1. only_sleeping

    Upgrading from an AV Receiver for LS50

    Hi Folks, As documented elsewhere on the site I'm trying to improve the sound from my KEF LS50, and am flirting with the idea of swapping my Yamaha RXA1010 AVR for a stereo amplifier. At the moment, some tracks are sounding a little too harsh, so I'd prefer something on the warm side. I'd like...
  2. Houstontexas

    New system in the making

    hey everyone, I'm 6 months away of finally having my home theater set up and just want to see opinions on my speakers decision. I've decided to go for a 5.1.4 set up with everything kef apart from sub. The 2 mains will be q750 and q250 centre. I plan to have 4 q50a atoms speakers, the 2 front...
  3. J

    Question Kef LS50 passive.

    Hi, I have a pair of Kef LS50's that I currently have stored away. The only available amp I have to use with them is a Cambridge Audio CXA-60. This would work with them, but I think is a little underpowered to get the best from them. An alternative would be to place them in my home theatre setup...
  4. B

    Advice needed on how to get the most out of my Hegel H80 + Kef LS50's

    Hey there! I bought a used Hegel H80 amp last year. I used them to power my former Kef Q100's via USB. This sounded pretty great, but I bought the Hegel so it could someday power a pair of LS50's. That moment came a couple of weeks ago when I saw a change to buy a nice open box deal. I listen...
  5. T

    Question KEF LS50 Wireless.... opinions please?

    Hi, I considering putting a ‘Wanted’ add in the classifieds for a pair of these but I can’t really audition and I don’t want to wait weeks for the lockdown to finish. I‘m very aware of the properties and benefits of properly active speakers, as I’ve owned various Avi actives in the past so...
  6. S

    Kef LS50 pairing

    Hi all, Thinking of pulling the trigger on a pair of LS50s and hoping some of you have similar setups. Currently running an AVR450 + Hugo 2 + Mission 753 freedom. My questions are - has anyone paired the LS50 with either a 450/hugo 2 or both? Have you found it too bright? Thanks
  7. Rick84

    Question Marantz SR8012 + kef ls50

    Hi, I’m looking at the kef ls50 for HT as a base layer and wanted opinions on whether the Marantz SR8012 would struggle in the amplifier department? I’ve also considered the Arcam 850 but I’m put off having had the Arcams in the past, to many big etc Thanks in advance
  8. Mad Monk

    Need an 2.1 AMP under 39cm wide for KEF LS50's

    Hello, I'm in the market for a 2.1 amplifier that will sufficiently drive a pair of LS50's (yet to buy). I also need a CD player and some type of hardware DSP to correct my room. The HiFi shall be placed in my bookshelf which is 39.5 cm wide and the same in depth. I live in the East London...
  9. S

    Best Center Speaker The Q250c or LS50 or R200

    Anyone know which would make the better center speaker the q250c or ls50 or R200 struggling to get a demo so will probably be a blind purchase. The Q250 would be paired with either q150or350's the ls50 would be paired with another 2 LS50's The R200 would be paired with 2 R100's (Or would 2...
  10. BlueWizard

    KEF LS50 vs B&W 706-S2 - Rare chance to compare

    Tharbamar on YouTube has recent changed his beloved LS50 for a pair of B&W 706-S2 and has created a Demo of the two speakers. Both sound fantastic, but I think the 706 have a bit more detail. Very close call though. You can decide for yourself, but remember that YouTube videos favor Mid/High...
  11. P

    Rotel RA-03 through denon x3500h

    Good evening everyone, Complete stereo beginner here looking for some advice. My grandfather passed away recently and he was big into listening to music. Albeit very old kit, I assume the items be bought are good quality. Anyway, I have managed to get his Rotel RA-03 integrated amp but I'm at...
  12. sfhussain1

    Sealed Subwoofer options for LS50 Wireless

    Hi all, Been following the thread a lot and found lots of helpful posts from knowledgeable people! I recently bought a KEF LS50 Wireless system. The sound is amazing but it's lacking in the bass department. I have read in a lot of posts that the LS50s have serious bass for their size but it...
  13. S

    Good AV receiver or average AV receiver with pre amp

    Hi, In the process of setting up a cinema room. Room is 5m x 4.5m with 2.4m ceiling. I’ve got 3 x KEF LS50 for LCR. Will be going for 5.2.4 Will be using kef ci160 ceiling speakers for Atmos. Not sure what to do about the surround speakers yet. I won’t be listening to music in this room. I...
  14. C

    Question KEF LS50 vs Wharfedale Reva 2 - what would you buy?

    Hi all, I'm a long-time lurker, but first time poster. I am considering upgrading my speakers and am between the KEF LS50 and Wharfedale Reva 2 speakers. I'm not able to hear either one where I am located so am looking for some input. I am also able to get the Reva 2s for about half the price...
  15. C

    KEF LS50 amp review (Cyrus One, Rega Elex-R, Naim Nait 5si)

    Hey everyone, EDIT: This review is getting quite long now as I've added to it with every upgrade in chronological order. Initially I start with the LS50s driven by the Cyrus One, before comparing the Rega Elex-R and Naim Nait 5si in depth. At the bottom you will find my review of the LS50W...
  16. T

    Kef LS50 - on a bookshelf?

    I know Kef LS50 are bookshelf speakers, but if I were to put them on a bookshelf (part of a bookcase) to be the front channels of a 5.2.4 setup, would the proximity to the back of the bookshelf drastically and negatively affect the sound?
  17. I

    Answered Kef LS50 passive or Focal CMS 50 active for surround sound?

    Hi all. Kef LS50 passive x 5 in a 5.1 set-up using my Pioneer SC LX83 or Focal CMS 50 (front 3) and CMS 40 (rears) active 5.1 using an Audiolab 8200AP. Which would give me better overall sound for both music and movies? Both are at a similar price used..... Thanks, Ian.
  18. R

    Question 1 good REL or 2 Normal?

    Hi guys. Second time poster. I've recently purchased LS50s L&R R200c centre and Monitor Audio Silver FX rears and a REL T9i sub. I'm still awaiting delivery of the kit but having listened to them it was a great system. Once set up in my room I'll know better. Quick Q, as I still have a bit of...
  19. B

    KEF LS50 dented cone; repair attempt?

    Hello all, I put a dent in my LS50 - a significant dent that causes a bit of fuzz - see picture . Since it's a uni-driver - seems that the midrange is now touching the tweeter. (while this design supposedly sounds better - sure puts 'all your eggs in one basket') Don't want to spend $400 just...
  20. A

    Question Left LS50 or t301

    I am thinking about going back to av amplifier and speakers. Going to start with front 3 first and go from there. Thinking of Kef LS50 or T301s. Any opinions? Thanks
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