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  1. S

    Cex Voucher Not Working

    Hi all, I went to CEX yesterday got a voucher but when I enter it online I get the message " Sorry, that CeX voucher isn't found. Please check the details entered, or contact us for assistance." Anyone got experience of this?
  2. S

    Panasonic Tv green light not working

    Hi We have a Panasonic 24” tv, and the green on light is not working. The TV can be turned on from the mains but cannot change channels because the remote will not work without the green light to connect. Any ideas with regard to this. Many thanks.
  3. A

    Question Pioneer Elite VSX-30 RH Channel not working

    Hello Guys, I'm new to the forum have been looking around and there is a lot of great information on this site thanks for everyones hard work. I am looking at buying a used Pioneer Elite VSX-30 amp for a very cheap price. Only issue is the guy I have been talking to says the RH channel does...
  4. A

    Wifi not working on my PS4

    I randomly lost my internet connection a few days ago and have been unable to reconnect since. Every other device connects to the WiFi perfectly fine but my PS4, my WiFi network no longer shows up when I try and reconnect, I can connect to it fine using a LAN cable
  5. B

    Sony XH95 EPG not working

    We've just replaced a Phillips TV with the same problem (although the Phillips was returned because it kept bricking). The EPG doesn't pick up programmes unless you go on the channel and then it only shows the next one programme and nothing else loads. Whenever we plug the satellite back into...
  6. jason1wood

    Atmos through Fire Cube, not working after swapping receiver

    Swapped out a receiver yesterday and now my Cube isn't playing Atmos through Netflix and Prime. Checked the receiver and getting atmos with my UHDs, so presume its the Cube problem. Been reading that netflix and prime arent doing atmos or are lowering stream rates. Just unsure if its box or...
  7. mr gothic

    Question Denon AVR X4500H One Channel Not Working Issue

    hi i have a denon x4500h avr which im having a issue with speaker channel. ive recently add 4 atmos speakers installed in ceiling and did the amp assign for a 5.1.4 setup did a manual test tone and im getting sound from all speakers bar my front right speaker if i play music in 2 channel stereo...
  8. H

    Roku Cable TV Channel Guide not working

    I am having a problem with my tv set. I live in Florida. My set is a TCL Roku 40FS3800 which I purchased in November 2016. The problem is that with my CATV coax cable screwed into the set, the channel guide displays incorrectly. I will show the local antenna channels where the cable channels...
  9. daymouse

    Youtube app not working on M3000 after updating

    Knew i shouldn't of updated! I get this screen now when i launch the Youtube app. I've checked the data and time on the Tv and its all correct and set to automatic so i have no idea where its pulling 7th December 2018 from! Anyone else had this issue?
  10. designforge

    Cambridge Audio CXR120 twin display not working?

    Does anyone have any experience in getting the mirrored HDMI outputs working on the CXR120? I have HDMI OUT 1 connected to my TV, HDMI OUT 2 connected to a projector in the same room (hence no need for the CXR200 Zone 2) - HDMI OUT 2 doesn't seem to output anything - is there a setting I need...
  11. Buelligan

    Netflix not working in Bush 24" after update 😡

    I have just been told by Argos tech support (farmed out) that Netflix is not supported on 4 year old Bush TVs anymore after a software update. Has anyone else had this and found a work around and is there any manufacturer come back given it is a major feature of the TVs and they are only 4...
  12. T

    TV infrared not working

    The infrared on my XF65 9005 is not work the remote control is working fine, I’ve a Sony tv in another room and it works fine on that some help would be greatly appreciated
  13. C4SC4DE B4DGE

    1986(?) Magnavox VHS Recorder not working. Any ideas?

    Long story short I found a VHS Camcorder thingy at the Goodwill near my house today but it doesnt seem to turn on, even when plugged in. It's a Magnavox vr9143av01 and it is really hard to find good documentation online about it. I think it may be the power adapter because on the front there are...
  14. C

    Panasonic TV remote not working

    Can anyone assist, I have model TX-43GS352B and the remote is turning the tv off with any button so I can't get to setup to restore it to factory settings and is only 4 months old.
  15. S

    Sony HT-XF9000 Soundbar not working with new Sony Bravia KD series TV

    I am having trouble getting sound and connecting my Sony soundbar (HT-XF9000) to my TV (Model KD-65XG896). I have run a HDMI cable from the ARC input on the TV to the ARC input on the sound bar. When i then activate and turn on the soundbar it cuts the sound to my TV. Its not until after i turn...
  16. P

    Harmony Remote Not Working with 3D Projector

    Hello All I've got some older gear....Panasonic PTAE8000 projector and a Harmony 1100i remote. But the remote does not work when projecting 3D movies, even though there is a clear line of sight to the sensor on the player. Any suggestions for a solution would be much appreciated. Paul
  17. markb1980

    Question Amazon UHD HDR not working?

    I have an LGC7 and when I go to watch anything in UHD HDR on the TVs App it will not show in UHD HDR? Is there a fault with the app does anyone know of? Some of the programs I have already watched and it was working fine before but if I watch the same programs now there is no UHD HDR even though...
  18. EricaR

    VirtualXposed not working

    Hello, I installed VirtualXposed app on my smartphone (Samsung A 10,No Root) yesterday to use some of Xposed modules Everything was fine and I successful installed the app and added some apps and modules too.But, installed apps are not visible in the drawer and unable to apply any module. Am...
  19. B

    Changed from Sky to BT upstairs TV not working

    Evening. My husband decided to change from sky to BT to save money, but the issues it has caused with the upstairs TV not working is a nightmare. So any help would be great please. The main aerial is plugged in the BT box in the in socket, I then connected the cable from the upstairs TV into...
  20. J

    Yamaha RX-A850 HDMI 2 Out Not Working

    I appreciate any help that I can get... I have a Yamaha RX-A850 and finished my basement so that I will have the main TV and another behind a bar on the other end of the room (75 Ft away using HDMI 2.0 cables). I have ensured that I have it set to HDMI 1 + 2 out, but I can not get the video to...
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