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  1. Y

    LG CX Hdr issue

    Hope someone can help me here. when I’m playing games in hdr on the Xbox one x, the friend notifications that pop up on the screen are really subdued/dim, even though the game is really bright. Same thing happens when I press the guide button while playing a hdr game. The guide will pop up at...
  2. A


    recently purchased lg cx 55 at Best Buy. Only few days viewing the oled, and I'm getting a yellow line on bottom of screen. It appears for only a split second. I have noticed this yellow like 4 times....TV is only 3 days old. Anyone experiencing this issue?? Will this go away as i put more...
  3. G

    LG CX - not powering on STR-DN1080 over eARC?

    Hey folks, loving my new LG CX 77", but have one minor niggle - my connected AV receiver, the STR-DN1080 will not power on when I turn the TV on. It's connected via eARC, and every other function works when I use the LG remote (volume control, home button, options, powering off), but I can't...
  4. SimonB91

    Question 65” TV LG CX or Alternatives?

    Hi all, Currently I have a 55” B7 which I have loved and had no issues with at all. Due to circumstances I have the opportunity to upgrade this to a 65”. Appreciate from a price point of view, I should wait until Black Friday. I was initial thinking of the CX but was wondering what others...
  5. D

    LG CX or Philips 805

    Hi, I recently got the 48 LG CX and cant get the picture right to my eyes, had Sony led lcds forever so maybe used to their picture but colours just look off on the oled, tried all modes and settled on isf daylight with basic calibration but its just not right and a little too dim and the ABL is...
  6. S

    LG CX C9 VRR Issues

    I saw this story about the LG CX/C9 and VRR issues. LG have acknowledged the picture problem. Considering the CX has been heavily marketed as VRR ready for next gen consoles at 4k/120hz, I thought I'd share here for awareness...
  7. A

    Question Worries about using LG CX in bright room

    About to move to a new apartment with big floor to ceiling windows and it’s quite light. I was going to invest in an LG C9 or CX but after reading posts on here and other places i am worried about the peak brightness on OLEDs in a light room. Appreciate any specific advice/experiences anyone...
  8. IS2

    Do you think LG CX is going to go down any further soon?

    Right now in the bank holiday sale, the LG CX 55" is 1600 (richer sounds and curry's). I was going to pull the trigger on the 2019 C9, but they ran out of stock when it was £1200. Do you think the CX is going to drop to around the £1200 mark - say around black friday? Or traditionally have they...
  9. E

    LG CX & PS4 Pro black level

    im having a reslly hard time with the "black level" tv setting and my PS4 Pro. Low is exactly the same as Auto. Zero difference, but High makes the colors washed out and puts this hazy filter on the screen that makes bright objects less bright, but putting it on auto makes the shadows too harsh...
  10. MoonKnight

    For Sale LG CX 48 Inch 4K HDR Oled TV 2 months old perfect condition

    Purchased 2 months ago for £1500 from currys, still have proof of purchase so you will have full warranty aswell! perfect working condition, selling as dont have the room for another tv due to needing space to put cot for baby. Dont have box so will be local pickup only.
  11. terryf

    LG CX oled TV

    New setup and no signal from ARC on HDMI 2, forgot to set up all HDMI on initial setup. Could this be the problem and how do I correct my error?, please.
  12. E

    LG CX - painful stuttering in Game mode

    im just astonished this isn't a much bigger issue that's being brought up way more ? I was so excited to get the LG CX to try with my PS4 Pro... all the reviews said its the best tv ever for HDR Gaming. Got the tv and excitedly tried alot of my games in HDR and of course in Gaming mode...
  13. S

    New LG CX: Connect HDMI sources to Denon 4500x AVR or straight into TV

    Hello everyone, I just picked up a new OLED LG CX tv. It's easily the nicest TV i've ever had and I'm super excited about it. My previous setup involved plugging in my non 4k Apple TV, PS4 Pro, and Switch into my Denon 4500x AVR, with the AVR sending video to my old TV. (the Denon is connected...
  14. D

    Question LG CX no HDMI CEC option

    Hi all, I have been looking to enable HDMI CEC option on TV settings to connect soundbar via ARC but in TV general settings there is no HDMI CEC option at all. Do You know how to enable it?
  15. S

    Question LG CX autocal issue with game mode

    Ive been trying to calibrate sdr/hdr game mode on my LG CX using the autocal feature with portrait displays LG home software. Ive calibrated other modes (cinema ect) using autocal on the CX just fine. The issue seems to be that when playing the sdr/hdr grey background videos they ask you to...
  16. J

    LG CX with GX Soundbar Problems

    Hi- I am unsure if anyone here might see/help but worth a shot. I have a 2020 65CXPUA with the recently released Soundbar GX. I have two devices (Firestick 4k and DirecTV Genie) going into HDMI 1 & 3 of the TV. I have eARC HDMI 2 going into the "Out" HDMI (eARC) of the GX Soundbar. My issue...
  17. chenks

    Question LG CX 48" - just currys?

    anyone know when the LG CX 48" will be available anywhere other than just Currys? other sizes appear to be avaible, but not the 48"
  18. R

    LG OLED55CX6LA, youtube audio keeps dropping in the midst..

    Not sure if anyone has this problem. It seems to be only youtube having this problem at the moment. I would be playing a video on youtube and around 5 mins in, the audio will totally drop out. No sound, but video still playing.
  19. curtisdodo

    Panasonic or LG CX OLED

    Hello, I would like to buy a TV good for the 4K TV APPLE (NETFLIX, YOUTUBE, DISNEY, MYCANAL, AMAZON PRIME) and especially 100% compatible with the PS5. I had a 55FZ800 from Panasonic and I was really satisfied with it. The LG CX tempts me well but some critics make me very afraid like...
  20. R

    LG CX 48” oled speakers

    Hi, Ive just taken delivery of my cx oled but I can’t open it until the end of next week as we are decorating, it’s killing me staring at the box😱. I’m so excited as this is my first tv upgrade in 12 years and I’m looking forward to seeing what the oled technology can do with my own eyes...
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