1. GeneticMutation

    For Sale Switch Games

    Owned from new. Mint condition. Only played a couple of times. I bought them for my lad but he isn't interested. Sonic Mania Plus £20 Zelda Links Awakening £30 New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe £30 SOLD to @justaday Sensible offers welcome
  2. barney007

    For Sale Brand new Tp link ac1900 & DLink exo ac3000 Routers

    Hi All Having a clear out i have for sale Brand new and boxed Tp link AC1900 wireless gigabit vdsl/adsl modern router. £80 delivered Brand new and boxed D-Link Exo Ac3000 smart mesh WiFi router £130 delivered
  3. Gavb20

    For Sale Jabra Evolve 65t and Link 370

    As per title, I have the Jabra Evolve 65t with the Jabra Link 370. headphones and the charging case are all in great working order £120 delivered bt or ppg
  4. H

    Bose soundlink link - multiroom on the cheap??

    Hi, I'm setting up multiroom audio, which I want to play music and also feed into the cinema speakers. Sonos is an option, but pretty pricey. The Bose SoundTouch link seems a great way to make any speaker smart and multiroom, at £140 RRP it seems like a steal. - - SoundTouch Wireless Link...
  5. J

    TP link router with Sky Q

    Looking for some help... Ive just replaced my Sky Q router with a TP link archer VR400 router. Got the internet set up and got my ports sorted for the HikVision 👍🏻 However now stuck with connecting the Q mini box. I have some power line adapters but these won’t fit behind the tv. I also have...
  6. SFkilla

    Maniac (1980) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Full Metal Jacket (Steelbook) (2 blu-rays + Bonus Blu-ray) Purchase link: Release date: 01/10/2020 Status: Available to pre-order(TBA)
  7. F

    HEOS Link HS2 Setup Question

    Hi All, Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. I have a simple home theater system, and want to integrate streaming content. This is far from audiophile - more just wanting a good setup that I can enjoy with what I have now. I may want to expand/enhance (with higher quality speakers...
  8. M


    Hi, Do you recommend TP LINK TAPO C100 SMART CAMERA?
  9. leeeeee123

    Please help Sky Router vs TP Link TL-WA901ND

    Hi all, I am trying to set up wifi to my garden room (Mancave but dont tell the misses). So i will set the scene. 50m CAT 6 cable running from my Sky q router to the mancave. This cable goes into a TP link TL-WA901ND. I have configured it as an access point, it connected for a minute and now...
  10. Pineman

    Panasonic Viera Link Issues.

    I have a Panny TX-40FS503B TV, a Panny DMR-HWT130 DVD Recorder and a DMR-BWT DVD/Blue Ray Recorder. All connected by Viera Link. When either of the recorders starts to record two programs I get a warning on the TV that a recording is about to start. If I do nothing I end up watching the...
  11. Nndldmx

    43PUS6703/12 HDMI CEC / Easy link remote not working

    Hi there, I had this issue for a while but didn't find a solution yet. I don't even know if anybody else has this. I have a 43PUS6703/12 plugged to a firestick tv 4k, everything was working fine and i could control the fire with my philips remote. Once I plugged in a soundbar sony htsf200 via...
  12. Binkstech

    a bluetooth adapter to link to speakers

    Hi, I'm looking for the following adapter. On input: a Bluetooth signal (eg. from my iPhone), and/or any cable input (eg. for my existing TV) On output: Coaxial or Analog Stereo output (could be 5.1 too) I want to re-use my old PC speakers. Any hint welcome :) Thank you, Binks
  13. C

    hi what is the cheapest gpu and best value gpu to run link quest

    hi yes i have seen the list on occulus site but i m a newbe and dont know that stuff and its market. what is the least expensive$ gpu that would run link quest ok good without desagrement? and what is the best bang for buck best value on the inexpensive side maybe? maybe there are deals to?
  14. C

    how would 4570 i5 with 8g ram run quest link?

    hi im looking at the quest and i read it is better to invest on a gpu than processor but how true is this . would it be capable?(it is close to 4590) would 8 gig ddr3 be enough? would 12 or 16 make a big difference? tx
  15. tigermad

    BT Mini Home WiFi and TP Link router

    Hi. I recently purchased a VR400 router modem. I want to but the above mesh system to extend WiFi signal around the house. Because you plug one of them straight in the router via Ethernet do you have to disable the WiFi on the router? I don’t want to disable the WiFi on the router but run both...
  16. tigermad

    TP Link VR400 or VR2100

    I am replacing my sky Q hub. People online recommended the VR400 so I have ordered this and it's coming today. I noticed a good offer for the new VR2100 though after I ordered and wonder what extra benefits I would get and if it's worth changing over. Or would the V400 do? I will be using about...
  17. mattressback

    Nest learning thermostat e can’t find heat link

    Ok everything was working great until I got a new mobile. Went to control my heating and I’m logged out of my nest account, I log in using google but the thermostat is not there on the app. I pick up my old phone and it’s not on that either. So I try to add the thermostat, it doesn’t work...
  18. A

    MusicCast link issue

    Hey there, I have two MusicCast speakers. I use the app to link them, but it lasts only for a few hours. The next time I try to play something (over Wi-Fi) with MusicCast the speakers are unlinked and I need to link them again. Any idea if I can make the link permanent? Thanks!
  19. low-def.

    Mesh WiFi - TP Link M5 or M9 Plus

    Hi all, Looking to expand the wifi cover in the house and was about to get the TP Link M9 Plus - albeit at £330 on amazon and noticed the M5's going for £149 or cheaper on ebay with code. Has anyone got / had either of these and able to comment on the main difference? Only one i can see is...
  20. J

    Question Unlock with family link?

    The boy put a pass code on his phone and surprisingly he's forgotten it... Is there a way to unlock it with google family link? I'd rather not have to reset it unnecessarily.
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