1. mattgood8

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver Speakers (6s, 1s, Centre)

    Monitor Audio speakers for sale - all black oak. They've been part of a HT theatre for the last couple of years but following a recent amp upgrade I'm moving up the MA range. I'd prefer to sell the lot as a bundle but please let me know if you're interested in individual items. Silver 6s -...
  2. Simms92

    For Sale Wharfedale Diamond 230 tower speakers - immaculate condition

    Wharfedale 230 tower speakers. New condition, in original boxes/packaging with instructions. ~18 months old but rarely used. £160.
  3. B

    Amplifier needed to run Old Hifi Speakers.

    Hello everyone, I have an old Sony Hifi System, Model no: MHC RV888D. The Main central unit which has a DVD player, cassette player, amps, and where all the speakers connect has broken. I got it repaired once but got broken after running for 2-3 days only. I live in a small city in India and...
  4. Binkstech

    a bluetooth adapter to link to speakers

    Hi, I'm looking for the following adapter. On input: a Bluetooth signal (eg. from my iPhone), and/or any cable input (eg. for my existing TV) On output: Coaxial or Analog Stereo output (could be 5.1 too) I want to re-use my old PC speakers. Any hint welcome :) Thank you, Binks
  5. R

    For Sale Focal Aria 906 Speakers

    Hi All, Focal Aria 906 Standmount speakers for sale. 18mnths old. Perfect condition, comes with original box, manual etc. £500. Collection from Banbury, near Oxford. Will deliver within ~ 50 miles. Thanks, Joe
  6. irvsax

    Bookshelf Speakers On TV Stand

    Does anyone have their bookshelf speakers sitting on the TV stand next to the centre speaker as a sort of frame around the TV? I currently have mine on the wall with the TV on the fireplace so it works well as the speakers sit a little bit behind the TV, which works really well. I am moving...
  7. V

    Wharfedale Linton 3XP Speakers Crossovers.

    Hi I was recently given a pair of these Linton speakers and I thought I might start using them because they are in top condition cosmetically. They sound lovely but in view of their age and the fact that I have a lot of time on my hands,I thought I could recap the crossovers. I have removed all...
  8. Ja55

    On wall Vs bookshelf speakers

    Hi all In my quest to find the right speakers I'm considering on wall speakers due to space / placement restrictions. I always thought on wall's were meant for rear surround sound duties but I've seen some Dali and spendor's which are described as apt for stereo listening. From looking at...
  9. P

    Question Samsung Q90 rear speakers on NW850 or NW950?

    Hey all, it seems all this hardware is near identical. If I bought the NW850 can you add the NW959 it Q90R rear speakers on later or are the main units running specific firmware. Thanks
  10. F

    For Sale Sony dvp ns900v RRP€800

    Sony flagship dvp ns900v qs series.It is in very good cosmetical and technical condition reads sacd,dvd,cd. Some minor scratches on the top.Comes with original remote control,power cable,original manual. Sony DVP-NS900V A DVD Player that makes Music The question I have been considering for...
  11. X

    speakers and projector screen

    Have some in-wall speakers to install - if it were just for the TV all would be fine, but we also use a retractable projector screen and projector. So the speakers need to be outside the projector screen, which puts them fairly close to the side walls - 30cm maybe. Is this likely to be ok, or...
  12. L

    Used 5.1 speakers rec for smallish room

    Hi All, I want to buy a used 5.1 speaker setup (or assemble one from bits) for a smallish room. I have an Onkyo TX-SR393, and will be watching movies and listening to music. My budget is around £300. Wondering if there are any suggestions for systems that can be found used, perhaps with a bit...
  13. R

    Best speakers for Onkyo TX-NR575E

    Hi experts, I've just upgraded my old all in one surround sound system (Onkyo HT-S3305) with an Onkyo TX-NR575E receiver to be able to pass-though 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and use Dolby Atmos (in the future. I'm currently still using the old 6 ohm Onkyo speakers with it. So the question is, what...
  14. R

    Question Connecting a DAP to 2.1 speakers

    Hello all :) I store my music on an Astell & Kern AK Jr DAP which has a USB port and a headphone out. It can act as a USB DAC or just as storage media (edit: it also has a line out function). I normally listen directly through B&W P7 headphones or plug into a Denon avr x2300w via USB to listen...
  15. yoshi

    For Sale Q Acoustics 2020i Speakers in gloss white finish with genuine wall mounts.

    The speakers are in near-mint condition. They have been wall mounted with the genuine Q Acoustics wall mounts that retail for £40 for a pair. The gloss finish was the premium finish that cost extra when new. I have to check the loft but I'm sure I have the original box if I do them I am willing...
  16. A

    For Sale Monitor audio bx2 bookshelf speakers with stands (Glasgow)

    Moving house so selling these, great condition, purchased a few years ago. Looking for £145. Cash on collection only.
  17. sep8001

    WiFi Speakers

    Hi Are there any cheap WiFi Speakers, not Bluetooth, available that can be used with 3 desktops connect via ethernet to the router. They are not to be used concurrent, but by one machine at a time. Thank you
  18. K

    Rear speakers for arcam av 550 setup

    Hi, a friend is going to use PMC 25/23i speakers for the fronts and centre with his arcam av550. He had planned to use the 25/23i speakers on stands for the rears but for the sake of domestic harmony he is now looking for something smaller like the Focal domes that he can tuck into the rear...
  19. E11BTT

    My hifi set up in process - advice on connectivity and speakers

    Hi I have purchased the following: Audio Technica AT-LP3 Black Turntable Marantz PM44se Hi-Fi Integrated amplifier MARANTZ CD-75 CD PLAYER Marantz ST385L FM/AM HiFi Tuner I need to know what speaker type would be recommended. I know the impedance range, but a lot of speakers have the bare...
  20. W

    Ceiling speakers control panel (control, split the rooms, turn off)

    Hi I'm looking for device I can control audio. I would like to find out what kind of device I need to control Ceiling speakers. Best would be wall mounted panel. Thank you for help...
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