1. joner7777

    Why not stream the latest blockbuster movies now..

    I see the cinemas will now be closing because the latest Bond film was held back. What with so many now being able to stream all the Prime/Apple /netflix ect , why can`t they do as Mulan has on Disney and let us see the latest? I for one am itching to see the Top Gun 2 release and the 007...
  2. andreasmaster

    Survey: Woke Capitalism in Hollywood Movies

    Dear AVForums My name is Andreas, and I’m 18 years old. I attend school in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I’m currently part of a project called Forskerspirer (“junior researcher”) – more information about the project can be found here: In this project, I’ve chosen to study the use of progressive...
  3. Rayzman

    Question How to watch movies in HDR on Amazon?

    I have a Amazon video subscription and for some reason I am not able to play a movie in HDR. With series like the Boys, the HDR logo pops up when i start to play an episode, but not with movies although it shows the hdr icon on the info page. I tried it with the Amazon app on the ATV4k and on...
  4. u8myufo

    Pay per view Movies

    As per title, is there a decent app service I can load on to my TV that will give me the best choice of up to date movies or at the very least ones that are at least a year old and are being streamed? Subscribing to Netflix at the moment, from what I can see it may well be Amazon prime being my...
  5. K

    Best Stoner Movies On Netflix

    I'm a person who is looking for different kinda movies with twisted plots. I just love them. When i'm looking for best movies in Netflix, i found this article on a site that's about best stoner movies on netflix. I hope these movies are good but, I want your opinion guys! ARE THESE MOVIES ARE...
  6. D

    Movies and gaming tv around £500

    I’m looking for a new tv around £500 and 55 inches. I’ll be using it for a mixture of gaming and Netflix etc. I don’t care about smart tv features as I do most things through my Xbox I also don’t really care about sound, also mainly used in a darker room. I’ve looked at a lot of reviews that...
  7. Q

    I don't watch TV...but I love Music....but family love movies!

    Can you get top stereo sound from a 5.1. Home theatre setup? or is it best to get a separate home cinema and stereo system? Cheers
  8. S

    Wanted Both Sherlock Movies UHD

    As above with slipcovers :)
  9. G

    Philips Smart Tv free movies

    hi I bought a Philips smart TV which unfortunately got accidental damage in the 1st week. Curry's were sold out of replacement so I got a Sony. Anyway the offer with the Philips was 10no £5 Raukten movie vouchers. I used one before the TV broke and have 9 left. Tried using them on Sony TV...
  10. M

    request a tv that has built in voice that can play movies of a hard drive on tv

    i have got a little problem if anyone can help me with this problem right i have a android box with movies on it connected to my tv so i can watch movies off my hard drive on the tv. at the moment i go through the hard drive and select what movie to watch.but i have got over 4000 movies on my...
  11. SBBrown

    Dune HD SmartBox buggy not playing Multichannel FLAC files or DTS Movies without glitches

    I am trying to play multichannel FLAC files from my NAS on this new SmartBox. It will not play them in multichannel, the mix down to stereo. I have a Dune Base 3.0, and it does the same well. Also, when I play DTS soundtrack on the SmartBox, there are video glitches. I just got this box...
  12. B

    Question Play USB HDD movies with LG’s internal Player and send the audio signals (DOLBY, DTS & ATMOS) to my AVR (Yamaha RX-A 1080) via eARC ?

    Highly interested in LG’s SM9000 (or newer NANO 90+ series) but I need to be verified about the “ATMOS signal support over eARC with the internal Video Player of LG ?” I know that I can play and send audio signal of DTS & Dolby Digital (5.1, 7.1) files to the eARC/ARC connected devices like...
  13. B

    why does watching movies look bad when using pc on lgcx?

    because i'm using my LGCX as a pc monitor, sometimes out of habit i'll watch amazon prime through my PC, instead of using the tv's interface. i was watching the avengers (4k uhd version) on amazon prime through my pc last night, and when i went full screen, it didn't cover the entire tv...
  14. M

    Which is better for watching movies? BenQ vs Epson

    Hello. I want to buy projector for my cinema room. Thinking about BenQ W5700 (HT5550) and Epson EH DW9400. Which is better for totally dark room? The destiny of this projector is watching movies. Lenght from thescreen is about 5m. I'm looking for projector with great colours (especcialy black)...
  15. jennifermerkle

    Netflix Movies while traveling

    What is the best way to watch netflix while traveling abroad? The content is country specific on Netflix. So if I wanna watch my Netflix from Germany while traveling to Asia, whats the best way to do so?
  16. Vayne77

    Question What's some good unique female killer movies?

    By unique I mean it's not just a simple "shoot with a gun and done type of thing". I'm looking for movie like The Hole 2001...the way movie end with Any suggestion?
  17. T

    AV receiver recommendation for 65" TV with 2 in ceiling speakers

    I'm getting 2 in ceiling speakers with 65" TV. Need an AV receiver that's got bluetooth, good for movies and football. Budget upto £300
  18. S

    Question 32”- 37” Tv for watching blu-ray movies

    Hi everyone, so... answering all your question in advanced will hopefully make it easier for you to give me an advice. sources: standard hd blu-ray player , standard hd netflix, mubi (no fibre connection) Usage: 100% hd, 100% movies maximum distance viewing point: just below 2 meters angle...
  19. TheRemasterMaster

    Best Classic Movies to own on 4k UHD Blu-Ray

    This Thread is meant to discuss you're all time favorite classic movies to own on the 4k UHD Blu-Ray Format. With the recent release of The Columbia Classics collection Volume One 4k Ultra HD. I would like to know what are your favorite additions of classic movies shown on the 4k Ultra HD Format.
  20. TheRemasterMaster

    Best Movies to own on 4k (UHD) Blu-Ray

    I've started this thread to discuss the best movies you can own on the Ultra HD Blu-ray Format. Everyone can post their opinion in their thread about what movies really look good on this format and standout from one another. I've just started Collecting 4k Ultra-HD Blu-rays i now own the...
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