1. B

    Philips 6604 50"+No Sound from Netflix +multichannel passthrough

    Hello All From my TV when I'm setting multichannel passthrough option , no sound is coming from Netflix into my Sony 5.1 setup (model BDV 490), connected to the TV using HDMI (ARC). But Youtube plays fine with that same option. Sound is fine from Neflix when selecting Stereo (Uncompressed)...
  2. S

    PHILIPS Ambilight 55PUS733412 55 Bluetooth Question

    Hello all, PHILIPS Ambilight 55PUS733412 55 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV with Google Assistant We have the above TV and my question is about bluetooth audio. As I'm hard of hearing I wonder if it's at all possible to listen to the TV audio via my bluetooth buds without disabling the TV...
  3. London Town

    For Sale Philips Hue Light Bar Extension *New*

    Hi all, Selling an unwanted Philips Hue Light Bar Extension. It is brand new and boxed, never been opened. Price includes 2nd class recorded delivery.
  4. carpman0401

    Philips tv to Samsung soundbar arc issue.

    Hi all , I am having issues with my Phillips tv to Samsung hw k950 soundbar . It’s connected to the tv via hdmi arc and the same on the soundbar. However,once the power up is done with my sky q remote it loses sync. The only way I can get it to run through properly is to unplug the tv. I have...
  5. Noahdavid1984

    For Sale Philips OLED 803 55 inch

    For sale is my Philips OLED 803. Approx one year old. Immaculate condition and has always been on the wall. No screen retention it’s been really well looked after. I do have a extended cover on the tv which I pay for monthly which I’m sure can be transferred. Comes with both remotes...
  6. D

    Question Do you need the Sync Box to connect Phillips Hue lights to a Phillips TV?

    If I'm to get a Phillips TV, I plan to make the room a light show lol
  7. T

    8204/12 firmware update

    My TV has just done a firmware update, let's see what if anything has changed, Issues I had :- Hdr only showing 8 bit No Dolby digital from hd channels Flickering picture on very white pictures Lypsync way out Firmware version now :- TPM191E_R.
  8. D

    PUS855 Apps?

    Hi All, I've had my eye on the 43PUS8555 since Philips announced their new 2020 line up. I'm still waiting for a compressive online review from the likes of Trusted-Reviews, What-HiFi, etc. In the meantime can any PUS8555/PUS8505 owners tell me if the TV supports the following Android apps...
  9. J

    Philips oled

    Anyone has the Philips oled with the bowers & wilkins speaker I’m thinking of purchasing but not many retailers are selling them any opinions pls
  10. opicelesni

    PUS7354 Dolby Atmos in netflix

    Hi, i have a quick question about dolby atmos on PUS7354 when i play some movie or whatever on netfilx with dolby atmos - "original (atmos)" audio source, the sound is not working properly. Its scratching and making some weird noises. when i change audio to "original" (without atmos) the sound...
  11. T

    PUS9005 - Stock in UK?

    I called Philips and tried to speak to a human at Currys, but have been unable to find out when they will get stock of the 50 or 58 inchers. According to Philips, Currys have an exclusive on this model, so there's no chance of getting it elsewhere. I've just pulled the trigger and ordered...
  12. RealityDysfunction

    Question Saphi OS

    Do people think that Philips will drop Saphi from their line-up in the next couple of years? They don't seem to have put the effort into supporting it that, for instance, Samsung and LG have in developing there operating systems. I seems to me that switching completely to Android would allow...
  13. B

    Question Horrible light bleed on 65pus8555

    I purchased the Phillips 65pus8555 from curry’s last week which was delivered on Sunday, I set it up to find the bottom of the TV had light bleed and some clouding so I ask for a replacement which they sent the next day, set my replacement up only to find its 10 times worse than the previous...
  14. I

    Question Send your settings to Philips 8505 TV

    Hello forum, I recently bought a 50PUS8505 TV. I am satisfied with the purchase. Help customize the picture. - For PS4 slim with HDR - For PS4 slim without HDR (if there is a difference) - For youtube - For 4K movies - For Full HD movies
  15. Labralabra

    Question What philips 75 inch with ambilight?

    Which 75inch from these would you recommend? All are now just under 1000€ here in Finland: 75PUS7354 75PUS7855...
  16. T

    Audio sync issues

    Hi guys, I have been fighting with Philips over audio sync issues for sometime now, it happens when selecting hd channels that carry Dolby digital. The only way around it is to select pcm from my virgin V6 box. Anyone else having this ?
  17. T

    55pus8204/12 10 bit

    Hi, I have a 55pus8204/12 that I cannot get to report 10bit. It will only report 8bit. ? I have tried various sources but nothing, can anyone inform me if their 8204 reports 10 bit ? Thanks
  18. B

    Philips 58PUS8555 Lots of noise via Virgin TiVo box

    Can anyone help? The picture on my new TV via Virgin HDMI is terrible in dark scenes. I dont see it this bad via the TV's own Netflix or in menus. Check out the picture Any advice?
  19. D

    Question Philips PUS8555 Pixelated / Blocky dark scenes

    Hi all, I was really looking forward to having a nice TV and looking at specs and reviews this model looked to be the best choice. Unfortunately I am very disappointed in the low light picture quality. I have played around with every setting under the sun, trawled forums for a silver bullet...
  20. K

    For Sale Philips HTL3320 3.1 CH Soundbar Speaker. Brand New & Sealed.

    Philips HTL3320 Soundbar Speaker. 3.1 CH wireless subwoofer. Dolby Digital. HDMI ARC. 300W. This is brand new and unopened. Received as part of a package with my new Philips OLED TV, but I have another system (Canton DM60) and so this is not required. Collected from Currys on 13th October...
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