1. Wittlesisup

    Question Active or Passive?

    Hello Chaps I've recently re-entered the world of vinyl with a pretty basic turntable, the Audio Technica AT-LP60X, and started buying the LPs of my (long distant) youth: Santana 3 and Abraxas, Deep Purple Made in Japan, Night Train (Oscar Peterson) and Miles Davis's Bitches Brew. My next...
  2. M

    Question Atmos Receiver capable of Driving Active fronts and Passive surrounds

    Hello, I'm kitting out a new cinema room at home, and was going to go the processor route but wondered if there was a cheaper option of using a receiver to drive 6 surround speakers speakers that I'm going to be putting in the room? So, is there a receiver out there where I can connect my...
  3. M

    Question Active subwoofer on system with no line out.

    I have an Eltax 16029 active subwoofer that I have previously used on a system with a dedicated sub/pre output. My current receiver is an Onkyo HT390, which doesn’t have a line out, just speaker terminals, including ones for the sub, which is currently attached to the passive sub it came with...
  4. 323technologies

    Answered Denon Reciever / Crate PX700

    I am looking to hook up a Denon Receiver (haven't picked the specific model yet, do to question) to an old Crate PX700 Pro mixer, that has (2) Optimus 40-0120 passive speakers attached which I want to use as the primary sound for all inputs attached to the Denon. Does anyone know if and how this...
  5. T

    Question Passive soundbar recommendations

    Hi all, Is anyone able to point me in the right direction. I’ve been looking into getting a passive soundbar with an LCR style configuration. Only problem is all the ones I’ve seen are roughly $1,500-$2,000 AUD and my budget is only about $2,500 and I still need a sub and receiver. Which would...
  6. A

    Question Budget 2.0 system under 400 €

    I'm looking to buy a new sound system for a small living room (20 sq m). The very most I'd like to spend is 400, but I'd much rather spend less if possible. The speakers I'm currently looking at are a pair of the JBL 305s at 270 euros or mackie mr524 at about the same price. Should I also be...
  7. R

    Question Is Goldenear soundbar worth the extra over monitor audio?

    Hi, I would love to know which is better: Monitor Audio PB2 $1000NZ or the PB3 which is slightly wider than the tv, but only $200 more?...can the pb3 justify the worse cosmetics for a better center speaker sound? OR $1500nz gets me the Goldenear superCinema 3D Array X (not the large XL). I...
  8. M

    Yamaha Musiccast: Run passive and wireless speakers together?

    Hi, do anyone know whether I can run surround sound with both passive speakers and wireless musiccast speakers on a yamaha musiccast receiver? Fx passive center and front speakers and wireless yamaha musiccast speakers surround speakers.
  9. J

    Passive soundbar

    Hi all, Just moved house and the new place isn't really big enough for my existing 5.1 set up, and so I will need to replace with a soundbar. As I already have an AV receiver and a BK Elec passive sub, I would like to go for a passive soundbar. Could anybody give me some recommendations...
  10. volex

    Question Is active 5.1 with .4 atmos passive possible?

    Hi, So I currently have an active 5.1 setup which are fed from pre-outs from my ancient AVR. I'm looking to update my setup bringing in Atmos to a 5.1.4 setup with my existing active 5.1 and 4 passive Atmos speakers. Is it sensible and possible to run my 5.1 from the pre-outs and the 4 Atmos...
  11. D

    Passive soundbars

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of passive soundbars such as the Monitor Audio SB3 or the M&K MP9? The reason I’m asking is that because if the layout of what will be my cinema room, the max distance between the front speakers will be about 180cm, therefore something like this could work...
  12. Brains123

    How to connect a passive sub woofer

    I've accumulated a home made sub woofer wooden box and purchased a sub driver / speaker cone to go in it which is 250w that was previously a spare cone from a kef sub. The box is large and the right size to resonate at 27hz. I presently have a jb system 2x400W amp (which is admitted a bit ott)...
  13. Brains123

    Question How to connect a passive sub woofer

    I've accumulated a home made sub woofer wooden box and purchased a sub driver / speaker cone to go in it which is 250w that was previously a spare cone from a kef sub. The box is large and the right size to resonate at 27hz. I presently have a jb system 2x400W amp (which is admitted a bit ott)...
  14. D

    Question Where can I buy 13x8 passive bass driver?

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can buy replacement passive bass drivers (13 x 8) for a 70s/80s quality loudspeaker? Originals have succumbed to sun exposure. Sorry at moment I have lost paper with make and model number of speakers - all other drivers look and sound good and I would like to...
  15. I

    Answered Kef LS50 passive or Focal CMS 50 active for surround sound?

    Hi all. Kef LS50 passive x 5 in a 5.1 set-up using my Pioneer SC LX83 or Focal CMS 50 (front 3) and CMS 40 (rears) active 5.1 using an Audiolab 8200AP. Which would give me better overall sound for both music and movies? Both are at a similar price used..... Thanks, Ian.
  16. X

    Yamaha RX-A870 5.1 Setup with Passive Active Speakers

    Hi all, nice to be here, i have just setup the bellow configuration and i am having a issue, would be great to hear some advice on this I have the RX-A870 amplifier and i have connect on it 2 Yamaha HS-80 (active studio monitors) on the pre amp connections for main left right speakers. I have...
  17. muljao

    Mackie big knob passive

    Hi can anyone advise something similar to this unit with maybe one or two more inputs. I want to have a volume and input control for a single set of studio monitors Thanks
  18. karlsushi

    Good passive preamps

    Hi folks. Recently acquired a quad 33/303 amp combo and need to send off the 33 pre for a service as its making some funny noises. I have since learned that connecting my DAC directly to the 303 power amp and just using the volume control on my laptop sounds excellent and as this is the only...
  19. R

    Passive sub impedance question.

    Hi - looking to get rid of my 10 year old sony receiver and get something thats a bit more HDMI savvy. Have identified the Pioneer HTP-075 as fitting my needs however the subwoofer is too damn big!! Its a passive system (I know) but I really dont need that much oomph anyway, I'm in a...
  20. W

    Question Connecting a passive subwoofer to my Yamaha AV receiver

    Hi folks, first post on this forum. I have a yamaha RX-v673 av reciever I have been given Samsung surround sound speakers which came part of an all in one system where the DVD player powered the subwoofer. My subwoofer is passive and I'm aware it needs to be powered by an amp to work with my...
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