1. N

    Exposure 3010 s2 d + Kef R5

    After several months of on/off searching for an amp to replace my creek evo 2 I feel I might have hit on a genuine replacement. I demoed an exposure 3010 s2 d with my speakers at the dealers yesterday and was impressed with its all round ability and seemingly good integration with the speakers...
  2. Seagull67

    Best amp & speakers to complement my Rega P3 playing acoustic jazz in a smallish room

    Hi I'm new to this forum but have found it very informative. I bought myself a Rega Planar 3 a few months ago with an Audio Technica VM530 cartridge. I have been playing it through the hifi components I've had around for years: my Teac A-H300 MkII & a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze B1's from...
  3. A

    Question Kef R series vs Xtz 99 series

    Anyone done a comparison between these two series of speakers? I'm looking to get a good, high quality stereo system for my living room. I have the Xtz 99.25 lcr in my cinema room which I absolutely love. Those ribbon tweeters are something special. I used to own a pair of Kef cresta's in my...
  4. K

    Kef Q550 or Q Acoustics 3050i

    Hey all, I was hoping to get some advice about a speaker upgrade I'm contemplating. This setup is for watching Movies/TV and some Music (70/30 mix) and is in my (modestly sized) living room. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V681 amp that is serving me well, 2 sets of Q-Acoustic 3010's as...
  5. Jeeva3

    Question Bose Acousticmass Series 10 or KEF T205

    Hi Guys, Just wanted some advice on what would be best home cinema set up between two. Let me know your thoughts. Cheers,
  6. W

    For Sale Kef T105 surround sound with upgraded T301c centre speaker

    Hi, I'm selling my KEF T105 surround sound system with a upgraded T301c centre speaker. I currently have these speakers running through a Denon x2600 amp and they sound absolutely brilliant. I currently still have the speakers wired up so they can be heard working on collection. Package...
  7. W

    Kef T205 - T2 sub or PSB 250

    Hi all, I have just upgraded my surround sound to KEF T205 using a Denon x2600 amp. I have a PSB Subseries 250 from my old set up See link Which sub should perform better with this setup? The T2 or PSB 250? I think from the specification the PSB should perform better, but have previously...
  8. T

    KEF vs Klipsch

    KEF makes some of the absolute best speakers in the world. Their drivers are world class and sound quality is amazing Klipsch doesn’t sound as good but they have crazy Efficiency and Dynamics I really like my RC-64 center. It sounds good and is very powerful but I don’t know if I’m missing...
  9. B

    Question Rear Speakers to pair with KEF T301

    Hi everyone, I purchased 2 KEF T301 speakers to be used as the front left and right, and intend to purchase the KEF T301C to be used as the center. I also have a SVS SB-2000 subwofer. Regarding the rear speakers, naturally my original plan was to go with the KEF T101, which should be excellent...
  10. TheRoverdog

    Wanted Kef T301c, T301, T101s sets..

    Hi guys. Checking if anyone is thinking about upgrading their T205 set up (5.1) or has loose T101 rears or T301C centre to sell?
  11. J

    For Sale KEF KASA-500 stereo class D subwoofer amplifier 2x250W

    KEF KASA500 sub amp £425. In excellent little used condition. Coming up for 2 years old.; light use with a pair of Definitive Tech in-wall subs. Retail £850. From their webblurb: "KASA500 KASA500 is a powerful Class-D Dual 250WPC amplifier. This DSP controlled system amplifier is optimized to...
  12. J

    For Sale KEF R 900 KEF R600 KEF R300 And Screen International

    I have for sale x2 KEF R900 X1 KEF R600 X 4 KEF R300 i also have cable and a 8ft screen international tapered edge screen.
  13. S

    Wanted KEF Q100/Q300 BLACK

    Hi all, Anyone have a set of Q100 or Q300 in black they want to sell? Thank you
  14. kbarnes70

    Anyone set up Kef LS50W with Harmony Remote?

    If so, what do you use in the Harmony database as a device? I also tried setting up using 'learn commands' but for some reason this didn't work with my Harmony 1100EU, despite me having done this a hundred times for other devices. Anyone got any suggestions?? Thx.
  15. C

    Standmount speaker advice needed

    Hi - I’ve done a ton of reading on this so far but am still pretty lost when it comes to the new speakers that I want to get for my new flat. The speakers will be powered through the Sonos AMP. I know what some of you might say but the convenience of it is paramount to me and I already own two...
  16. M

    Wanted Kef R50s - Black

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of Kef R50s Atmos Speakers in Piano Black.
  17. Thatsnotmynaim

    Wanted Kef R500, R700, R5 or R7.

    Looking for the above in good / excellent condition, ideally black or white and boxed with all accessories, but will consider other colours & conditions if reasonably priced.. :thumbsup:
  18. D

    Bose or Kef Ceiling speakers

    Im looking at the above for the kitchen ceiling. Any experience or recommendation. I listen to dance/ elec and want them to sound lively with decent base. The kef's are KEF Ci200QR or Bose 791. Thank you.
  19. P

    Question Kef q950 or 750-q150 or q350

    Hello Music: 40% TV/Movies 40% VG: 20% mid size room driven by marantz 7013 in a 5.1 setup options front: kef q950 or q750 Surround: q150 or q350 Also how you mount in wall the rear kefs thank you
  20. S

    Question KEF R3 vs Arendal Monitor (Big one)

    Could anyone that’s heard these both, using high end amplification, please give their insight and impressions please. For both movies and music. Cheers.
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