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  1. CatManDo

    32" TV with 4 HDMI Ports?

    Hi all, Looking for a replacement TV for my Panasonic TX-L32DT30B. Can't seem to find any with more than 3 HDMI ports, anyone got any recommendations please? Thanks,
  2. T

    Dead Pixels?

    Hey guys. Just received a new QE55Q70R, but unfortunately I've boxed it up to be returned and have purchased a replacement. I hate buying a new TV as it's always a lottery! The panel is a good one other than a cluster of what appears to be dead pixels. The shape of it is a little weird to me...
  3. A

    Issue with remote

    Hi everyone, my first post here. I have an issue with my Iffalcon 40f2 (rebranded TCL). The remote has started acting weird. When I tap the Vol+ button the volume keeps increasing until I tap any other button. Similarly if the scroll down in the menu it keeps scrolling down indefinitely until I...
  4. W

    Fatal error 70 workaround?

    Bravia KDL-46NX720. Anyone have a workaround to correct problem connecting to internet?
  5. N

    Question Vizio M60-C3 has flashing dark patch on screen...

    I have a 5 yr old Vizio M60-C3 TV that has what look to me like an area that is an Oval shaped patch on the screen about the size of a basketball that almost constantly flashes a dark patch on the screen. It is not really dark, we can still see the picture underneath it. It flashes pretty...
  6. darkovo

    49/50" LCD TV for parents not watching UHD source - recommendations please

    My parents want to replace their 43" LG 43UH650V, they're complaining the LG picture quality isn't great, certainly for TV watching, probably due to bad upscaling, we've tried calibrating as best we can! They want a 49"/50" TV, they only watch Freeview, Freesat, basic Smart functions eg...
  7. JimmyJaxxon

    Question How to fix audio delay on my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver?

    Hello, I encounter an audio delay when connecting my TCL 50EP660 via optical output to my receiver (simple Hi-Fi receiver without HDMI). The receiver mode is set to stereo. The source is a normal cable tv channel. A playback through the internal speaker of the tv are in sync with the video...
  8. S

    Question Sony XF9005/XF90 - Post Oreo update - Access to TV Modes

    Hi, I am being a little lazy by asking - but I promise I did at least browse these forums before asking it! 55XF9005 - Oreo update completed and all is well. However, pre-Oreo, with just a couple of clicks on the remote control I could quickly and easily change the mode of the TV. I use...
  9. M

    Question Bookshelf speakers for TLC TV

    I'm keen to buy a pair of Edifier 1280DB speakers for my TV to improve the sound for watching music videos. I have an older TV (TLC) in the 2700 series. Would it be as simple as connected up the RCA cables? I don't know much about it and any assistance would be appreciated please The speakers...
  10. jimmythehill

    John Lewis offering me the 2020 Hisense 55AE7400 as replacement

    So, I've had a Hisense 55NU8700 for the last 2yrs, however recently developed screen flickering , glitching. Engineer from JL came out and reviewed it last week and today, JL emailed me offering me the AE7400 as a replacement - which they have on sale for £599. Now I'm trying to work out whether...
  11. M

    Watching movies from HDD drive

    I have a 2700 series LCD. I am a bit of a novice at this sort of thing. I plugged my external hard drive, on which I had a MP4 format video, into the USB inlet of my TV. I then went to the multimedia menu, Movies, then USB. When I clicked on the USB nothing happened, it didn't recognise the...
  12. C

    Technika 32G22B-FHD Power Fault

    Hi All, This afternoon I was given a Technika 32G22B-FHD slimline TV which was on it's way to the recycling centre. It's around 3 years old and taken from a bedroom in a local contractors accommodation, therefore little overall use. Mainly just weekday nights. It won't come out of standby and...
  13. B

    LG TV 9 Series Eyelids Flicker

    We’ve had our LG 9 series tv for a few months now. The picture seems excellent, however increasingly I’m noticing an annoying (and I know this may sound ridiculous) but people’s eye lids seem to be flickering as if there is a strange lag. The smooth motion etc has been switched off, could it...
  14. M

    Sony V Philips power usage

    Does anyone know where I could find how much power consumption my 30' sony bravia tv from 2010 uses ? Im trying to compare it to a Philips 50' 6100 series I just bought. Which one uses the most power ?
  15. 8

    TCL TVs - software / firmware downloads

    Does anyone know what's happened to TCL's software update download option? It looks like they've removed from their range of TVs?
  16. D

    Question LED Top Clearance

    Hi folks, I'm looking for a TV to be wall-mounted in my garage conversion. The back wall is an odd shape, as the staircase takes up part of it and the available area for a TV is 850mm high. I've been checking out some 65" models and most of them are around 850mm high, so they would have next to...
  17. 99csmith

    Backlight issue on Samsung MU6470U

    Recently found this 49 inch Samsung display in the trash downstairs in my apartment building. Turned it on and discovered this issue with it, the dark strip to the centre-left of the screen. I'm thinking this is a backlight issue with a few of the LED bulbs out? Is this correct? How easy a fix...
  18. canigetawitness2020

    Question about TV legs & screen.

    If my TV stand legs aren't screwed in completely equivalent, would it cause the actual glass screen to bend forward more on one end of the TV compared to the other end? I own a flat screen TV and wondering if that's even possible for the glass to bend different ways if the legs were a bit off...
  19. TheGamer147

    Question Connecting soundbar and devices to new TV?

    Hi guys got a new Philips TV coming today I have a JVC Atmos SB (has 2 HDMI ports) I have a PS4, Formuler Z8 (android TV box) and Nintendo Switch to connect. I'm thinking connect - Soundbar HDMI ARC PS4 HDMI 2 (TV) Nintendo Switch plug into SB HDMI port What do you guys recommend. Thanks
  20. M

    Samsung QE58Q60TAUXXU and ps4 pro

    Why wont my ps4 pro display in 2160p RGB on my new Samsung QE58Q60TAUXXU tv I can only get YUV420 to display is this a firmware problem ? It is available to select on the ps4 pro but when i set it in that mode the tv cant find a signal i have to put it in safe mode change the resolution then put...
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