1. P

    Passive Subwoofer with Soundbar

    Can anyone offer advice? We wanted a discreet system for the lounge so have the kef v300 system. Its somewhat lacking in bass so really needs a subwoofer adding. This needs to be an active subwoofer. Kube 2 was recommended by Kef. May sound awkward but we don't want a subwoofer sat on the...
  2. G

    Looking for 4K and passive 3D, maybe Philips 43PUS7100?

    Finding it a struggle to get both of these... I seem to be in the dwindling minority (according to the high street retailers) as I still want 3D! Replacing an accidentally smashed Panasonic 42" HD 3D, which had a really good picture. In desperation I picked up an LG with passive 3D and standard...
  3. I

    Question What type of passive glasses should I buy for My Panasonic TX-65CX410B?

    Hi all, I'm new here. I hope I have posted in the right place. I have purchased a Panasonic TX-65CX410B, it is a 3D TV and also has 4K capabilities. It is not due until next week. It does not have any glasses included with it. I know that the glasses I need are passive but I have no idea what...
  4. S

    Anyone built a passive house?

    I'm the position of building a house in Spain where I live now. Just been reading up on the principles of a passive house and it sounds very interesting and do-able, and not overly expensive. Anyone here incorporated the principles into a build? In a nutshell... Loads of insulation, airtight...
  5. walruses

    Using a passive sound bar for rear three channels

    Anyone have any thoughts about using a passive sound bar for three rear channels? Something like the monitor audio SB-3. I thought it might give a neat look, whilst being convenient to wire and place. In theory the sound should be spread around left and right, to give a nice immersive effect?
  6. D

    Question Are there any 'passive' IR extenders

    I have recently installed an amp in a cupboard and would like to extend the IR so I can control it without opening the cupboard each time. I use the Keene extenders and Harmony remotes on my main systems, but considering this is a single unit that just needs extending a few centimetres, I was...
  7. DrJarmin

    Answered Passive speaker selector with Yamaha RX-A1050

    Hi I would like to drive 3 sets of stereo speakers (all rated 8 ohms) from the front left and right channels using a passive speaker selector box. How can I determine if this is safe to do so using my Yamaha RX-A1050? I can't use zone 2 as that is connected to a TV in another room. Current...
  8. E

    Question 5.1 using an AV receiver, passive soundbar plus 2 satellites and a subwoofer

    Please help, I have an AV cupboard from which I have wired into my lounge area the following: 3x speaker cable to beneath the middle of my TV (front right, front centre and front left) 2x speaker cable (left and right rear) 1x subwoofer cable My intention was to use a passive soundbar...
  9. C

    Recommend me a passive soundbar?

    Hi, I've got a Onkyo TX-NR626 amp that I'd like to add a passive soundbar to, can anyone recommend me one that's around £100-£200 please as all the ones I look at seem to be active soundbars. Thanks Mark
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