1. K

    For Sale Panasonic DX902 65" FALD TV

    Panasonic DX902 in 65" - this was purchase from John Lewis in Aug 2017. Condition is very, very good but it does have a scuff on the bottom side of the stand from storage and the tiniest of marks on the bezel (see pic). It has been wall mounted for most of its life - the stand was damaged in...
  2. M

    Panasonic oled 55 inch

    Panasonic OLED 55 inch tx55GZ1500B with soundbar superb Blacks and colours comes with stand remote only 3 months old Contact mike Stockport price 890
  3. Garrett

    Question Panasonic DMR-BWT720 Loss of Apps & Wi-Fi Connection.

    I cant say I used the internet connection much since I had a TV that I can get to it circumventing it but tried get on the apps and the player could not connect to the net, when I tried to set up the wi fi connection said it could not pick up a signal (while other stuff in the room can and near...
  4. H

    For Sale Panasonic TH42-PHD7 + 2 component boards

    Panasonic TH42-PHD7 with two component boarded for sale, £50 Was working fine when it was removed from the wall. Collection only from the UB4 area in Hayes Middlesex Regards Dav
  5. M

    Pano TX32LMD70A TV guide mostly missing

    HI Does anyone have any idea how to get the TV guide working properly, it seems to only have now and next and the odd extra programmes. Ive had the TV since 2007. Software on 5.640 which i think is current If i do a factory reset to try and get a new guide, will i lose the latest software...
  6. P

    For Sale Panasonic ub820 4k blu ray player

    As above for sale , comes boxed with remote great condition , no marks or scratches comes from a smoke free home any questions please ask £215 including delivery I’ll post some photos later
  7. I

    Wanted WANTED Panasonic dx902 65 inch

    Have the 58 inch and wanting 65 inch model.
  8. D

    Question Are there any other TV outlet stores like Sony & Panasonic?

    Sony and Panasonic seem to have great deals on refurbs. wondering if other manufactures do the same?
  9. C

    Newest HDMI 2.1 Denon, Marantz, Yamaha Receivers not able to display 4k/120hz HDR 8k/60 HDR due to Bug on Panasonic Chipset

    Spotted a discussion on Reddit about the problems with the Panasonic Chipset, which is something of concerned as I have just purchased a Denon 3700. Any thoughts from our experts?
  10. gex23

    Plasma --> OLED or FALD LCD?

    After several years, i'm now finally looking to move on from my Panasonic Plasma TX-P50VT65B, the main reasons are to upgrade the screen size, to enjoy 4k content and HDR. I want a TV that will give me the colours and contrast that the Plasma displays, whilst getting a more immersive experience...
  11. bingodisco

    iPhone 12 Dolby Vision recordings on Panasonic TV

    Got an iPhone 12 Pro yesterday and did a quick test of the new camera capabilities. I can confirm that it does indeed shoot very nice 4K video in Dolby Vision that my Panasonic GX800 detects. I was able to cast the video direct to the TV from the iPhone using the free Panasonic TV Remote 2 iOS...
  12. B

    iplayer app still working on Panasonic DMP-BDT460 blu ray player??

    Hi everyone, Please can someone tell me on the Panasonic DMP-BDT460 Blu ray player (UK model 2015-2016) does the BBC iplayer app still work in 2020? I don't have a smart tv and would like to get hold of one of these players, also so I can send it away for the multi region DVD and multi region...
  13. F

    New Filter foam for Panasonic pt-ae2000e

    On inspecting the rear filter I noticed it was absolutely caked in dust and the foam proceeded to break down as I tried to remove the dust. So i am in need of some new foam to replace...Cant anyone advise what i can get ?? What will happen if i use the PJ without etc while i sort the foam or is...
  14. L

    How long has my TV been running

    Got gx50800 today, refurb from panasonic ebay, took this pic, if anybody can help with how many hours this unit has done
  15. B

    What does it take to use a Panasonic DMR-E85HEB (UK) in US?

    ..... Other than the correct 220V AC being supplied to the unit? The owner's manual lists it being compatible with NTSC input and output, alongside the PAL input and output? Does it just auto select based on the material being inputed, then outputs it in the same format? I recently was given...
  16. M

    For Sale Panasonic TX-P50VT50B Plasma

    Selling due to finance needs. TV is in perfect working order. I reset everything to default, but the channels have been run through Spears & Munsil for a little alignment. - Comes with 2x 3D Glasses - Picture is representative of THX Bright Room Setting for daytime viewing (Normally use...
  17. Jlantzen

    Panasonic HC -VX980

    Got an Issue. When the camera is turned on, and a little bounce, ore shaking. it will restart. Any one can help to fix this issue???
  18. woppy101

    GZ2000 power light staying orange

    Does anyone have any idea why my GZ2000 power light is staying orange? I have all the crap like power on by apps and tv mirroring and stuff like that all set to off but it still stays on the orange light all night so it’s not running a panel maintenance, anyone got any ideas? edit never mind...
  19. A

    Panasonic TX-50GX800B and a 4k Firestck

    Hi all First time poster. So we have a Panasonic 5oin Gx800, we love the tv, well apart from the time it was 3 weeks old and it blew the main board, but thats a different story. We use a firestick with the tv and the problem is when we wake the tv from sleep the tv remote won't work the...
  20. M

    Oled owners - Do you use intelligent frame creation?

    I'm just wondering how many here use IFC on your oleds? I've always been a purist and never used it at all however since getting a 65gz950 oled my eyes just can't adjust to the fast response time. I see a constant flicker especially in bright seems that is incredibly detracting. Putting IFC to...
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