1. B

    Wanted AV Receiver with 4k HDR passthrough

    After a used AVR with HDR passthrough to upgrade my current DH800. Budget is around ~£200 my location is LE9 I can collect within reasonable distance. No real preference on brand.
  2. B

    Question Cheapest HDR passthrough AVR?

    Looking for the cheapest AVR with HDR passthrough, anything cheaper than x2200, tx nr 636, or x250bt? Everything seems to be getting nabbed quick on used market because everyone seems to be upgrading.
  3. U

    For Sale TP-Link PA8010P AV1300 V3 Passthrough Homeplug - Single

    Selling one TP-Link PA8010 passthrough AV1300 homeplug. This is the Version 3 model, the latest version. Never used, bought as part of a kit of 2 but I only need one. I have several in my house and they all work brilliantly. They seem to go for £25 to £30 on ebay + postage so asking £27.50 here...
  4. ukjackbauer

    Question Gearing up for PS5/Xbox - Dolby Atmos - AVR and small room speaker set advice

    Hello all - and sorry for the extra long subject title. I've got a lot of questions and felt rude spamming the forum with a different thread for each one... Any and all advice from any souls kind enough to read all of the below would be much appreciated! Hopefully it's eventually of use to...
  5. Lighty

    Question Marantz SR7010 Firmware to allow HDR passthrough. Completely stuck.

    Hi I have been toying with selling my 7010 but I don't see lots of improvements in more recent models. My big issue is that I can't connect my 7010 to the internet. I have no idea why. Wired, I can see the IP address. I login on my PC and can see most things. I try wireless and get OK for...
  6. mattx

    LG 7450PLA and AAC passthrough

    Hi there. My LG 707450PLA is a great choice and value for the money, but I 'm unable to send AAC multichannel to my AVR. My Denon likes AAC and knows what to do with it. It works with media players, Raspberry or Kodi. But my LG TV seems to convert every file to AC3 first, no matter what I do...
  7. P

    Question 5.1 passthrough via optical on my LG OLEDs - how?

    As a gamer and movie lover, 5.1 is an essential thing for me. I have two LG OLED's - the 55 EG and the 55 B8. According to the specs I've looked up, both list having 5.1 passthrough via the optical out. Now...I have two ageing but serviceable home cinema systems which I connect my consoles and...
  8. R

    sony str-da5800es 4k passthrough issue

    Hi all, Ive just bought the above receiver used from a friend, what a brilliant sound it puts out, unreal. Anyway, ive tried connecting my sky q main box to one of the inputs marked 4k, and it doesnt work. In the sky q settings it says that 4k isnt an option and unsupported. Bot sure whats...
  9. D

    Question Yamaha RX-V473 4K passthrough

    Could anyone tell me if I need to upgrade my rx473 if i were to upgrade my projector to 4K? I know it is capable of 4K passthrough, but that was many years ago and i'm not sure if things have changed since then or even how that works! I won't upgrade my projector until I know if my av amp is...
  10. RAINS

    Passthrough query - Yamaha receiver

    I note that when the receiver is on auto passthrough it does no work when using a PS4, Xbox or Apple TV. If i switch it to on, then all fine. Q. do i need to have CEC switched on in the devices to allow Auto to work on the receiver?
  11. K

    Arcam AVR390 - HDR Passthrough?

    Hi All, I have an AVR390, which i've been really happy with - but am now looking at taking advantage of HDR in my setup... Can anyone tell me, if my receiver is able to pass through HDR ok ? I have no issue with 4K - but am not sure about it's HDR support. If not, i need to rethink my...
  12. Lukasboos

    LG CX Audio passthrough problems

    I have a Problem with My cx and My earc q90r Soundbar and My apple tv My setup: Apple TV —> cx—> q90r When i set passthrough in My cx i dont get any 5.1 only pcm on My Soundbar When i set auto i get dolby audio. Is this normal? The Soundbar shows earc But atmos works on passthrough and...
  13. A

    How to enable HDMI passthrough on Sony X900E to prevent the Samsung Q90R soundbar from shutting itself down after short inactivity of the PC?

    Hi, I connected my PC's HDMI output port to the input port of the Samsung Q90R Dolby Atmos sound bar. Then, the output port of the sound bar to the HDMI 3 ARC input port of my TV. After a firmware update of the soundbar, the soundbar always turns itself off after short inactivity of the PC. How...
  14. G

    LG NANO866 LPCM Passthrough?

    Hello, just purchased an LG 65NANO866NA and a Sonos Arc. All set up but cannot get AppleTV 4K to pass Dolby Atmos sound time the Soundbar through the TV! I canget Dolby 5.1 through Bitstream but can get PCM 2 channel as an alternative. I’ve seen that there may be a firmware upgrade coming to...
  15. Fourwisemen

    Dolby Digital Plus / Atmos Passthrough

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I'm struggling to get a concrete answer on the below.. I have an LG 55UF950V - LG 55UF950V (UF950) UHD 4K LED TV Review - and arriving next week will be a Sonos Arc. You can imagine I'm trying to work out the best way to get the best sound quality...
  16. D

    Any 4k passthrough receiver recommendations for used non hdcp?

    Hello I have acquired a Sony Val 500es and I've just figured out it doesn't have hdcp on it. So I was wondering what high quality, but cheap receivers there are for it. I'd need 4k passthrough and I'd like Spotify too ideally. Any recommendations on the used market? Many thanks!
  17. R

    Which way to connect devices and soundbar + Passthrough options

    I have a Samsung Q70R Tv and am planning on buying a cheap soundbar (as a stop gap). Probably the Q60R or the Sonos Beam. Leaning towards the Q60r at the mo. Which way is the correct way to connect everything up. I have a firestick, a console, my pc. 1) All devices into tv and then a hdmi...
  18. danmarr14

    DTS HD MA Passthrough - possible?

    Hello, I've been researching the topic and I think the answer is no, but if you can help I would be very much appreciative!.. I tried my MBP 16 with VLC for the first time to my Amp (Denon x2600h), great experience and help removed a little of the black crush! However, the audio was either...
  19. F

    Question Denon X3500H lossless audio passthrough & eARC

    TV: Sony Bravia A9G AVR: Denon X3500H Speakers: 7.1 Klipsch I am streaming media from my Plex server over my home network to the TV's Plex app. I have an HDMI cable set up from the TV's eARC HDMI port to the receiver's ARC port. Both the TV and receiver are up to date on firmware, and the...
  20. CorneliusDrebbel

    Question Pioneer VSX-933 4k passthrough

    Hello. I have a 4k LG TV, PionerrVSX-933, mediaplayer Himedia Q10Pro and certified premium hdmi 2.0 cables. The player is connected to TV through the receiver. Mediaplayer has a colorspace settings. At 2160p resolution i try to set colorspace to 4:2:0 10 bit, but AV Receiver stuck at few seconds...
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