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  1. kingslynnfc7

    For Sale Xbox One X

    Forsale is my Xbox one X, in great condition. Selling due to non use. Comes boxed with control pad, power lead, HDMI lead, no games. £250 collected £260 delivered
  2. raigraphixs

    Watch Dogs Legion (X1)

  3. C

    For Sale Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Xbox One Headset

    Selling due to never using it really. Bought at the beginning of lockdown from Argos. The receipt may be in the box but I'd have to pull it out of the loft to check works perfectly and is in mint condition like I said I've used it about 4 times will come in the original box.
  4. semiskimmed

    Wanted Cheap Xbox one s?

    Has anyone got anything cheap going? Just needs to have a controller and thats about it really. Happy to collect around the Midlands as well. Cheers
  5. Harpernize

    For Sale Xbox One S All-Digital Edition 1TB

    Selling on behalf of a family member so take full responsibility for the sale Is in excellent condition but unfortunately doesn't have the original box, but will be packaged securely for transit, comes with original white controller Price is £120 posted and won't be looking at accepting...
  6. raigraphixs

    Far Cry 6 (XB) TBC

    Viewer Discretion Advised
  7. WhiteHartMart

    Question Game/Game Pass sharing??

    Thought I'd come here to see if there was a solution to my situation - I'm going around in circles, getting tied in knots!! Current situation is: My Xbox One x in the lounge used by me. Son 1's Xbox One Digital in his bedroom set as my home console so he can share my games etc That has...
  8. Rasczak

    Ubisoft Club App (Xbox One)

    Hi guys, I am trying to get Just Dance Unlimited to work without much success. The game is installed (Just Dance 2019) and so is the app but, when launched, the latter doesn't do anything - it just slows a black screen with 'club' and a mouse pointer. Nothing else. I have tried rebooting the...
  9. Locky38

    Rig 700 Hd

    Recently purchased a set of rig 700hd headphones as had been advised they will work awesomely with the xbox one, and no doubt the sound quality and comfortability is next level but the mic does not work through the xbox however I can hear it working through the headset itself,
  10. A

    Is Microsoft Flight Simulator reason enough to buy XBox One?

    The new Microsoft Flight Simulator looks stunning. It might be the reason to buy a XBox now. What do you think about it?
  11. C

    For Sale £150 Xbox One S All-Digital 1TB + 3 digital games

    Hello, Selling my Xbox One S All-Digital 1TB + 3 digital games as it has seen just a couple of hours use and is redundant in the bedroom. Owned new since Christmas and well within warranty. All boxed as new including the unused digital games: Minecraft Forza Horizon 3 Sea of Thieves Price...
  12. SnakePlissken006

    Onkyo HT-S5805 Xbox one X help

    Hi I bought the onkyo HT-S5805 atmos sound system with the HT-R494 Reciever for my xbox one x and I'm having problems with the sound. I'm using arc and it works works OK but I feel like I'm missing out due to bad setup. I've tried atmos but seeing as my TV doesn't support earc then I'm guessing...
  13. sagaris99

    For Sale Xbox One Controller

    In Good condition, used but no obvious chips, scratches or dents. Selling as console faulty and returned, but didn't need to return this controller £30 inc delivery More images available on request
  14. M

    MiFi & XBOX ONE X

    Hi everyone, recently joined and a bit of a tech noob. Working away from home means internet is an annoying subject for me. Been looking into MiFi and had a few questions I hoped someone could help with. If I had MiFi unit with an unlimited data sim and connected my tv and Xbox to it, would it...
  15. F

    For Sale Astro A50 Gen 4 for Xbox one.

    Astro a50 gen 4 in great condition with box and optical cable. Reason for sale is my brother has moved to ps4 So looking to move these on. The headset does not come with the ear pads as he has kept them but you can purchase a new set from Astro or get the mod kit instead. Edit: have took some...
  16. King Tones

    Hyper Scape (TBA)

    Looks very fast paced and nuts. No doubt will be coming to PS4/PS5 & Xbox One/Series X
  17. jacklafiga

    DENON x2600h Help ALLM Auto Latency Game Mode XBOX ONE X LG C9

    Hi! After replacing my 1600h for 2600h I lost the ALLM. When I connect XBOX ONE X through the receiver to the LG C9 it doesn't appear tne LG " Instant Game Response" advertise anymore. With the 1600 it didn't happen...
  18. ash_s3

    For Sale XBOX ONE S 1TB + COD MW - MINT

    Selling my Xbox one S console and Modern Warfare game. Bought at beginning of lockdown with the intention of getting into it, reality is I don’t have the time as I returned to work after two weeks. Console has been used for approx 5-6hrs max. Everything is ‘as new’ all packaging intact...
  19. S

    Wanted CyberPunk 2077 Xbox One Controller

    NEW and sealed Who's got one?
  20. R

    Question Can't reset after stuck update

    Hi, my Xbox One started updating, and hung during the 'applying' section. It then gave an error E208. I've tried restarting, but it just hangs again at the same point. I've tried downloading the offline update, and applying that from USB. That gives error E106. I've tried downloading the offline...
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