mountain bike

  1. civic-type-r

    Wanted Mountain bike - Will collect

    As per title. I’m after a mountain bike something like a Cube, Carrera, etc. Must be in good working order, let me know what you’ve got will collect if within the Yorkshire area.
  2. GingerRocky

    mountain bike lights

    hi seeking some fresh lights for me and the missus. we do single track and on road in nessex, any good reasonble priced front and rear lights? good front beam a must. i had cateyes before, yrs back, massive power pack. not wanting that again.
  3. D

    Mountain Bike help ?

    I’m looking at a mountain bike for my son who is going to be 10 and is 150cm tall. I’d ideally like something that is going to last and not going to be scrap in about a year. I was looking at a Rockrider ST 100 for around £200 but in all honesty it’s a bit of a minefield. I think budget is...
  4. broona

    £500 mountain bike for my son?

    He's currently got a 24" wheel Genesis Core, but at 4'11", he's just starting to outgrow it. Looking for a small adult bike, 26 or 27.5" wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension, etc. Had anyone got any recommendations please?
  5. Autopilot

    Recommend me a new mountain bike for under £1k please.

    Any recommendations here for the best mountain bike under a grand? (probably a hard tail). Not done a lot a mountain biking for a few years since I was younger, bit of road biking in recent years, but live in a area far more suited to MTB now. Won’t be doing any too crazy, mostly just trails...
  6. PC1975

    Is this mountain bike worth the money?

    Now purchased.
  7. Iccz

    The Cycling Thread

    Carried on from here:
  8. M

    Stolen Whyte 46 Mountain Bike From CV Area

    A little over a year after my previous bike was stolen, it's happened again. To say I'm angry is an understatement, so if I find out who it is, I might invest in a new drill for "extra curricular" activities... Like my previous bike, it is unique. There are other bikes out there, but more often...
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