1. Doodlethepoodle

    Question KEF R200C Vs Modern Q200/250/650

    Upgradeitus... I currently have a KEF Coda 80 centre speaker but been keeping my eye out for something better and come across the Q200 and Q250 but saw an older 1995-2000 era Reference 200C. Would the the older Reference 200C still outclass the lower end but more modern Q200/250/650 etc? It's...
  2. RobbyTY

    VERY loud buzz through rear KEF speakers, and a Tag amp question, help?!

    Hello all. Firstly, my set up is as follows (what's relevant to the issue) Tag Mclaren 700/7R. Audiolab 8000m x2 (one currently needing repair) Kef KHT5005 rears (I think that's the model...) Tag AV32R processor. Tag CD20r. Mission 752 Freedom. Recently I my rear speakers suddenly started...
  3. THXTonyTone

    For Sale KEF Q300 Bookshelf Speakers In English Cherry

    I have had these from new and used them as rears in a 5.1 setup. They have been in storage since I moved into a new home and now having moved again I have nowhere to store them. They are in great condition apart from 1 of the speakers has a bit of veneer in the bottom corner has peeled off...
  4. S

    KEF PSW2010 Compatible Speakers

    I have inherited a KEF PSW2010 subwoofer. To complete a surround-sound set up, can anybody recommend speakers that will be compatible? I am a real newbie to this and also on a budget, Thanks.
  5. L

    Question Thinking about getting a PS Audio Sprout100

    Kia ora everyone. I’m looking for some advice. My current set-up is a pair of KEF 104/2’s powered by an old (but mint condition) Akai AM-69 and a Topping D50s DAC. I love the speakers. Boy they sound huge, lush and detailed. So the amp is obviously doing it’s job. However, I only ever have the...
  6. R

    Power Amplifier to power Kef R900 pair connected to Marantz SR7011 for Stereo

    I have a pair of KEF R900 speakers that are connected to a Marantz SR7011. Being an AV Receiver, the stereo performance is not up to the mark. HAve been looking for a power amp to connect to the pre out of the Marantz to power the Kef pair. The Kef pair is also used as part of the 5.1 setup...
  7. ne5

    Amp For KEF speakers please

    Hello, I have a pair of KEFQ300 speakers and use an old Rotel amp and a squeezebox. I also use an equaliser, which helps my fading hearing. I am thinking of getting a new amp, I like the sound of the rotels with these speakers, but it is not remoteable and because I use a squeezebox I want...
  8. D

    For Sale Home cinema inc Epson EH TW3200 and Onkyo TX NR515 plus Tannoy front speakers and KEF subwoofer and rear speakers

    Sudden house move forces a quicker clearout than we had planned... So the home ceinema has to go. I would likle to get rid of ther whole lot in one go as I dont want to split and post as we are somewhat pushed for time. Therefore it would be collection only I am afraid from Ilkley, West Yorks...
  9. Ashmanuk

    For Sale KEF R700 Pair damaged

    I am selling a pair of KEF R700's in gloss black. There are several bits of cabinet damage (please see photos) There in full working order Buying price was £1.999 I am selling for £650 Would be a perfect buy for the person that can DIY :-) Any questions please ask.
  10. ashfaq50

    Question Kef R3 or B&w 606 for home cinema

    Which one would be better for movies Room size 14x12Ft
  11. G

    Celestion (now KEF) wall mounting

    Hi I have a pair of Celestion AVS301 settellite speakers which can be wall mounted. The wall mount has very limited horizontal flexibility and looking at alternatives. The problem is the speaker seems to have a proprietary attachment point so can't just get a regular wall mounting bracket. Note...
  12. M

    For Sale Wharfedale SW150 & 5 Kef 2005.2 eggs

    Really nice condition Wharfedal SW150 subwoofer. Very lightly used In black wood. Looking for £100. 5x Kef 2005.2 surround sound speakers. 3 have the foot to stand on, 2 do not but have an attachment to fit to tall Kef stands (I do have a couple of these but they are in very poor condition)...
  13. Doodlethepoodle

    Question What AVR for KEF Q550?

    I have just purchased some KEF Q550 for my home cinema. My current AVR, a Denon X1600H will not have enough juice to get the most out of the front speakers and especially when watching 5.1 material it will be even harder on it. What will be good match for the KEF Q550, KEF Q150 surrounds and...
  14. M

    Room size for KEF R700

    I'm currently using KEF R300, but thinking of upgrading to R700. My room is 18m2, with large opening to dining room wich is 2,5 x 2,5m. Would R700 be overkill for the room of that size, regarding low frequencies? Or, generaly, any speaker of similar size with 2 x 6,5" bass drivers? The speakers...
  15. Doodlethepoodle

    Question KEF Q500/Q550/Q700 Vs Q Acoustics 3050i

    Looking at the above speakers, the KEF's seem to get mixed reviews and do cost more new vs the QA3050i. £599 Q550 opened box price and £795 new...(Q500 or Q700 used similar price to new QA 3050i). The QA3050/3050i seem to get amazing reviews universally, and are cheaper new around £469-£549...
  16. M

    Question Swap KEF Coda IIIs for Mission QX-2s?

    At the moment we are using KEF Coda IIIs that my wife bought in 1985 or thereabouts. In those days she liked her music loud but these days we both prefer a quieter life. The KEFs sound pretty OK at highish volumes but what we are finding is that they really don't like being played at low...
  17. P

    Wanted KEF Q600c in rosewood finish only

    Hi All So as above; I'm looking for this centre speaker in rosewood finish to match my floorstanders and bookshelves. I am in West Sussex and am willing to travel.
  18. CliffordinWales

    Upgrade path from KEF T105 series / Onkyo 609

    Can anyone advise me on upgrading my set up? I currently have a 5.1 system based around an Onkyo 609 receiver and the KEF T105 slimline speaker and subwoofer package all connected to a 10-year old 50in Samsung plasma. I want to upgrade the TV to a 65in OLED and simultaneously swap out the...
  19. G

    Looking for wall mounts for KEF 3001

    Would anybody have any or could they point me in the direction of a non oem wall bracket for these? I need 4
  20. S

    Dynaudio Xeo 20 vs. Elac Navis ARB-51 vs KEF LS50 Wireless

    As things stand, I’ve narrowed my choice of new bookshelf speakers to the three options in the thread title. I would therefore, be keen to hear peoples’ thoughts and experiences with any, or all of the above. Similarly, if anyone recommends an alternate option in the same price bracket, please...
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