kef ls50w

  1. S

    KEFs, Headphones, Denon AVR 3803 and What to Do?

    Hi All Any input welcome for the newbie please. Some background waffle: I've never been an "audiophiliac" but I do like my music. I used to run a basic set-up with a pair of Sony SS-H3500 stand speakers through an (antiquated) Kenwood/TRIO A-3X amplifier which gave up the ghost about a year...
  2. C

    Question $2k Budget, Just Getting Started

    I am going to buy my first decent home theater system for my living room and wanted some expert advice. I have a $2,000 budget for a A/V receiver and speakers but am thinking of going with just the front left, center, and front right speaker to start. My room is far from ideal for a full...
  3. Planter

    Question Wireless Speakers in Surround Setup

    Hi All, Quick question..... I am not as up with all of the new technologies as I maybe should be. I currently have a Denon 4400 running an SVS Sub, Surround Speakers and 3 kef ls50 as soundstage. I have the option of getting some Kef LS50 wireless speakers through a local store at a...
  4. Sabbath1970

    Question Kef LS50 Wireless Reliability / Component Quality?

    Hello there, I'm appealing to all Kef LS50 Wireless owners for their experiences with the speakers component quality. I'm really interested in buying the system to use as PC speakers. The only thing holding me back is possible quality issues with the internal components. I've seen some...
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