1. JabbaNut

    Giveaway of the day — VEGAS Movie Studio 15
  2. S

    Question Need help finding a movie

    Good day, I watched a movie on TV like 10+ years ago, I think it could be older than 2000, what I remember so far: - It was a sort of sci-fi movie with thriller or even horror elements - Set was sand and some mountains, very orange-ish - There was blue bright substance that either infected...
  3. T

    Forgot name movie mafia

    I remember this scene: There is a religious procession on the streets. A mafia boss with hat walks in the procession. He goes home and is shot in front of his appartment. The shooter goes to the roof of the building, disassembles his gun and throws the parts in different chimneys. Thanks in...
  4. Valen

    Question Best reliability updated music / movie streamer

    Morning all I have a Nvidia Shield TV which I got last year. (Just before the new 2019 model was released). Its an awesome machine. However, I want to play Atmos tracks through Tidal and Netflix and my Shield model does not support that. (Due to whatever reasons) My questions are: Should...
  5. dr no

    UK iTunes Movie & TV Bargains

    Many of us decided against building US movie library and just stick to the UK iTunes Store. So this thread is to focus on the UK sides of things and keep all the other white noise out of it. Remember it’s all about buying movies and collection building NOT about watching any of them :p
  6. SFkilla

    Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown (The Movie) (Blu-ray Steelbook) (DE)

    Goblin Slayer (The movie) (Steelbook) (Blu-Ray) Purchase link: Release date: 16/10/2020 Status: Available to pre-order (TBA)
  7. Luminated67

    Movie screenshot eye candy

    Was think of starting this for a while now so why not just do it. Will start it off with Valerian and the city of thousand planets on 1080P bluray. Picture quality seems to be very good and a surprisingly enjoyable movie, way better than I expected. Please feel free to post your own images...
  8. Von Ryan

    Price for a set of Canton Movie 125 MX

    I have just upgraded my speakers to a set of Q Acoustic 3010i's, now I need to sell my Canton Movie 125 MX. All in mint condition, with wall mounting brackets and original box. Any ideas what they are worth? Many thanks
  9. M

    I need help to remember a movie name

    there was this medieval fantasy movie about a guy who did a lot of killing in his past and then retired to a monastery.after a while his past came to him and some creatures came for him.He was kicked out of the monastery and left to do some more killing.There were some kind of humanoid monsters...
  10. L

    Wanted Harry Potter 1-8 Movie Collection

    Hi, Anyone have this that they want to sell.
  11. ionutandreiciobotaru

    Question Can someone help me find a movie?

    In 2019 I saw a rather weird SF Movie. I saw it during the night, and I do not remember more than 4 scenes. The characters of the movie were mainly Asians. The movie took place in an Asian country (Taiwan, Philippines or other like that, but not Japan or China). I do not remember well, but the...
  12. JuliaSvarg

    Question Does anyone know a teen movie like this? (It's for an assigment)

    Initially, I posted this in reddit. But then I remember that I like forums better. So the thing goes like this: A month ago, I was assigned to make a global analysis of teen movies regarding the clique phenomena. While watching these kind of movies, I realized that in noone of these films the...
  13. Vayne77

    Question Movie where female kill male and tried to dispose the body?

    Either by burying or multilation or throw to the sea? I have watch Practical Magic, a good woman is hard to find, blow the man down....any other suggestions?
  14. D

    New Living/Movie Room

    Good evening So after 4 years without a home theatre room I’m back in action. Our property was a new build so I was able to spec out the kit I wanted along with the sound proofing to avoid excess noise travelling between the party wall. All kit and movies are hidden away in cupboards built...
  15. AndyCob

    What horror movie is this?

    Ok need help trying to remember a movie that has been annoying me that I can't name. This wasn't anything special or that good, think I saw it on the horror channel one night. The plot had something like a scientist maybe dying of cancer performing experiments on himself causing his death and...
  16. Wikedlok

    Marantz SR6014 movie performance

    As a first time Marantz owner, SR6014, coming from lower tier Denon avr-x1500h, I can say, yes, music sounds better. I'd say deep lows and highs are very similar, but there is additional fullness, I guess in mids. However, not that pleased with movies, they sound veiled, lacking clarity and...
  17. raigraphixs

    What is Your Favourite Trek Movie?

    I've read Zantarous & VisionMan's previous comments so no need to tell me you don't like it, ok if you must :) I rewatced JJ's Star Trek (2009) again on my projector last night, it still one of my favourite Trek movies imop, Parts were film in an Budweiser factory hence the brewery look most...
  18. r1chehUK

    Freaks: You're One of Us - Netflix - German Superhero movie

    This was released within the last couple of days so thought I would give it a watch. Did search and didn't see a thread on it. 7/10 A small scale German superpowers movie. Obviously these are almost as frequent as the big budget Superhero movies now (maybe minus the German part) but this was...
  19. Sprodrop


    I am selling my very little used Arcam SoloMovie A/V amplifier (£2,000 New). As with all Arcam Products it is Top End. Unmarked and with Original box and Full Instructions.
  20. T

    Question What movie? Enemy shoots arrow but doesn't reach, hero team shoot arrow back and it kills an enemy?

    Can someone please help identify which movie I'm thinking of. I vaguely remember it being a dramatised version of King Arthur and his loyal Knights (but I could be wrong). Anyway, the hero band of people were facing their enemies (I think it was across thin ice that was breaking). The enemy shot...
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