1. J

    Question Sony A8 or AG9 vs Panasonic HZ1500 Which one

    Looking to upgrade my current Panasonic EZ952B to a 65inch model. The three selected have been chosen as I wish to avoid a sound bar. The chosen TV will be situated in a corner of a room that measures 15ft x 11ft with viewing distances of 8ft & 11ft. Question is will the Panasonic ATMOS audio be...
  2. nheather

    Panasonic TVs - a bit puzzled

    My son is looking for a low end 55” 4K TV, around the £500-£600 mark and has been looking at TVs sold by John Lewis and Richer Sounds. One that is puzzling us is a Panasonic. In JL it is called TX-55HX585B and in RS it is called TX-55HX580B John Lewis is claiming this to be a 2020 model but...
  3. D

    Question Panasonic TX L32E5B screen fault

    Hi Yesterday, when I switched it on, my Panasonic TX L32E5B screen looked like the attached photo and it has not changed today. Has anyone know what the problem is and how it could be fixed? All ideas would be welcome Dave
  4. S

    Panasonic DMR-EX97 Recorder - Lost HD channels

    Hi, Recently lost all my HD channels on my Panasonic Recorder and after a few retunes with/without aerial connected they came back but have now vanished again. After a few more retunes they appear on the Guide but No Signal when selected. Interestingly, sometimes not all the HD channels have...
  5. Begadoc

    Controlling Sky Q box, Panasonic sound bar and TV with Sky Q controller

    At present the Sky Q controller controls 3 things - the Sky Q box, the Panasonic sound bar and the Panasonic TV. I am intending to upgrade the rather elderly TV (in TV terms) to a Panasonic TX-40HX800B. This comes with an all singing & dancing controller which presumably will not control Sky...
  6. M


    I subscribe to Wigan TV but the picture stutters and scrambles when I try to use it. I have a Panasonic Viera smart tv. Can anyone help me please
  7. P

    Panasonic VS Sony advice

    Panasonic TX-55GZ1500B vs Sony KD55A8BU which one is the better choice to go for?
  8. jamct

    Question PANASONIC 4K 55HZ1500 OLED V SAMSUNG 8K 55Q700T QLED

    Both TVs are on my shortlist to upgrade from my current 49" LED. They were recently £1,999 each but the 8K Samsung has a current cashback offer of £250. So, a dilemma, both have good reviews including better quality audio, the Panasonic, with probably, more robust quality metal construction...
  9. samo8076

    For Sale 2 x Sony STR-DH540 | Panasonic Surround, Tannoy Sub and Hitatchi Book Shelf Speakers

    Hi, I have for sale my late fathers av stuff. All details below, feel free to ask for further information if needed. All working as should. No original packaging for any, but will come safely packed and secure, or pick up if you like, 2 x Sony STR-DH540 AV Receivers. Both in fantastic...
  10. A

    Hz range

    Will the hz range of panasonic TVs fit the htb900 sound bar and how much better are they than the gz 950 if any one can help would be appreciated
  11. VS1

    Panasonic TX-50HX800B vs Sony BRAVIA KD49XG9005BU

    Both similar prices - just wanted an expert opinion on which one to go with. Pros and cons. Thanks
  12. Kenny UK

    Panasonic DMR-PWT550 PVR Archive facility - What is this exactly, Can I copy a Blu-ray to its HD?

    Hi I have a Panasonic DMR-PWT550 PVR and I understand it has a "Archive" function. A google search has not brought up any meaningful explanation so.. Does this "Archive" function allow for a copy of a DVD or Blu-ray to be made to the PVR's HD so it can be played back at any time? I recently...
  13. rramsey32

    No video between AVR-1613 and Panasonic ST60

    Hello all, I purchased a Panasonic ST60 and Denon AVR-1613 together about 8 years ago. They have always performed well with no problems until yesterday. About 9 months ago my Bose surround sound sub quit working so I sidelined the AVR. I purchased some new(to me) speakers on Sunday and hooked...
  14. E

    Panasonic DX700 HLG support

    Hi, I’m looking to confirm for definite whether the DX700 TV (specifically the TX-58DX700B) supports HLG content (say from a Sky Q box). I’m getting conflicting information when I try and find this out - I read somewhere that the 3.280 firmware (which the TV has) gave HLG support, but elsewhere...
  15. 69COU

    For Sale Panasonic PT-ae5000 Including 2 sets of glasses also 106” pull down screen

    Due to wife redecorating living room, I am putting my projector and screen up for sale. I bought this a while back and had very little use due to having a large plasma screen. When bought had a few small bluish artefacts which I think are dust on panel which can be seen on a pure white...
  16. bam27beer

    panasonic gt50 power on help ( smartthings)

    so i still have this , great tv ,only reason to upgrade is to go 65 ,only the sony ag for sd interests me ,but worried about soap opera and motion but anyway set a smartplug to turn off off when i leave then turn on when i arrive ,all av , this turns on reverting to to tv viewing , would like...
  17. P

    Panasonic TX50CS630 HDMI issue with Satellite Receiver

    Hi there! I've bought recently one satellite receiver (GTMEDIA V8X) and it is working fine if I connect it to my TV via SCART. The problem is when I connect the satellite receiver via HDMI. The tv not get the signal. I have tried out with all HDMI ports and differents cables, I have tried out...
  18. A

    Question L37G20 digital audio output?

    I want to connect the audio from an L37G20 to a separate soundbar or sound system, but I'm finding that the phono audio sockets aren't muted when the TV sound is. Before I start spending money can anyone confirm if the digital audio output is muted when the TV sound is? Thanks Alex.
  19. Chimpkid

    For Sale Panasonic TX-40DX700B LED TV

    I'm selling this Panasonic TV as I have no room after moving house. Panasonic TX-40DX700B 40-inch 1400 Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Freeview Play It's like brand new, all parts accounted for. I'm after £180. It would make a great bedroom TV or a great TV for gaming which is what I used it...
  20. HDPete

    For Sale Panasonic 65” VT60

    Hi I’m replacing my Panasonic VT60 65” which is approx 6 years old. It has been my trusty daily which has been wall mounted. I have the stand, remotes, touch pen and 3D specs. It is showing some signs of pink hues in the areas in front of where the cooling fans are, it cleaning the fans...
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