1. Pat Marcus

    For Sale Classic Monitor Audio passive subwoofer

    Extremely rare Black Ash Monitor Audio passive, downward firing subwoofer seeks new home. Originally designed for the Monitor One / One Gold and Monitor Two / Two Gold speakers, this sub works superbly with current and heritage model Monitor Audio speakers and indeed all bookshelf-style passive...
  2. C

    Are 5.1 Systems (With five separate speakers) and Passive Soundbars On The Way Out?

    Last week, I was in a PC World. I noticed that they didn't sell any 5.1 systems with five separate speakers. I asked why this was the case, and the customer service advisor said that they just didn't have any demand for systems with separate speakers. Apparently, most customers want a soundbar...
  3. rjd51

    Question can I use passive crossover with a speaker missing?

    hi, I have a 4-way hi-fi speaker with the tweeter missing. Its got a 4-way crossover inside of it with the wires for the tweeter still attached, is it safe to run the speakers without connecting the wires for the tweeters to anything or could his cause damage to anything? also wouldn't cause any...
  4. shoestring25

    Question Whats the difference between passive and active matrix mini LED ?

    Samsung and LG apparently are going to start using mini led back lighting on some models next year. TCL started using mini ed last year with a passive matrix mini led and later this year active matrix led Question what is the difference ?
  5. D

    Audioengine A5 active speaker conversion to passive speaker

    The original A5 powered speaker was prone to overheating, which fried many capacitors that are difficult or impossible to replace. Many users have complained about this obvious engineering fault. The speaker itself, though is fine. So, the question is, how to convert the active speaker to...
  6. C

    in wall passive sub amplifier

    Please help i have a monitor audio iws10 in the wall and it currently is wired in to the front speaker output on my friends receiver which we were going to upgrade to the Denon AVR-X3600H to get dolby atmos. my qustion is, as this is a passive sub should i be looking at a different receiver or a...
  7. R

    Powered speakers or amp and passive?

    Hi all. I'm currently looking at a pair of powered bookshelf speakers for viewing TV and streaming music. Looking at the Edifier, Audioengine HD6, Airpulse etc. Would an AV receiver and passive bookshelf speakers be an improvement? Not bothered about the full home theatre set up at the moment...
  8. paulspr

    Question Passive center speaker that includes ceiling firing speakers

    I have a 5.1.2 AV receiver and currently have a 5.1 speaker set up. I can't easily change any speaker, except for the center speaker. Since I would love to use the .2 channels that my receiver offers, I was wondering if there are any passive center speakers (because my receiver powers them) that...
  9. H

    Question what receiver for a passive sub

    I hope I'm in the right place. I just got a second hand 5.1 surround speaker set, and am now looking to upgrade(replace) my Sony ta-v902 stereo amp to something that can also power a centre channel and a passive sub. I mainly use it for music, but might connect a (bluray)dvd player in the...
  10. I

    Amplifier spec recommendations /advice for Peavey ST-12 passive speakers

    Hi everyone, Just asking for some quick advice as I am new to speakers and amplification. I have a pair of passive Peavey ST-12 speakers (see pic attached) and I would like some advice on what amp to buy for them. Is it best to match the watts and impedance? So I would find an amp that has...
  11. bernado

    Small (passive) bookshelf speakers for close to wall position

    I'm deciding on whether to upgrade my soundbar or change over to small speakers for combined TV and music listening. If I take the speaker route I'd need a pair of passive compact bookshelf speakers (driven by a Sonos Amp) that don't sound horrible when positioned very close to a wall, anything...
  12. T

    Passive sub/power amp connection options?

    Hi, I have a marantz 6013 (two sub pre outs) and a dying amp on a polk active sub. (PSW-110) I was thinking I can mod the sub to be passive and ignore it's plate amp by getting a power amp. The sub has one LFE input, I can mod it for bare wire or splice the wires together inside to continue...
  13. R

    Passive subwoofers

    Are passive subwoofers no longer made? Ideally I'd like something like SVS SB4000 passive, then a two channel rack amplifier, designed solely for subwoofers, with features such as Antimode style PEQ for both channels Sub sonic filter Low pass filter Low level input & output (to link to another...
  14. Oily

    Question Hard wiring an active soundbar?

    Just wondering if you could hard wire an active soundbar to a AV receiver by bypassing the soundbars own electrics,i.e not being plugged in etc ? Just seen one on fleabay and wondered if it's feasible? Might open up my options if I can :)
  15. J

    Question Kef LS50 passive.

    Hi, I have a pair of Kef LS50's that I currently have stored away. The only available amp I have to use with them is a Cambridge Audio CXA-60. This would work with them, but I think is a little underpowered to get the best from them. An alternative would be to place them in my home theatre setup...
  16. Ruimau

    Question Passive Subwoofer

    Hello!! I have a challenge for you guys! I recently bought a Onkyo TX-nr696 and cannot yet make the investment I want in the home cinema speakers. So, for now, I’m using a 5.1 from LG. Subwoofer is not in use because it is passive. I saw some videos with mini amps connected but still don’t...
  17. S

    PC speakers (passive)

    Good day, Im looking for a pair of passive loudspeakers to be used on a desk. Speakers should be compact so Im guessing 5 inch drivers max. Which speakers are decent for near field listening? In my living room Im using the B&W 606 and the sound is great so anything similar sounding would be...
  18. L

    Active front with passive surround?

    Advice needed as i know very little about active / balanced audio. Is there an existing thread about combining active and passive in home cinema set up? I have a 5.1 set up of passive PMC DB1 and onkyo 705 amp. I'd like to use PMC AML1 as the front speakers making it a great 7.1 set up (might...
  19. M

    Question Passive 15" sub build - what drivers?

    Hi, I was looking to get a 2nd sub to match my PSA S1510, but may resort to doing a DIY build. I'd like to something a similar size, ie approx. 100 litres, sealed, with a 15" driver, probably powered by an Inuke. I've also got an IB sub, driven by 4 AE15 drivers, & was thinking about breaking...
  20. S

    Amp to Power Passive Subwoofer

    Hi all, Firstly please accept my apologies, I am a complete novice when it comes to all things audio which is why I'm here. Please be gentle with my lack of knowledge and my undoubted, basic, 'obvious to most' questions. In short, I am looking to connect a laptop (MacBook Pro) through an amp...
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