1. O

    KEF Q350 vs Q Acoustics 3030i

    Hi, I choose between this 2 speakers. Q Acoustics 3030i vs KEF Q350 Detailed Comparison Which will have bigger sound feeling? I can get new Q acoustics, or used KEF with stands on same price. Thanks for any advices. Ondrej
  2. Rach223

    KEF speakers built into new flat with no way to use them

    Hi, I want to preface this by saying I have absolutely no technical knowledge of speakers or sound systems of any kind. my partner and I have just moved into a new flat and the previous tenant installed a lot of cool stuff like a projector and cinema screen, surround sound etc. These things...
  3. S

    For Sale Kef R800ds and Unopend Kef R2c both in white

    First of all, note that I'm located in Sweden, but all of the prices are with shipping INCLUDED. 1-2 days with ups fully insured. I'm forced to cancel my plan to create a livingroom home cinema due to a pregnant wife ;) So I will instead be building a dedicated home theather in my basement with...
  4. Rambles

    Cosy lounge set-up - Arcam / Kef

    We moved in on July 2015, a new build property, with a few acoustic challenges, but after five years of faffing, finally, everyone is happy with this arrangement in the lounge. TV: Samsung 65Q90R (calibrated and bias lighting) AVR: Arcam AVR550 Power Amp: Behringer A800 Front Speakers: Kef...
  5. Valen

    Question Additional sub for KEF KHT2005.3

    I have a lovely KEF KHT2005.3 speaker set with the Kube subwoofer. It's a great system and I will be hooking them up to a Denon 3600 atmos amp very soon. Can anyone recommend a cheap sub that would pair up and give me some more low end grunt? Cheers AG
  6. hosstifa

    Speaker positioning for KEF Reference 1's

    Hi there, I have just purchased some second hand KEF Reference 1's, which arrived yesterday. I have been playing around with the positioning and wondered about getting the thoughts of the community. You can see in the photo, I actually have the speakers on some chopping boards as it allows me...
  7. P

    Question REL Q100E with KEF Satellite Speakers

    I have the Kef 20005.2 eggs and the PSW210 subwoofer which I am thinking of replacing with the REL, which I have obtained from a friend. Would this make a notable difference compared to the original Kef sub and is it recommended to connect to high level input (via neutrik cable) or low level...
  8. O

    Question Upgrade from Kef 2005.2

    Hi all, asking on behalf of family member who has a Kef 2005.2 set up. He’s soon going to be installing Atmos speakers (ceiling) x4 He’s got a Pioneer LX58 receiver which does Atmos and sounds awesome in my opinion so not changing that. I feel the sub (PSW2010) is the real let down in the chain...
  9. G

    Wanted Kef Thx TDM 45B Sub

    Hi, My 2nd 45B Sub has gone faulty so Im looking for another one must be 100% in condition or if anyone has a motherboard? or can repair one? Many thanks 😊
  10. R

    Help with first hi-fi set up

    Hi all, I will be dipping my toe into the world of hi-fi shortly. I’ve always been into music (rock, dance, hip hop) but never really paid much attention to sound quality until I heard a decent pair of stereo speakers for the first time recently - stereo imaging was incredible, lots of space...
  11. Ali Raza

    Question SVS PB2000 Pro and KEF e301 atmos setup?

    hey guys, I have a large room about 8 x 3 meters but my setup is on my side thats about 3 x 3 meters. I am going to put 5.1.4 KEF e301 speakers and thinking about getting the SVS PB2000 Pro. Hows thats sub? I want a powerful sub that will shake the sofa even at lower volume. Would that be a...
  12. S

    ATC 11 or KEF R3 for Home Cinema? Help me choose

    Hi I have a room approx 13 X 13 space is tight and my speaker placement must have the Left & Right speakers placed very close to the rear wall and placed either side of the projection screen.. Which speaker would be the best all round speaker for Home cinema ATC 11 or KEF R3..I would go for...
  13. C

    Kef Egg wall mount question

    Do the 2 series wall mounts fit the 3 series eggs ? If not can 3 series egg wall mounts still be sourced?
  14. Ali Raza

    Question B&w m50 or kef 3005se?

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy a good atmos system but due to space I can only get small satellites but could use a powerful abs sub. So whichsatellites sound better kef 3001 or b w m1? And which sub to use with them and the receiver too? I can spend about £1300 and want to buy used speakers but...
  15. P

    Kef T301 vs 3001SE

    Currently using 4x 3001SE as surrounds but was considering swapping them out for T301’s, mainly for an aesthetic point of view. Are the T301 noticeably more capable than the 3001’s or would any difference in sound be minimal? Thanks
  16. DJJez

    Kef reference 3 v monitor audio platinum 200 mkii

    Hi guys Looking to upgrade to one of these speakers for my home cinema setup. I currently have monitor audio gold 300s and gold c350 centre and love them. Planning to demo both in a few weeks. I have a 5.2.4 atmos system with a marantz 8805 with an arcam a49 driving the fronts and 2 arcam...
  17. slim01

    Monitor Audio Bronze 6, KEF q500 or q55.2?

    Hey guys. So I currently have some lovely KEF q55.2's (upgraded with modern tweeters), a q6c and eggs (kht2005.2) as rears. For £550 I can get the Bronze 6 set (new). For £700 I can get q500 +q200c +q400b sub (used). or... I can not bother. Is it even an upgrade? My KEFs sound great, only...
  18. P

    Rega Brio-R what a great amp...

    I have borrowed an ex-demo pair of Kef ref 1‘s plus the kef stands, i’m picking up a lone Aethos tomorrow if I am lucky. (there was one posted By a member here on Saturday I might go for...) I decided to try the Ref 1’s with my Brio, I have been very careful not to push the volume, but I was...
  19. A

    KEF LSX - Tidal App

    Hi Everyone, First time posting and new to the Audiophile world. I purchased a KEF LSX system as I was looking for an all in one system for a small apartment. So far I am happy with the system however reading the various forums, I have realised that the connection to the speaker is important...
  20. paul34u

    Kef PSW 2010 Subwoofer Faulty

    hi guys need a little help with my psw2010 as it only getting green light no relay have checked c52 & replaced as was bad also replaced rest on board as most was out of spec but still no click of relay i checked output trannys seems ok no shorts but did find that u12 chip is out putting 4.5 - 5v...
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