1. P

    pioneer sa 8500 + kef reference speakers

    hi all , need advise as to wether a pioneer sa 8500 will drive kef reference model one speakers. amp is 60wpc @8ohms or has anyone used this set up or similar. could also use some recommendations on used speakers around 400 quid. thanks
  2. P

    pioneer sa 8500 + kef reference speakers

    hi folks, im looking at a pair of kef reference model 1.2 speakers. currently have a pioneer sa8500 60wpc. is this sufficient for these speakers. has anyone used this set up or can you advise on a speaker upgrade from rogers ls55 im using now.thanks
  3. Dancook

    Home Cinema/Lounge in-wall Kef Ci-5160

    Just started up a blog to record the progress, but I'll try to update this thread as I go too. The Cook's Story On Tuesday 2nd May 2017 a builder will start our house extension project. The project will include Two-storey rear extension (extended lounge and additional bedroom) Front dormer...
  4. R

    Question KEF HTS 5001 Cable Bolt(?)

    I have got hold of some HTS 5001 speakers but they are minus the small bolts that screw into the cable binding posts and so I need some replacements. However I have measured across the threads at 5.85mm and so tried an M6 bolt which did not fit, nor did a 1/4" one that I printed. So does...
  5. Rambles

    Kef Q Series being renewed?

    Hi, is anyone in the know as to when Kef will be bringing out a new Q series? The current series are being sold off half price, and I was assuming that a new series would be out this year, but just wondering when(ish) or whether they might be discontinuing them entirely (hope not!). I might be...
  6. Anthony16v

    Kef T101 with Kef LS50's

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience or opinions on using the T101's alongside the LS50's please? Currently I'm running a 5.1 setup with 3 x ls50's for the front and two e301 eggs for my surrounds. All being well we'll be moving into a new property this summer so looking to initially upgrade to...
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