1. S

    Netflix 4k/HDR query

    Hi guys, I'm not sure if there is something wrong with my setup. About our ads Firstly, if I use my Xbox One I get the 'HDR' option against the picture mode and some HDR options unlock and reports the res as 3840x2160 / 50hz. If I fire up a HDR game that changes to 60hz/HDR (PQ) If I switch to...
  2. C

    LG TV & Sony DN 1080 Netflix Atmos

    Hi, i have a 2019 LG TV and a Sony DN 1080 AV receiver. I am having issues getting the TV to send an Atmos signal from Netflix. It was working recently, but now it's suddenly stopped again. I know its not the receiver as it's able to get atmos from the XBox. It's odd because it states on...
  3. TheGamer147

    Netflix YouTube etc

    Have all the streaming services and YouTube started to allow full bandwidth yet.
  4. Joe Pineapples

    Question Sky & Netflix

    My brother is being offered a better deal (from Sky) on Netflix through his Sky Q than he currently pays to Netflix direct. Two questions 1. Does Netflix played through the Sky box, still output 5.1 2. Will he still be able to login to Netflix through other devices with their own built-in...
  5. ianfreeman

    Question Netflix app only delivers SD

    The Netflix app on my 2014 Samsung smart TV only shows content in SD even though my Netflix setting is for HD. Using the app on my Sony blu-ray player instead shows perfect HD. Might this be because the TV is, rather like me, knocking on a bit?
  6. B

    Question Netflix Reduced Quality

    So is anyone else getting infuriated at Netflix not upping the quality of streams back to normal? when are they reverting it back to normal do we know? The quality is that crap on some 1080p stuff it’s appalling. Its a win win for them at the mo, charge your customers the same price, but half...
  7. D

    Netflix Volume Xbox One

    Hello, I watch Netflix through my Xbox and the volume is pretty low, so I need my soundbar on pretty high around level 30. If I was to watch something on prime also through the Xbox and had the volume on at 30, i’d be passing solids as 18-19 is stupidly loud. It’s always been like this for...
  8. JabbaNut

    Netflix Is Less Annoying to VPN Users Now, But Some Titles Are ‘Hidden’

    " Netflix has started to treat VPN users differently. Instead of preventing them from playing any content, the popular streaming service now allows VPN users to play content that's globally available. At the same time, however, it has begun hiding titles with geographical restrictions, without...
  9. P

    Netflix is starting to lift bandwidth restrictions in UK

    So it seems Netflix today started lifting the 7.62Mbps limit on 4K HDR streams, so it is back up to 15.25Mbps. But so far it is only for certain titles - I can confirm the film Extraction and the Altered Carbon series are back to full. Haven't seen any official announcement though or indication...
  10. Phonesis

    Epson TW7400 HDR query

    I've had an Epson TW7400 for about a year now but only recently upgraded my HDMI cables to support 4k/HDR. They are good cables and work really well with my 4k TV. I get a HDR and 4K signal from my Chromecast Ultra without issue via the Netflix app. I just cast the video. In the app, it tells...
  11. whiteswan

    Hisense Netflix App NOT 4k through the tv ??

    Hi I have a Hisense 65B7100 4k Tv. K0420 Firmware (I updated to 0424 firmware and it still does this). Netflix with a 4K Subscription. If I open NETFLIX via the shortcut key on the tv remote control - I can see that certain titles are labelled "4K" - The Woods for example......they open and...
  12. T

    Panasonic GZ950 problem with Netflix aplication

    Does anyone have a problem with Netflix aplication? It often happens to me when I want to run an app, it doesn’t want to open..
  13. K

    VFW on Netflix

    Has anybody watched this, I gave up in the end as the picture was so dark could not see what was going on, is it me or have other people found the same problem ?
  14. D

    Horribly low bitrate on wired connection Sony 900f

    Title speaks for itself. as you can tell "4k" "one planet" on Netflix has a bitrate of 7mb/s Titans is coming in at 1.24 for "1080p" and family guy a horrible .41 I have insanely fast internet and its wired. What is happening? Content looks horrible
  15. raigraphixs

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Netflix) June 26

    I previously posted the music video, who knew then it was actually a mockumentary o_O
  16. Clem_Dye

    Question Netflix playback on Samsung 4k TVs

    I'm considering replacing my LG TV with a Samsung QE50Q65T, as I'm sick to death with the lip sync issues that seem to plague the LG platform. Anyway, whilst LG TVs support Dolby Vision, I know that Samsung doesn't. With that in mind, if I try and watch a title on the Netflix app. on a Samsung...
  17. W

    Are the any PVRs that are smart and can use Netflix and the like?

    Hi, Our PVR is getting a bit tempremental at times and we are thinking of getting a new one. My wife watches a lot of Netflix, are there any PVRs that can accessnNetflix? Thanks, Gerald
  18. Roohster

    Netflix audio problem

    I'm experiencing a weird audio problem with some (only a few) Netflix programs - the audio sounds like I've switched on "centre spread" on my receiver (I checked, it's off). The centre channel is coming from all three fronts and as a result, dialogue sounds awful. This is only on a few...
  19. JabbaNut

    GUIDE: How to fix the Netflix error “This device is not supported by the app”
  20. Shanew1705

    Cancel Netflix On Sky

    Not sure if this can be done, but when I took out my Sky account in November, I also added Netflix to the subscription However I’d like to cancel just Netflix (so I can pay Netflix direct for their UHD subscription) Is it possible to cancel jsut the Netflix aspect via Sky does anyone know? And...
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