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  1. n3phi1im

    Problem with Prime app on LG tv /WebOS

    Since the last WebOS update, the Amazon Prime app in my LG tv (55UJ634V) is throwing a lot of connectivity errors. Other streaming apps on the Tv are OK. Prime is OK on other devices (Samsung tv, Roku, phone). The LG TV is cabled to the router and I have 35meg fibre, so bandwidth shouldn't be a...
  2. C

    Connect iPhone SE to LG tv 42LA620s

    Hi all, I own an LG 42 inch tv model 42LA620s for some time now, and I used to be able to mirror what I watch on the YouTube from my phone to the tv. Recently I switched to an iPhone SE and since then I can’t share it. I’m trying to be able to mirror the content directly without any...
  3. MA789

    Question Surround sound issues with LG tv & Denon AVR x2000

    Hi folks I’m a newbie to home cinema tech etc. I finally took the plunge & bought a 2nd AV receiver & am really struggling to get it working properly. My set up is as follows Denon AVR x2000 LG 55 inch TV (few years old) https://www.lg.com/uk/tvs/lg-55UK6750PLD Philips Blu ray player a freeview...
  4. I

    No Brightness Option For 32LM6300PLA LG TV

    I need to be able to access and reduce the brightness on my tv, but there are no brightness options I can find. So many options which the guide says should be available simply do not appear in menus. Why cant I access what should be the most basic options for a TV? I have been to all settings...
  5. O

    Question LG TV Bbc iPlayer video quality issues still on 05.20.04 firmware update

    Anyone else experiencing playback issues using Bbc iPlayer app as highlighted here? : https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/help/issues/tv/lg-playback-quality I have updated to recent 05.20.04 firmware and playback issue still persists :( Anyone else?
  6. lenso1


    Hi I recently bought a new sr7013 and using it with my LG smart tv and the connection is HDMI ARC. The connecting video and ARC works fine if I don't connect my satalite tv decoder to tv via available HDMI port. Marantz doesn't receive audio from TV after turning off and on the tv if satellite...
  7. J

    Yellowish color on edges - LG TV

    I have this lg tv for nearly 10 years but recently after moving the tv to a new house i noticed a slight yellow color on the right and left edges of the screen where it supposed to be white. ( i attached screenshots ) It can be seen mostly on bright color backgrounds such as sky or snow. Model...
  8. G

    LG TV won't play HQ sound through internal spkrs

    Hi all, The movies in question are all files being played from an external HD. I'm not expecting my LG UHD TV to 'play' 5.1 sound etc, but wanted to be sure there are no settings workarounds on the TV to enable 'converting' HQ output, before having to buy an external speaker set up...
  9. Clem_Dye

    Question Checking 24p frame rate on a 49SM8500PLA TV (or any LG TV, for that matter)?

    When I playback stuff on my BR player connected to my Panasonic TV via HDMI and I use the TV remote's Info button, I get full details about the current resolution, including the current frame rate. The player is set for 24p, so I see what I'm expecting. However, on my LG, if I use the Info...
  10. H

    Question LG TV (LG43UK6300PLB) suddenly lost all channels and can't find anything when retuning. Potentially coincided with 05.20.03 software update [UK]

    Hello As the title says, my TV has lost all channels and can't find any if I try to retune. It was working one minute, then I watched something on Netflix, then I came back and it said No Signal. I tried to retune, found nothing, and now it says Not Programmed. Other inputs still work fine. I...
  11. C

    Question LG TV - Doesnt Support My Bose Soundbar 700 !!

    Hi, I am having an old LG LED LM7600 TV (2012 model). Now, i recently bought Bose soundbar 700. The Problem is: I am getting loud sound but its not in true Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus on any input sources. I tried both HDMI Arc and optical wires. TV settings is set to TV speakers: OFF...
  12. O

    Question LG LG 43UV761H TV has a very pronounced back bottom. How do I mount wall?

    I have recently purchased this from the marketplace for a good amount without stand, this being a former TV used in a hotel it was always on a wall Here is a side view of it: The design is very nice and the speakers are quite strong 2 x10W - and because of this the bottom back is 3cm thicker...
  13. L

    LG42LW550T TV no picture or sound

    Hi, CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE, I have an Lg42lw550t, when i plug the tv into the mains the red standby light comes on the tv and then goes off, When i switch the tv on it clicks and the red standby light comes on and turns to white which flashes once and stays on, but nothing happens just the...
  14. bankzy30

    BOSE 500 Subwoofer not working when casting to Chromecast Ultra

    Hello, I have recently bought a Google Chromecast Ultra so I can stream BT Sport Ultimate in 4K HDR to my new LG TV. This picture works perfectly. today I have received my new Bose 500 setup including a soundbar and subwoofer. The soundbar is working whilst casting but there is zero bass...
  15. T

    Question regarding an older (2002) SONY STR-DE585 receiver and a new LG TV

    Hi. I have an old Sony receiver, just out of storage, and am trying to link it up correctly with my new LG 64CX tv. The receiver has no HDMI slots, so am connecting it with the optical cable. I am selecting optical out on the tv, but the receiver does not seem to recognise full 5.1 decoding (for...
  16. przemof

    LG tv colour profile with ColorHug

    I have an LG tv with webos. For my PC monitor I bought ColorHug colorimeter [1] and I can generate colour profile in ICC format and probably other formats as well. Is it possible to use ICC profile [2] on LG TV or I'm talking about pie in the sky? I can connect a laptop to the TV, run the...
  17. G

    Question Best 55” TV under £600?? HELP

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a replacement TV as the 1 I just purchased is faulty (LG SM8500 49”) and is going back to the retailer. From what I’ve read 55” TV’s appear to be better, some have better specs than their 49” counterparts whilst others appear better in HDR. I watch a lot of sports...
  18. Hrtbt72

    LG tv mainboard swap upgrade

    Hi, i have an lg 43um69 i purchased a magic remote and found out that its not supported by this tv. anyways after some research i found that the LG 43um7300 is basically the same tv with slightly better specs and supports the magic remote. My question is can I put the mainboard and power supply...
  19. N

    Question Changing LG TV Settings from an App

    Hello, When trying to calibrate an LG OLED B7 TV, is there any way I can change things like the Brightness/Contrast via a phone app or PC/Mac rather than bringing the on screen menu up all the time? Thanks
  20. GalacticaActual

    Large hard drive for mkv playback on lg TV?

    Hi all, I have a load of dvds the kids want to keep but we don't have the room. Thinking of putting them all on a hard drive in mkv format and then connecting the dive via USB to the back of the LG oled. Will the 55b8 play them back OK via USB? Is this the best way to go? I know nothing...
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