1. RMCF

    For Sale FREE - Disney Store Mickey Mouse dressing gown "Daniel"

    Free, just cover postage. Official Disney Store Mickey Mouse boys dressing gown. Age 12 to 18 months. Think it was used once or twice, as new. Has been embroidered with "Daniel" Cover postage and it's yours.
  2. Gliese 581c

    Wanted Magic Mouse 2

    Looking for either brand new or excellent condition Magic Mouse 2 please.
  3. bigbfan

    For Sale Mac Mini 2012 with Apple Keyboard and Mouse (MD388*/A )

    Hello, I am selling my trust Mac Mini with Apple Keyboard and Mouse. It doesnt get enough use so it has to go. Its the 2012 model but has been upgraded to 256gb SSD and 8 gb ram. Any questions let me know. Looking for £460 delivered
  4. Digger

    Wanted Logitech MX5500 Mouse Charging Dock

    A bit of a long shot but if anyone has one of these surplus to requirements please let us know. . . Thanks. :)
  5. kourosh

    For Sale Corsair M65 Black RGB Mouse + Wasdkeys K300 Backlit Illumination gaming keyboard

    Both in very good condition,the mouse has a slight discolouring near the thumb rest but that's the only wear and to be honest you don't really notice it. The keyboard has no problems at all was purchased in July so only 6 months old. The mouse retaild at £40 and the keyboard is £30. The mouse is...
  6. E

    Connecting 'old' wireless mouse and keyboard

    I've just changed desktop and was/am hoping to use the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse that was such an excellent servant with the old setup. I have only tried it once, but it does seem as though it won't connect. I've had to use a USB adapter as you can see in the photos, but that...
  7. W

    For Sale Apple Magic Mouse 2 (boxed)

    Boxed Apple Magic Mouse 2. Surplus to requirements, please note that no lightning cable is included in the sale but you can of course use any generic lighting cable to pair it with your mac. Condition is used, the usual superficial surface marks you get on any Apple product with the gloss white...
  8. L

    Screen affected by new mouse

    My wife put a wireless mouse on her Amazon wish list which I got for her.When she unwrapped it this morning I said I would try it on my Laptop which is this one.But after plugging in the Dongle I then proceeded to see if it works but it seems to have altered the position of the task bar which...
  9. T

    For Sale Linx Vision 8" Tablet 32GB with Xbox Controller + 128GB SD Card, Keyboard, Mouse

    Linx Vision 8" Tablet with Xbox Controller + 128GB SD Card, Keyboard, Mouse. The tablet is in great condition, it has a screen protector on, there may be the odd mark but nothing that wouldn't happen from normal use. I still have the original box. This is a great tablet if you want to stream...
  10. Aston

    For Sale HP Omen Reactor USB Gaming Mouse

    As per title I got this gaming mouse last week but is no longer required. It's BNIB and still sealed. Any questions please ask.
  11. L

    2 computers, 2 monitors, one keyboard, one mouse

    Hi guys, I have 2 computers here. 2 monitors, one keyboard and one mouse. The monitors are ACER 272HL models with DVI, VGA and HDMI on the back. PC1 Old computer = Graphics card is NVidia GT630, DVI out to DVI on monitor 1, VGA out to VGA on monitor 2 PC2 New computer = Graphics card NVidia...
  12. D

    For Sale Qisan Magicforce 60% Mechanical Keyboard. OUTEMU blue switches. As new

    Qisan 60% Mechanical Keyboard. OUTEMU blue switches. As new. This is a really well known and well reviewed mechanical keyboard I bought this recently but I didn't use it for longer than 30 minutes. For the price the quality is excellent and the switches feel really nice but I just can't get...
  13. Venomx999

    Best Wireless Gaming Mouse ?

    Got a £20 Trust gaming mouse from Tesco and it's ok but its not as responsive and precise as my wired gaming mouse ( £5 off ebuyer ) Can anyone suggest a good gaming mouse for £60 or less please ? Is it the case that higher DPI the better
  14. B

    Using a mouse with two ipads

    Is this possible im trying to figure out if i can connect two ipads to a mouse being able to switch back and forth between the two i have a logitech mouse that lets me do it with monitors.
  15. D

    For Sale Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse brand new / Dell S2219H 1080p monitor

    Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse brand new This is brand new and sealed These are £39.99 brand new, I want £32 including delivery ----- Dell S2219H 1080p monitor This is a few months old in good condition. No marks or pixel issues on the screen, some very light hairline...
  16. Sreeves2983

    For Sale Corsair MM800 RGB Mouse pad, EK SUPREMACY evo block

    I'm selling some bits Corsair MM800 RGB mouse mat cloth edition boxed great condition £30ono delivered EK Supremacy EVO Nickel plexi with brand new plexi top with intel plate only £30ono delivered
  17. nickylewis

    For Sale Microsoft Surface Arc Wireless Bluetooth Mouse - Aqua - With Protective Case

    Selling due to lack of use - in perfect condition. Mouse comes boxed with included battery and a protective hard case.
  18. Sreeves2983

    For Sale Corsair MM800 Cloth Edition mouse pad

    Mint condition corsair MM800 cloth edition RGB mouse mat boxed. £35ono delivered
  19. D

    For Sale Logitech G305 Wireless Lightspeed gaming mouse

    Logitech G305 Wireless Lightspeed gaming mouse It's about 5 months old, in good, clean condition. Comes with the wireless USB adapter and extension cable £31 including delivery. Payment by bank transfer
  20. Keiron

    Question Screensaver won't work with new wireless mouse

    My (very expensive) old Microsoft laser mouse packed in so I got a new, cheap optical wireless mouse from Amazon, made by "Leadsail" (no, me neither). It works OK but since getting it, my screensaver doesn't come on and nor does my PC go to sleep. It's as though the nouse is always "alive" and...
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