1. A

    Question Issue with dolby atmos & the panasonic SC-HTB700EBK

    I've been using the bar with no issues but now i can only get dolby atmos option if i use the usb c port from my graphics card which i didn't have to do yesterday! Well then, use usb-c issue solved you say? Well yes and no - if i set the dolby atmos option i can use the dolby access app but...
  2. Z

    Sonos Arc vs GZ2000/HZ1500/HZ2000 soundbar

    I like the idea of an integrated soundbar, but only if it provides good enough sound that I won't need to replace it. My alternative is another soundbar, most likely Sonos Arc ( I have a 30% trade up discount ). I can't find a place here in Denmark where I can compare, so I thought to ask...
  3. BrynTeg

    Question Panasonic Oled Help

    My trusty Panasonic Oled Cz952 has developed a fault .... Switched it on this afternoon to watch football and there was no sound, plus it keeps flashing as if it cant stay on the Hdmi source. I have tried both hdmi inputs , sky being one and blu ray the other both same issue.. I have also...
  4. O

    Panasonic TX-48CX400B – Set Date/Time

    Hi folks, just bought a second-hand Panasonic TX-48CX400B Viera – can't for the life of me work out how to set the date and time. Manual says it's under Setup, but there's no option there. Seem to be missing a couple of other options as well that are listed. Sure it's something simple?
  5. 7up4it

    Panasonic SC-HTE80 & TiVo & PS3 to Panasonic TX-58EX700B

    Hi, Struggling here as I removed all the cables before making a note of where they went............... So I need to connect the TiVo box/PS3/Panasonic tv to my Panasonic sound bar as above. Any help please? Cheers 7up4it
  6. onusound

    Question Help please with new panasonic gz950, htb900 and ub820 - No Atmos?

    hello guys Could some kind soul help me out with my new panasonic setup Just bought myself the panasonic gz950 along with the htb900 soundbar and an ub820 4k player Connection wise i have the sound bar arc connection going into the 950's arc connection. then the 820 video out into hdmi 1 of the...
  7. C

    Should i buy Panasonic 65GZ1500??

    Hello all, I'm looking to upgrade from a 4K Panasonic to the above shown TV (ex-display). Is this TV worth the just under £2k price, I already have a Panasonic £300 soundbar and will be mainly using the TV for watching Netlfix, Amazon, Sky Q and 4k discs. Thanks is advance, Christian
  8. J

    How to avoid upscale from HD to UHD? (GZ950)

    Hi there, New member, and new to Panasonic, in my case the 2019 GZ950. I'm using the television for BDs and UHD BDs only, and yesterday, as I was calibrating, I noticed that the Panasonic automatically upscales 1920x1080 (a normal Blu-Ray) to 3840x2160. As a result, Blu-Rays looks like...
  9. Clem_Dye

    Question Panasonic Android TVs, anyone?

    Apologies if this is old news, but I’ve just come across this article: Panasonic unveils its first Android TVs for Europe . It does change the TV landscape a bit, if only for the apps. support — Disney+, AppleTV and NowTV, perhaps? No HDR10+ support though, not really that surprising.
  10. BlueDragon

    PSA - full HomeKit support for Panasonic Viera TVs (via homebridge)

    Hi all, FWIW, in the hope that some of you will find it handy, as it it fills IMHO a key gap, i've been maintaining homebridge-vieramatic, an open-source homebridge plugin for Panasonic TVs which supports all models released in the last few years. It's available via NPN, and feedback/bug...
  11. pauls898

    OTA (Over the air software update causing TV to become unusable!

    For those of you who have a Panasonic Flat-panel TV (Model TX-L32E3B and TX-L24E3B) beware as there is some rouge OTA (Over the air software) which is corrupting and crashing some older Panasonic TV sets! Symptoms are it will turn on as per normal and after a few seconds the Remote green LED...
  12. S

    Question Can your Panasonic TV play media from USB?

    So... I know this is a basic question, but it’s something I’m not getting much answers for online. I currently have an LG 49 UJ650, which I’ve been fairly happy with. Picture is fine, and turns out it’s a media powerhouse; plays files straight from USB drives, portable hard drives, and my mains...
  13. J90RDN

    For Sale Panasonic PT-AE2000E 1080p AV Projector

    Panasonic PT-AE2000E Home Cinema AV Projector. Great condition. Lamp has over 700 hours use, so good for at least another 1200 hours. Ceiling mounted for about 3 years, and used in dedicated home cinema room. House move forces sale. Comes with what looks like an original ceiling mount, but I...
  14. jizzlejimbo

    For Sale Panasonic UB820 4k UHD Bluray Player (DP-UB820EBK)

    Hey, bought this on the 18th July 2020. It was a bit of an impulse purchase and I don't watch enough 4k Blurays to justify keeping it. I have an Xbox One S for my casual viewing. It was bought from Currys and the receipt will be included. Thought I could claw some cash back and put it...
  15. C

    Panasonic TV remote not working

    Can anyone assist, I have model TX-43GS352B and the remote is turning the tv off with any button so I can't get to setup to restore it to factory settings and is only 4 months old.
  16. D

    Panasonic camcorder (HC-VX1) - how to remove viewfinder icons from HDMI live output?

    Just bought a HC-VX1 - recording and live-streaming. The live-stream (from the HDMI connection) carries the IA (mode) icon and other 'banners/flags'. How to switch those off for the HDMI output, please?
  17. (GTV)Chris

    panasonic tx-55ez952b help

    HI, I have the above TV. Still a beautiful TV (a few years on). I calibrated it for hours and it looks amazing. However.... Bloody Sky TV has caused burn in on the screen, and on certain things like the green of a football pitch, you can see the ghosting of the side panel of the Sky home screen...
  18. numptydumpty

    Panasonic BR & HDD recorders.

    Having been lucky enough to have some wonderful holidays all over the world over the last 15/20 years, I decided quite quickly that I wanted to capture these good times on video equipment that was as high a quality as I could afford at the time. Over the last 10 years, that has included HD...
  19. (GTV)Chris

    Is the Sony VPLVW270ES a worthy upgrade from my Panasonic PT-AE4000?

    I am looking to upgrade my projector soon. I have had it from new (2010) and it still has the same bulb!!!!! It has got 6000 hours on it!! Still bright and punchy. My issue os that I haven't seen anything I like yet that matches the colours and black levels (which are excellent). Do I wait until...
  20. J

    Old Smart Panasonic problems getting Iplayer using ethernet cable

    Hi new to this and struggling to find answers. Old Panasonic TX-L32E6B Have connected to internet using WI FI from BT home hub extenders a couple of years ago. ( no longer have these) Trying to connect using long ethernet cable Netflix plays happily. BBCIplayer will not load to play although...
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