Organic light-emitting diode (OLED)
  1. angrybird

    For Sale 77inch LG 77C8 OLED, or trade with 55+ (OLED or LCD)

    it's not as big as the 100" I sold here :(, but I want something smaller 65 or 55 inches, "tv is too big" wife says! I am open for OLED and LCD (providing its somewhat acceptable quality.) TV does not have any issues, no burn-in. there is a small scuff on the side not on the screen itself...
  2. M

    Panasonic oled 55 inch

    Panasonic OLED 55 inch tx55GZ1500B with soundbar superb Blacks and colours comes with stand remote only 3 months old Contact mike Stockport price 890
  3. Figorulz11

    Which soundbar do you recommend to go with LG B9 55" Oled ?

    Hi all, Need some help choosing a soundbar to go with my LG B9 55" Oled tv. Budget up to £500-550. Not sure if i can get a decent soundbar with subwoofer for this price? Or better off without a subwoofer and just the soundbar? - Would be nice to have bluetooth connectivity to use with...
  4. T

    Concept to improve OLED motion resolution

    OLED motion resolution is worse than plasma due to the plasma 600 Hz gas pulse rate vs OLED sample and hold of the source. However if the OLED viewer could wear active 3D like glasses that pulse at a rapid rate like 600 Hz, would this enable the perception of fluid motion? Could existing 3D...
  5. misterS3

    Question Sony BRAVIA KD77AG9BU or LG OLED77CX6LA?

    We've just moved house and looking to pick our main cinema / tv and occasional games TV. We've narrowed it down to these 2. Sony BRAVIA KD77AG9BU or LG OLED77CX6LA We will be keeping this TV for 6 years at least (Richer Sounds warranty) so future proofing is important. One issue i have noted...
  6. Alikin

    Damsel in Distress! LG OLED to LG soundbar issue

    Hey guys, I have an LG OLED linked to a LG soundbar via an optical cable. I have an issue I am hoping someone could help resolve!! I have the soundbar auto power volume turned “on” so when I turn the TV on the sound bar turns on. However when I turn the TV on there is often no sound playing...
  7. Noahdavid1984

    For Sale Philips OLED 803 55 inch

    For sale is my Philips OLED 803. Approx one year old. Immaculate condition and has always been on the wall. No screen retention it’s been really well looked after. I do have a extended cover on the tv which I pay for monthly which I’m sure can be transferred. Comes with both remotes...
  8. oldman1950


    Hi. Thinking of splashing out on the above TV on good Friday maybe get a deal. I'll be using it with the PS5 when it arrives, as well as watching my massive collection of UHD and Blu-rays, but I am worried about burn in. Is there a TV similar with inky blacks, nano cell, QlED ect, or should...
  9. L

    Question LG OLED C9 Turn Off Hiss

    Hi all, I only used my C9 55" tv for about 123 hours and whenever I turn off the tv, I notice a hiss/static sound. Please don't get confused that I'm not referring to the "click" sound when turning off the tv. So whenever I turn off my tv, I hear a hiss/static sound and then I hear the notable...
  10. W

    LG OLED 65B7v blinking 3 times fault

    Guys, does anyone know where I can get the mother board, reading up it always seems to be this and not the power supply ? If theres any old TV for sale with broken screen I presume I can whip it out of there ? any suggestions ? Thanx
  11. H

    Is it safe to have the oled light at 100 when doing hdr gaming?

    Just realised on the lg c9 the game mode has oled light set to 100 for the past 6 months and I have been playing fifa, rocket league etc. Just assumed tue default settings are very the best out of the factory. Does oled light at 100 damage the screen and increase risk of burn in? Or does it not...
  12. J

    Philips oled

    Anyone has the Philips oled with the bowers & wilkins speaker I’m thinking of purchasing but not many retailers are selling them any opinions pls
  13. Doctor Smith

    Question Earc on lg oled c9

    Will earc work if I use another hdmi input to TV? I have earc enabled but use it for Amazon prime and Netflix which are TV apps I will be getting a ps5, as I don't have a hdmi 2.1 amp was thinking of going direct to TV and hoping I will get sound from the amp via earc. Will this work?
  14. Noble372

    Question I have a oled Tv a 4k bu ray player that supports both 10+ and Dolby vision, for discs that support both what format do i choose for the best image???

    Okay so I own a ub820 4k player that supports hdr10+ and dolby vision I own a Panasonic gz2000 which support dolby vision and HDR10+ And I own a bunch of 4k discs which support both formats. When I play a disk that supports both 10+ and dolby vision eg 1917 or back to the future, My player will...
  15. M

    Question Is it worth paying £500 more for an oled TV?

    Looking to buy a new TV and it seems the oled TVs are the ones recommended. I'm looking for a 55 inch TV as the main TV to watch series, movies and the ps5 when it arrives. Is it worth the extra money, have seen multiple TVs around the £600-700 mark such as hisense qled and Samsung qled...
  16. fatlip180

    Co Op Insurance replacement of a LG OLED

    Hi, We have an on going claim from CO OP insurance for our LG OLED55C7V tv that was damaged. The insurance company have replied back to us with a 'suitable' replacement (new for old) SONY BRAVIA KD55XH8096BU 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant They say my TV is now valued...
  17. N

    New Sony AG8 OLED settings

    Hi guys, new to this so go easy with me! I’ve just purchased a Sony ag8 OLED 65 inch tv and I’m really impressed with it but I’ve not changed any of the settings at all, I’ve just got it out the box and plugged it in. Are there any settings I should change to try and get the best out of the...
  18. W

    Denon AVR X550bt with LG OLED and NVIDIA Shield

    Hi, have a problem that's driving me crazy. I have an Nvidia Shield TV Pro running into my Denon X550bt amp, outputting to an LG CX. With Ultra Deep Color enabled on the TV, I cannot get the shield to display at anything other than 1080p. However if I switch the amp off with the Shield set as...
  19. D

    Issues with EARC Nvidia Shield to SN11RG to Oled 65BX

    I can't get the BX to display pass through image from the Nvidia Shield I get a not supported video format message. I currently have the Nvidia Shield plugged into the HDMI 1 port of the SN11RG soundbar and have a HDMI 2.1 cable running from the EARC output from the SN11RG to the HDMI 3 EARC...
  20. Chippy99

    How much has OLED improved?

    Hello folks. First post on here in a very long time. I've been the (not so) proud owner of an OLED TV for 6 years - the LG 65EF950V. To be honest, I've never truly loved it. Yes the picture under the right circumstances (high bitrate 4k feed) can be spectacular. But when it's bad, boy it is...
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