1. Extant987

    Question How can I connect a Roku box to my Oppo BDP-105, for output to media play to TV?

    Hi, I just purchased a BDP-105 in perfect condition (though it was missing the wifi stick, just acquired separately). I can't seem to successfully connect my separate ROKU box HDMI output to the player. How's it done? I want to enable Roku to Oppo to Denon A/V media player to Sony 4K...
  2. Badger0-0

    AKG Y50BT whup Oppo PM-3's ass!

    Ok, so this one might get some excited replies. But I don't care. I've had the PM-3's for about 3 years, but have hardly used them, save for when I'm on holiday. Let's say they've had 50 hours use at most. And have suffered the dreaded flaking of the cheap plastic crap that covers the pads...
  3. Edgeyboy

    For Sale Oppo A103 Wireless Adaptor

    Excellent Condition
  4. T

    No audio on tv speakers when both Oppo HDMI outputs are used.

    Hi all I have an Oppo 203 connected directly to an E9 on Hdmi Arc. I also have Oppo connected to a Atmos soundbar using the second Hdmi out on the Oppo. When i switch on the Oppo I get picture but no sound unless I switch on the sound bar. If I then switch off the soundbar I get sound from the...
  5. Fergal82

    Wanted Oppo 203 / 205

    Anyone got one they don’t want anymore? Let me know Thanks
  6. M

    Wanted M9702 Oppo clone or possibly Oppo 203

    I sold mine on here a couple of months ago and now I want one again!!
  7. C

    Oppo-203 Disc Specific Dolby Vision Issue [Terminator: Dark Fate]

    I've just picked up the UK Terminator: Dark Fate 4K UHD disc, and was looking forward to watching it in all its Dolby Vision glory - which has been highly rated according to many reviews. However, my Oppo-203 player steadfastly refuses to output the movie in Dolby Vision - instead defaulting to...
  8. Randy Watson

    Oppo Pm1 & Oppo Ha1 Volume help

    I have the Oppo Pm1 & Oppo Ha1.Should I be having use the Headphone Gain? With the headphone gain turned off the volume knob is turned 75%-£80% max volume for decent hearing volume. should this be the case when these headphones are so easy to run at 32ohms?? With the headphone gain turned on...
  9. jason1wood

    Wanted Wanted Oppo 103d Blu

    Looking for above or something else on par. I dont have 4K but just fancy a decent blu ray as want to come away from streaming and using PS4. Budget £220
  10. Y

    For Sale Universal Player Oppo BDP-95 EU with extremely good DAC

    Hello, I am trading this player. It is fully working with the latest firmware. No ISOs, but plays all formats recorded including SACD and BR DL. Only one owner. No original box, but I have the bag if needed. I cannot post any picture right now because I am abroad, I will be back at home in 10...
  11. fatboy frank

    For Sale Headphone Amps: Oppo HA-2 & HA-2 SE

    I have a pair of Oppo Headphone Amps for sale which i acquired as part of a bundle deal with some headphones i recently purchased, which for my set up are not required. So rather than letting them sit in a drawer gathering dust, i thought i'd put them up for sale :) Unfortunately neither of...
  12. S

    [700€] Android phone - Oppo vs alternatives

    Hello, I would like to buy an Android smartphone with more or less the following features - About 600-700 euros, not more than 730 € - Very good battery, more important for me than other features for example camera or video quality, etc. - Robust and reliable, if possible not too much fragile...
  13. LordPlops

    I have found a Blu-ray player that plays MKV files with Dolby atmos and True HD (and it isn't OPPO)...

    Very pleased with my Sony UBP-X800M2 - plays all Atmos and TrueHD audio files from MKVs and will play pretty much any size file you throw at it. Negatives - it will not play DDP files (I run a USB drive through the TV slot to get around this) It can be very slow to load a file, especially if...
  14. C

    Firmware from unblock Oppo models iso/bdmv full menus

    good morning, can I still get firmware to unlock the OPPO BDP83? unlock for ISO and BDM with full menu navigation accessing files as if they were physical disks. a big hug!
  15. RayP

    Question Suitable analogue interconnects for Oppo 203 / Yamaha RX A-3010

    My music comprises a mixture of ripped CDs and vinyl recorded to a Denon DTR2000 DAT player in 1992 using a Townsend Rock / Excalibur / ATF5 combo subsequently processed on a computer to generate FLAC files with full metadata. All output is stored on a external USB drive plugged into my Oppo...
  16. fatboy frank

    Question Upgrade cable for Oppo PM-1's recommendations?

    Looking for recommendations for a good quality balanced cable for the Oppo PM-1's Ideally 1.2 - 1.5 mtrs for use with my A&K KANN anyone with this combination with any recommendations?
  17. toon10

    Oppo HA2 SE

    I have used an old FiiO portable amplifier (without DAC) for a few years with some B&W P5's and I have been very happy. I paid about £40 for the FiiO on eBay and it proved to be a real bargain and well used. I've just bought some wired P7's as I can notice a slight step up in sound quality...
  18. stewjoy

    Oppo 103d

    Anyone know the going rate for selling a oppo 103d Blu-ray player. Thinking of selling as I want to go 4k player for my tv.
  19. C

    Upgrade oppo 203

    I have the oppo 203 4K blu ray player. I’m thinking of upgrading as I just bought a new c9 tv. Any ideas of a good upgrade or should I just keep mine? Also I don’t need and smart features or anykind
  20. DJ Dave

    Question Oppo Sonica DAC

    Been offered a new Oppo Sonica DAC at a reasonable price, but I have a question. I am currently listening to music and TV via a Lehmann Linear headphone amp with my old Sennheiser HD580's. I also have a pair of Oppo PM1's which are stored in their box as I had made possible plans to sell them...
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