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  1. C

    Oppo-203 Disc Specific Dolby Vision Issue [Terminator: Dark Fate]

    I've just picked up the UK Terminator: Dark Fate 4K UHD disc, and was looking forward to watching it in all its Dolby Vision glory - which has been highly rated according to many reviews. However, my Oppo-203 player steadfastly refuses to output the movie in Dolby Vision - instead defaulting to...
  2. RayP

    Question Suitable analogue interconnects for Oppo 203 / Yamaha RX A-3010

    My music comprises a mixture of ripped CDs and vinyl recorded to a Denon DTR2000 DAT player in 1992 using a Townsend Rock / Excalibur / ATF5 combo subsequently processed on a computer to generate FLAC files with full metadata. All output is stored on a external USB drive plugged into my Oppo...
  3. jask

    Latest OPPO 203 firmware.

    Hi all OPPO 203 owners. I have just installed the latest firmware (UDP20XEU-65-0131) and have run into some problems. As advised by OPPO, I performed a factory reset after installation, and on playing a DV encoded 4K bluray, I was immediately confronted by garish 'wrong' colours and a very high...
  4. A

    Question HDMI switch - for input to CA CXUHD or Oppo UDP 203

    I am looking for an IR controlled HDMI switch, which is compatible with the HDMI Input of a Cambridge Audio CXUHD or Oppo UDP 203. I bought a CA CXUHD primarily for its HDMI input video processing capability to output LPCM and it works well with my Virgin Media TiVO and nVidia Shield. I have...
  5. G

    Question Best streaming setup for 4k LG C7

    Hi everyone, I own a LG 65 C7 and i absolute love watching 4k HDR/DV movies on it. Currently i have a WD external HDD connected directly to the LG through USB. Although the image quality and color is amazing i am getting some glitches. I am not sure what they are called but the edges around...
  6. P

    Question Oppo UDP203 or Cambridge Audio CXUHD

    Want to upgrade to the 4K format. My main focus is picture quality. Currently have a Arcam DV78 DVD Player that has given stella years of service and still going strong. Will be be upgrading to a 4K TV shortly. Which one should be my choice - Oppo UDP203 or Cambridge Audio CXUHD. I have read...
  7. sapper

    Question Oppo 203 or 205 4K player feeding a 7704 Procesor

    Currently, I am running a 105 BR player through my Onkyo Processor to feed my 1080 Plasma, using audio leads for stereo/multichannel and HDMI for movies. But I am intending over the next few months to update to a 4K system. Currently, I am considering either a Marantz Processor or an Arcam 390...
  8. scubadoo

    Best 4K bluray player? Alternative to Oppo 203

    Hello, I was all set to get the Oppo 203 for my cinema room until i heard about Oppo stopping manufacture of bluray players. That makes me nervous about future updates and support. So what would be the best alternative? It's for a cinema room with JVCx7900 projector and a 9ft screen. Cheers Dave
  9. N

    Oppo 203 as a Media Streamer

    Hello! I wanted to ask if anyone here has a good experience of using the 203 as a media streamer. I ask because I hear this has some amazing picture quality for discs so I'm wondering if it would also serve my MKV collection that I ripped to my NAS in the same way. Any feedback would be great...
  10. exponential

    Question Connection for both movies AND music

    Hi everyone. Hope you are all well? I have a question which I hope you knowledgeable lot can help me with.... I have recently dipped my toe into the world of true home audio after years of soundbar and soundbase hell. :facepalm: After lots of debate, I have purchased the following: Marantz...
  11. Sutch

    Question Oppo 203 / 205 4K advice

    Hi all, I am considering making the jump to 4K and obviously need to upgrade my trusty Oppo 103D. I notice that the new Oppo players dont include Darbee and I dont really want a seperate Darbee box. Has anybody got any experience of how the 203 handles standard bluray upscale - I am interested...
  12. S

    OPPO 203 , VP9 4K stutters for some reason but H.264 4K is ok

    hi AV members , i just got a OPPO 203 about a month ago and i have got some 4K video demos from Youtube. Interestingly i found that if i use the H.264 4K demo it runs smooth but if i use the VP9 4K demo of the same video it stutters. The audio is ok but the video has problems does anyone...
  13. exponential

    Question Dual purpose sub connections

    Hi guys. I'm hoping somebody can help me with my current 2.1 ch set up. I have a Marantz SR6012 paired with Dali Opticon 6 L & R and a SVS SB1000 sub. My/our listening is 60/40 for movies and music respectively and I feel, with my current set up that music is lacking somewhat. After doing a...
  14. anabolism

    UB-820 vs OPPO 203

    I'm waiting for my tax return here in the states and it's burning a hole in my pocket because I plan on buying a 4k player. I'll either get a OPPO 203 or the unreleased Panasonic UB-820. From what I can recall the Panasonic models have slightly better chroma detail. I'll be buying a 2018 LG...
  15. g monkey

    My Oppo 203 delivery

    I won't buy anything expensive through Amazon again. Since I was going to be at home all day, I thought it would be safe enough. The delivery driver didn't ring the front bell, didn't even go through the (open) gate, just chucked the box over the fence and left it in the rain for me to find...
  16. doug56hl

    Question Why do the Oppo UHD players continue to have playback problems?

    As I've now got 7 DV discs I'm potentially in the market looking for something that can play them. And at the moment that is only Oppo and its clone Cambridge model. But continuing to read of problems with Oppo playback after almost 12 months like the ones below from the 203 owners thread is...
  17. T

    Question Best price for Oppo 203 in UK?

    Just curious as to what's the cheapest someone has been able to buy the Oppo 203 for from a 'bricks & mortar' shop in/around London/ SE England? I had heard that Oppo doesn't like its retailers discounting at all? Is this true? £650 seem to be the RRP everywhere.
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