1. J

    Music streamer or amp upgrade?

    Hi there, I am looking for some advice. I am currently using an Onkyo A-9010 with some excellent Q acoustics floorstanders, and love the sound they produce. I have a large collection of high res files which have maxed out the storage on my macbook hard drive, and was considering investing in a...
  2. P

    A stereo that can use google maps and play music from an MP3 or even a USB stick at same time.

    I want to change the head unit in my 2009 Honda Civic. Was considering the Sony XAV-1000AX as it has a headphone auxiliary socket so I can still use my portable MP3 player. To use Apple CarPlay for google maps, I believe you connect iPhone via usb, so would I be able to use navigation and have...
  3. MQJ

    Dolby Atmos Music on AV Receivers

    At CES 2020 Phil Hinton was given a demo of Dloby Atmos Music and he was very impressed. Has me looking forward to hearing it myself. Does anybody know if this demo was on a full Atmos system? Does anyone know if this will come to AV receivers? Is this new music format going to be able to take...
  4. M

    New gaming monitor Pc and xbox 1 very loud music with headphones!

    If i turn down my monitors volume to 1 its still very loud. Is it normal? Samsung chat is saying it is? My old gaming monitor was fine it worked on volume 17 no probs. Have u got experience with gaming monitors? Samsung chat is saying u use ur xbox or pc to turn it down. Whats the point in...
  5. mickbirch2000

    Amazon music HD streaming in MQA .

    Was searching on amazon music HD for music by David Elias, I've been listening to his album Crossing for weeks in CD quality as I thought it wasnt available in hi-res & the CD quality stream is very good. Imagine my surprise to find Crossing (Remastered) & when I played this version via Bluos &...
  6. ash105

    Ceiling Speakers for music - Monitor Audio C265idc or C280idc?

    Looking to buy 4 speakers for the ceiling Monitor Audio C265idc were recommended but I have also seen the C280idc.....any recommendations to work with the new Sonos Amp. Thanks
  7. E

    Denon X3500 vs s950 home theater and music

    I have 6 ceiling speakers (sonnance) Projector and screen I would like to do a 7.2 or 5.2 theater Max budget for receiver is $600 I loved the sound of Denon 3600 Cane afford it though I also have a few kitchen and dining room speakers that I would like to out in a. Totally different One just...
  8. H

    Question Music player to receiver

    I'm due to complete on my first house next week, super excited and I've been coming up with lots of idea's and projects I want to do and one is a music player that's hooked into my AV receiver. I wanted a wall mounted touchscreen panel to control it, the receiver and other components will be...
  9. jassi_hayre

    Used sub for music only up to £200

    Hey Guys I need some recommendations for a used sub other than a xls200 for up to £200. Dont care how it looks or the size as using in a garage gym. Although the garage is 8.5 x 5 x 3m only half is used as the gym. Just needs to play fast and low for an hour at a time for workout. Doesnt need...
  10. S

    Home Cinema Speakers For Movies & Music

    I’m looking for some help and advice on my next speaker purchase. I will be moving into my new house shortly and need a full home cinema system. I’ve already purchased my new LG OLED 65 C9 PLA TV. I have approx £4000 to cover a new Amp & Speakers, the Amp is likely to be the Denon AVC-X6500H so...
  11. S

    Access music library through S10 phone

    Hello. I've got my music library on a flash drive that is plugged into my Samsung S6 TV. Is it possible to select the input source, browse to the library and select a song all from my S10? I know I can run the 'remote control' app from my phone and control the TV, but I have to be able to see...
  12. K

    Wanted Creative vision m or creative music player

    has anyone got one lying around in a drawer somewhere
  13. J

    Amazon Music HD + Heos + iOS + on Denon AVR-X3500H

    So, I got a Amazon HD subscription today and am trying to stream to my Denon AVR - X3500H through an iPhone / iPad. It works fine through the Heos app - no issues. However, if I try to stream through the Amazon Music App I am unable to connect. If I select the Alexa device set up through an Heos...
  14. E

    Gig Streaming install for large music venue

    Hi, i have a 1400 cap live music venue, i need to set up a 4 camera system for people to stream our gigs live i need some advice on equipment, mid range budget i guess best HD cameras for this environment (club with lots of flashing lights) best way to connect them with long cable runs (40 -...
  15. TechMatt


    Hi All, The Feelbelt promises an additional immersion level, with which music & sound can be felt in the body. For example, shots or explosions should be experienced even more realistically. There are still a few super early birds on Kickstarter...
  16. Smallboydanger

    Which Hi Res music streaming service is the best overall Quboz, Tidal and Amazon Music Hd

    Which Hi Res music streaming service would you recommend of these 3 Quboz, Tidal or Amazon music Hd? Looking at streaming from a dedicated streamer like the bluesound node 2i hooked up to my Hifi system
  17. V

    Question Noob question on how to connect a 2.1 system with subwoofer (3.5mm jack, TOS link or else) to play music

    I hope it's not OT - may I ask a very noob question on how to connect a system with subwoofer to play music? I.e. not to connect it to a TV, but how to connect it to a PC or to something like a Raspberry PI with a hifiberry module that acts as DAC or amplifier. Let's start with a soundbar...
  18. Smallboydanger

    Which Music streamers support Amazon Music HD

    I am looking for a music streamer that supports Amazon music Hd that I can hook up to my Yamaha RXA 870 AVR and stream Hi Res content I currently use my 4K fire stick to stream Amazon music to my AVR. It sounds ok not the best . The tracks are down sampled from 24 bit/9kHz to 16 bit/48 kHz. I...
  19. T

    For Sale SVS SB12-NSD SUBWOOFER - £390 Can Deliver For £20 PRICE DROP!

    I've had this subwoofer for over four years. After a year the amp started having problems so I contacted L sound who sent a replacement amp and it's been working flawlessly since. I have tried to show any marks in the pictures. There are some light scratches on the left side and a tiny dent on...
  20. F

    Question music streaming via Lyngdorf TDAI 1120

    The owners manual of the Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 has a section titled "streaming setup"of just 5 lines. As a newcomer to the liquid music subject I expected much more. I have still to decide whether to buy this product or not but I was not able to see and understand its features and compare them...
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