1. J

    Question Passive Soundbar or front satellites?

    Hi all, I'm currently running a 5.1 setup with Tannoy Mercury floor standers/centre/sub and B&W M1ii's as rears. As our little one is starting to get more mobile now I'm getting rid of the floor standers and would like everything wall mounted. I have three options: 1) Purchase 3 more M1's for...
  2. exitbreed

    Yamaha RX-V590RDS & Passive Sub

    Hi, I've just bought a passive Denon DSW-500SD for cheap in hopes it'd work with my Yamaha RX-V590RDS. But I'm having trouble getting any results. Does this receiver need an active sub? If not, anyone know how to correctly connect this sub? I appreciate your time and your help.
  3. D

    Passive Pre-amp with XLR balanced input or new power amp?

    Hi, I am looking for suggestions for either a passive Pre-amp with XLR balanced input or new power amp with the same. "Problem": I have an Audiolab M-DAC+ I'd like to connect optimally via its balanced outputs. Existing amps are my ancient owned from new Naim 32/140 pre/power amps purchased...
  4. brandon77

    Oppo 205>>Marantz MM7705>Triad Silver Inrooms+2 passive Subs [LG OLED 65" tv] - - Add a pre-amp?

    Hi, newbie here but have spent many hours in initial research on this proposed setup, so I'll just ask as specifically as I can (pls forgive lapses into total ignorance/improper wording). Thank you in advance for any/all advice! 1) What is the real advantage to adding the Marantz AV7704 as a...
  5. mclingo

    Wanted - High quality real passive 3D Glasses

    Hi, my 3D glasses keep getting scratched, they are all cheap plastic, do real Glass passive 3D glasses even exist?, I cant seem to find any. alternatively, can anyone recommend any with quite thick good quality plastic lenses, dont mind paying a few quid for a decent set. Cheers.
  6. B

    Question I NEED 65" & PASSIVE 3D - HELP

  7. TarMoo

    Question Passive Soundbar - Atlantic FS3 or Artcoustic Multi SL 1094

    I am looking to get a 55in OLED TV, probably the LG OLED55B7V or Panasonic 55EZ952B and put it on a TV stand with a soundbar shelf such as the Alphason Finewoods FW1350SB or maybe the Alphason Francium FRN1400. I need to get a TV stand less than 1600mm wide as I have a SVS subwoofer to fit next...
  8. Blaupunkt

    Question Daft Question.. active or passive sub ?

    Hi so I am about to order the Yamaha RXV581 but I need a new Sub, do I need to buy an active or passive one ? I thought it was active but now I'm not so sure.
  9. M

    Connecting passive sub to Marantz NR1501

    Hi, So I'm trying to sort out my pop's surround sound. He bought an all-in-one set up a while back and now that he's got multiple devices they can't all be plugged into it (it was never going to be the right purchase) and take advantage of the surround sound. I suggested getting a Marantz...
  10. R

    Question Semi passive psu's

    Hi I'm in the process of building another HTPC and I've been looking for a semi passive psu to power it. Can anyone recommend a good fully modular one? My specs will be as follows: I3 6100 8gb DDR4 Nvidia 1030 (possible upgrade to 1050ti Kalmx if light gaming is required) Up to 4 hdds and 1...
  11. G

    Question Does my new 2016 passive 3d LG tv suffer from abnormal crosstalk/ghosting ?

    Hello. I just bought a LG UH950V because I really want a 4k 3d tv while they are available, and the OLED tv's are out of my pricerange. Watching warcraft yesterday however, there was occasional scenes where me and the wife both had difficulties with what appeared to be ghosting in some scenes...
  12. stripeyjoe

    Question Triad in wall 'Silver 15' passive 12" subs - views?

    Hi all, I've spotted a couple of Triad in wall Silver 15 passive subs on sale which might go well in my movie/disco shed to replace the 2 Kef 2010's. Shed is roughly 6.5x3.5 and has a pitched ceiling, about 3m at apex. Main listening/viewing spot is around 3m from end wall. They do not have the...
  13. R

    Active or passive? Multiroom?

    Hey guys, I've been spending a couple of days reading now and I feel like I'm banging my head in a wall over and over... I'm upgrading, but I cannot choose system type! Which means I cannot compare speakers.. yet.. My needs/wishes in list of priority: 1. Sound quality in a 20 m2 room. Source...
  14. Dancook

    Passive Bookshelf Speakers up to ~£350

    My Sounds Sticks II are falling apart, and I could do with new PC speakers. I want some passive ones that I can use with my Anthem MRX1120 whilst the extension takes place, then I will get an amp for the PC to power them thereafter. Something stylish would go down well with my wife, but open...
  15. malcolmduffin

    Powered or Passive Speaker Solution for Sonos Connect?

    Hi, Total newbie looking for a high quality streaming only solution. Quality and user interface need to be very good. Following a couple of posts this week looking at possibly going with one of these two speaker amp combinations. Budget is up to £1250 including Sonos Connect: Option 1 Sonos...
  16. simonn1974

    Passive 3D

    Why is my old set easier to use then the new one? I have a panasonic TX-L47ET60B with passive 3D which is stunning. Now I know 3D is all but dead but we love it. Panny sadly no longer apparently make passive 3D and soon no-one will so we thought we'd upgrade while we could. We went into Curry's...
  17. W

    3.1 speaker setup vs Passive Soundbar

    Hi I am trying to figure out if I am better off going with a 3.1 setup (maybe using Elac B5 or B6s and separate subwoofer) or a passive soundbar such as Deftech SSA5. I guessing the tradeoff is reduced surround sound effect with the 3.1. Am I stupid - should I stick with 3.1? Thanks
  18. W

    Best passive soundbar - multichannel

    Hi - i am considering purchasing a soundbar for my new home as it could be difficult to install rear speakers. I already have a Yamaha RX-A550 AV receiver so want to continue to use this. I have read some reviews on both the Deftech SSA-50, the Deftech SSA5 and also GoldenEar SuperCinema...
  19. L

    Question quiet passive speakers. incompatible amp?

    Hello, I have connected a Sony HCD-DZ260 amp to some passive Tannoy speakers. I am using the Sony proprietary cables but the sound is still relatively quiet at max volume. Does anyone know if there a way round this issue? Thanks
  20. L

    Answered How to use optical amplifier with passive speakers?

    Hi, I have a Chromecast plugged into a Benq W710ST projector and I would like to know how to send the audio to a pair of passive speakers via a digital amplifier - Sony HCD-DZ260. The speaker out on the Sony amplifier says "only for SS-TS80" but is there an adaptor or am I wasting time? - Here...
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