1. L

    Question quiet passive speakers. incompatible amp?

    Hello, I have connected a Sony HCD-DZ260 amp to some passive Tannoy speakers. I am using the Sony proprietary cables but the sound is still relatively quiet at max volume. Does anyone know if there a way round this issue? Thanks
  2. L

    Answered How to use optical amplifier with passive speakers?

    Hi, I have a Chromecast plugged into a Benq W710ST projector and I would like to know how to send the audio to a pair of passive speakers via a digital amplifier - Sony HCD-DZ260. The speaker out on the Sony amplifier says "only for SS-TS80" but is there an adaptor or am I wasting time? - Here...
  3. T

    Making an amp and passive sub from an Active sub

    Hello All I want to move my home active subwoofer to the other side of a room. There is a cable run from my amp to where the sub is (2.5mm twin and earth run in walls and ceiling no mains interference) Can I take the amp out of my active sub and repackage it and keep it close to my main amp...
  4. mclingo

    R.I.P Passive OLED 3D TV + 3D revival petition

    Well its finally here, LG have delivered the final nail in the coffin for 3D TV, for some, those with large 3D collections like myself this is nothing short of a total disaster. 3D coupled with a large OLED TV was just wonderful, sublime even, LG must have know this but completely failed to...
  5. matthewjh

    Question Passive L C R soundbar options

    Hi, is there such a sound bar that has 3 channels built in and is passive? I'm thinking of one to declutter my system and bolt onto my existing AV amp Matt
  6. S

    Question sherwood r-525 or any other 4ohm rear speaker system with passive subwoofer

    hi, i am new here, quick question, it may not matter what brand but I have sherwood r-525 reciever, and there are speaker outs fronts 8&16ohms, and rear 4ohm connections. i bought 2x Pioneer s-slw500. I tried to connect them to same ohm outs (4ohm) and did not get sound at all, i tried to...
  7. One more thing

    MK MP9 vs MA SB-3 Passive Soundbars

    Looking into these sound bars, does anyone have any experience with these?
  8. C

    Single passive "stereo" speaker for kitchen

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a small system for the kitchen that can play cd's, radio, do streaming etc. Was considering the Marantz MCR611. The problem is that I can't fit 2 speakers and would like to just have one sitting on a central cabinet at head height. Really what I'm after is a Sonos...
  9. Rory M

    Question Impedance w/ Speakers and Passive Sub

    Hi, I'm just building my first hifi and recently got a Yamaha AS-501 amp which I have connected to an old pair of Sony speakers (SS-H900) as I cant afford new speakers just yet. The amp can power two sets of speakers and as mine are missing a bit of bass, I was thinking of adding on a pioneer...
  10. D

    Where are all the passive 3D TVs for sale?

    Hi AV forumites I'm after a 40-43 inch 3D tv with passive specs. Any idea where they've all gone? Best site for UK 3D tv deals would be great. Many thanks in advance D
  11. B

    Passive soundbars

    Hi All, I'm considering buying a passive sound bar, something like a Monitor Audio Radius One HD, SB-2 or SB-3. Does anyone have one of these? Ideally I'd really like to go for separate speakers, but I can't fit them in with the new telly I'm looking at. Cheers.... b0redom
  12. DeadSkinMask

    Lack of passive 3d for 2016

    Hi guys, I am starting to look for a new TV to play ps4 and watch movies with. I am struggling to find 2016 mod er ls that tick all my boxes. I would like 4k, uhd, reasonable input lag and 3d passive. It seems that the LG 55'' UH950T (Australia) tax most of those boxes. I have read mixed reviews...
  13. W

    4K UHD + FALD + 3D Passive = No more?

    I'm looking to get a new TV and have been lusting at the incredible images from OLED screens but really can't afford one so have settled on full array local dimming which from what I have read is mostly well implemented and a good compromise. I'm looking for a set that will last me a few years...
  14. J

    Question Passive Subwoofer through a HK PA 4000 ??

    I have a passive subwoofer which will not run on my HKardon AVR 8500 but i do have a HKardon PA 4000 amp ` can I run my subwoofer through the PA 4000 using the passive subwoofer output from the AVR 8500. If i can how do I wire it up
  15. superred1

    Passive Panasonic SB-HW550

    I have acquired a Panasonic Passive Sub Woofer and want to be able to connect to my Pioneer VSX930 AV. What do I need so that I can attach it to the AV? Is there a powered device that can connect to the sub woofers bare wires and then into the AV? It is quite a powerful Sub Woofer and I want to...
  16. B

    2 to 4 channels passive mixer circuit question

    I'm a newbie here so hi everyone! I'm mostly into the arcade restoration hobby. My current project is trying to mix stereo sound from mp3 player with the 4 channels game sound output. The circuit I made here works but I have two issues. The mp3 player level is too low and when I connect the mp3...
  17. Dr.Rock

    3D: Active or Passive?

    Hi, I'm trying to decide whether to by a 3D TV that uses passive or active glasses. A few questions, if anyone can please answer for me: 1. Which gives better depth and/or pop-out-of-the-screen effects, or do both types of glasses give the same result? 2. I notice on some passive 3D TV's...
  18. paulbed4d

    Question Optoma 3D XL - passive 3D?

    I've just bought an Optoma 3DXL from ebay. The chap sent me 5 pairs of passive 3D glasses with it. I've told him that the glasses he sent aren't compatible as it's an active 3D system. Below is his response. Is this rubbish? Hi Paul I'm gad that the item got there safely. I have been using...
  19. Meyrick Man

    Question Passive Soundbar/Soundbase options?

    I'm thinking of adding a Passive Soundbar/Soundbase to go with my Yamaha Receiver and Q-acoustics 2010's which i want to keep and use as rears. Any advice on Passive Soundbars from anyone would be great. Thanks in advance
  20. S

    How to build an amp to connect passive subwoofer to a Harmon Kardon amplifier

    How to build an amp to connect passive subwoofer to a Harmon Kardon amplifier Hi, I have a Harmon Kardon AVR 171 amplifier that has an RCA pre-amp sub woofer output connection. I also have an Adastra CSW8 ceiling fitted sub woofer but it is a passive one. Whats the best method for...
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