsh., on Flickr
  8. Zone

    January 2018 Photo Competition - Launch and Discussion

    Well done to Simian Sibling for winning December's Competition. The theme was "The Magic Number Three 3" which he won with this picture! He's now gone back to bed which is possibly where I might be heading; and no Jim we're not together o_O For the New Year; January's theme is Straight Out Of...
  9. C

    Best January Sales Deals?

    So i'm after a new TV any size between 55-65", I've seen so many but can't decide which? Looked at the Samsung MU7000, Sony XE8500's/XE9300's or even an OLED! I use it for the following: What are your sources going to be? eg - Do you have fibre internet capable of UHD streams? Will you be...
  10. IGC

    Threads (BBC goes end of the world) 30 January 2018, USA

    Next to Peter Watkins's The War Game this was the nuclear film that scared me the most as a young teen. Severin are releasing it in 2 versions including one with a lenticular case. Severin's site Extras: Audio Commentary with Director Mick Jackson Moderated By Film Writer Kier-La Janisse and...
  11. IGC

    Groundhog Day (UK, 29 January 2018)

    HMV EAN: 5050630459490 Catalogue number: UHDR14594UV
  12. IGC

    Silver Bullet (Oz Blu-ray January 2018)

    Umbrella site Will be picking this up. Not sure about that artwork -looks as scary as one of those ******* meerkats on those endless insurance adverts -although there's different artwork around but looks like they didn't go with it. Extras: Audio Commentary with Director Daniel Attias The Wolf...
  13. raigraphixs

    12 Strong (26 January 2018)

    12 Strong: The Declassified True Story Of The Horse Soldiers Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Peña and Trevante Rhodes
  14. raigraphixs

    The Chi (Showtime) January 7

    Hourlong drama series The Chi, created and executive produced by Lena Waithe (Master of None), and executive produced by Common (John Wick 2) and Elwood Reid (The Bridge). Cast includes Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton), Jacob Latimore (Sleight), Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine (Queen of Katwe)...
  15. raigraphixs

    Waco (Paramount) January 2018

    Waco, the first trailer for the six-part Paramount series introduces us to a star-studded cast of Taylor Kitsch, Michael Shannon, Melissa Benoist and more. Kitsch as cult leader David Koresh The six-part miniseries, which follows the 1993 Texas standoff between agents of the FBI and ATF...
  16. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 166 - 30th January 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:01:21 – Current competitions 00:02:20 – Sky drops Discovery and Eurosport and Ed isn’t happy 00:13:40 – Mission are back with their LX-2 stereo speakers and Ed has reviewed them 00:17:50 – Philips finally get their first OLED TV to market but what did Steve think...
  17. Zone

    January 2017 Photo Competition - Voting Here

    Nice turnout for the first of the year. Thumbnail page site is playing up still so have opted to just add a jpeg page of the entries :( As always a huge thank you for Gordon @ Convergent for his continued support and his offer of a free ISF calibration to a TV/projector of your choice to...
  18. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 165 - 23rd January 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:00:31 – Phil goes all American! 00:05:40 – Current competitions 00:06:29 – Dual turntables return to the UK 00:10:08 – Aedle launch new ODS-1 earphones 00:12:30 – Marantz announces a new flagship CD/SACD player 00:19:00 – What’s the difference between OLED and QLED...
  19. Phil Hinton

    AVForums Podcast: Episode 164 - 16th January 2017

    This week we discuss: 00:01:12 – Ed’s thoughts on his first time at CES 2017 00:04:24 – HiFi highlights from CES 2017 00:15:05 – Best TVs at CES 2017 00:32:30 – Projector round-up at CES 2017 00:37:38 – Nintendo announces full details of the Switch 00:50:02 – RIP Carrie Fisher 00:55:05 – Films...
  20. raigraphixs

    Urban Myths (Sky Arts) 19 January

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