1. LEET2010

    For Sale Epos K1i Speakers in Walnut Boxed as new

    These speakers have barely been used & are in pristine condition & fully functional. They are the latest model from Epos & currently retail at £499 Includes all original packaging & snap on grill covers. 29cm high 18.5cm wide 22cm deep Front firing bass port 5.5kg per speaker 8ohm 88db...
  2. Dazzathedrummer

    DIY Home cinema set up with vintage speakers - awkward back speaker placement.

    Hi, I'm in the process of putting together a 5.1 system using vintage speakers and a Sony amp. I'm starting small and relatively cheap but will most probably upgrade along the way. To start with I've got two pairs of Bang & Olufsen Beovox S35-S's from the late 70's - they already sound great in...
  3. chiragbajaria

    For Sale Dynaudio Special Forty speakers Limited Edition Birch Grey with Stand 20 Black

    Very reluctant sale brought about by impending house move. No space for hifi at the next home. 7 months old. Impeccable condition, with original boxes/manuals/accessories as supplied. Stand 20 sandbags unused; stands were never filled so will repackage cleanly. Inspections possible over...
  4. Seagull67

    Best amp & speakers to complement my Rega P3 playing acoustic jazz in a smallish room

    Hi I'm new to this forum but have found it very informative. I bought myself a Rega Planar 3 a few months ago with an Audio Technica VM530 cartridge. I have been playing it through the hifi components I've had around for years: my Teac A-H300 MkII & a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze B1's from...
  5. G

    Best budget audiophile speakers?

    -Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 -Q Acoustics 3030i -ELAC Debut B6.2 -Dali Oberon 3 -Dali Zensor 3 What could be the best choice for a smaller room (18 m2)? For jazz, acoustic, classical and rock music. Also for watching movies. Which would you choose? Thanks.
  6. philgyford

    Upgrading desk speakers - Adam Audio T5V and a DAC?

    My desk at home currently has a pair of Audioengine A2+ speakers and a BK Electronics Gemini II subwoofer. I ended up with this partly because at the time I didn't have much space on my desk for speakers but the little A2+s needed some extra bass. But I now have more space on my desk and less...
  7. J

    Switching to AV Receiver in Stereo Environment

    Hi All, Currently got a stereo amp and Sonos connect in the kitchen with a pair of RCA cables coming from the TV to the amp. Interested in people's opinions on using an AV amplifier (preferably with HEOS or equivalent) to power 4x ceiling speakers for TV audio and Music. I'm using a HDMI...
  8. B

    Some bluetooth issues with Klipsch speakers

    Guys i recently got some Klipsch R 51PMs and I seem to have a few bluetooth issues when connected to my MacBook pro the issue is: When using Soundcloud via the browser IF I forward or skip a track sound the does not play through the speakers at all, youtube, spotify and iTunes all seem to work...
  9. M

    Question On wall speakers

    In preparation for my garage conversion it’s time to look for speakers, I’m looking at getting on wall speakers to cut down on floor space, Kef seem to be the ones for the front and maybe some Monitor FXs food the back, how well do the T102s perform as home cinema speakers?
  10. N

    Help matching speakers with amp

    Hi, I recently purchased wharfedale Evo 4.4 floor standing speaker looking for recommendations to compliment them with suitable amplifier.
  11. H

    Rega p1 ± Rega Brio = which speakers?

    Hello, I have the P1 and Brio and I'm looking for some bookshelf speakers. I'm considering the 606's which I have found new for £425. Any other ideas? Budget £500. My room is 5x3 meters. Also any cable advise would be ace. Thank you.
  12. N

    Question Just wondering if anyone knows what brand my speakers are

    Just wondering if anyone knows this brand so I can try find out more about them. They are floor stand speakers. Just so I can get an idea what they would sound good connected up to. Thankyou in advance
  13. M

    Wanted Monitor Audio Gold 200 or B & W 704 S2 Front Speakers

    I am looking for either Monitor Audio Gold Series 200 or B & W 704 S2 front speakers. Happy to collect, if necessary.
  14. poppiestar

    For Sale Q7000 5.1 speakers with stands

    Hello everyone, We have a new addition joining our family in the coming months, so we've decided to sell the surround system. These little beauties have kept my ears happy for quite a while now so I'll be sad to see it go, but the reshuffle of our living room to make it safer for our little guy...
  15. B

    For Sale Mordaunt Short speakers, MS902 signatures, MS45ti. Gale stands

    Having a bit more of a clear out Mordaunt Short MS 902 signatures in cherry - cabinets and drivers in vgc, covers are a bit scruffy. £30 collected Mordaunt Short MS45ti in black - I bought these brand new in 1983! They were quite an expensive unit at the time. Cabinets have a couple of dents...
  16. htliam

    Options to Courier Speakers with no boxes?

    There are speakers I really want for sale in the UK (I'm in Ireland) but the seller doesn't have the boxes for them. I've read couriers do not offer a boxing service, and I guess with something so delicate and specific it would be hard to do anyway without the original styrofoam. Do I have any...
  17. H

    What type of speakers do I need to connect to an AVR?

    Can I connect any wifi speaker to my AVR it uses the HEOS system whatever that is? My amp is a Denon AVR-X2500H. Note:- I asked the same question on the AVR-X2500H section. But I now realize that question was too specific.
  18. B

    What the best computer volume setting to use with external active speakers?

    Hi all, I should hopefully be getting some active speakers and a sub in the next week of so to connect to my MacBook pro, and I wanted to know what the best control settings would be. Speakers will be connected via bluetooth. Music will be mainly played through a browser (soundcloud, youTube...
  19. wesdoobner

    Is there a way to use my old stereo speakers with TV / soundbar?

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to think of a fairly cheap way of making my 32" TV sound louder in the bedroom (also where my work desk is), while also being able to switch between sources. I used to have a technics sa-ax810 receiver hooked to my tv for sound, but that quit working a few years ago...
  20. J

    Crazy whistle from speakers.

    New here.I bought pair of Bowers CM8 s1 to move on from my 683 s1.My receiver is a Denon in Command 3200 series.The CM8 are producing a weird whistle when the receiver os turned off.Dont hear it while the receiver is playing or maybe i dont hear due to whatever is playing at the time.Anyone have...
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