1. S

    55PUS8204/12 - What Panel Manufacturer? A remodeled 8804 or 7**5 ?

    Hi, Yesterday I got hellbent to investigate about the PUS8204, since there is no good information on the tv I've sat many hours trying to trace if the tv share components with either the 8804 or 75**. Now my wife has gotten real mad at me for spending so much time doing this (I told her I'm...
  2. Nndldmx

    43PUS6703/12 HDMI CEC / Easy link remote not working

    Hi there, I had this issue for a while but didn't find a solution yet. I don't even know if anybody else has this. I have a 43PUS6703/12 plugged to a firestick tv 4k, everything was working fine and i could control the fire with my philips remote. Once I plugged in a soundbar sony htsf200 via...
  3. N

    Best Philips Ambilight TV for gaming

    Hi all, Need urgent help from the experts. I am looking for a a 55 inch ambilight television that has good smart features but especially important for me is gaming. However upon looking for reviews could not find any information for input lag. Could you please tell me the best ambilight tv...
  4. C

    PUS8204/12 Atmos help!

    Hi everyone, I am not extremely tech savvy or knowledgeable in the area so please bare with me. I recently purchased a Philips 65PUS8204/12 and I don’t really understand how the audio works. I have ordered the Sonos ARC Soundbar to go with the TV and to my knowledge I will not be able to...
  5. McHighland

    Philips 55OLED854/12 55 Inch OLED or Sony KD55XF9005BU 55"

    Hi all, I'm looking in to buying a 55 inch TV. And have at the moment narrowed down to these two. Philips 55OLED854/12 55 inch OLED Sony KD55XF9005BU 55 inch 4k My main concern is which is best for watching sport, mainly football? As I think both would be very good for general TV and Movies...
  6. R

    65pus8204 rebooting restarting on its own in the middle of watching tv

    got this tv a few weeks ago from currys ebay store last night and tonight it has rebooted whilst i was watching a tv show black screen philips logo then the android bootup sequence and then tv channel comes back 3 days ago the tv locked up, tried to turn volume down or up and it wouldnt move...
  7. S

    Does anyone have a Philips TV 49PUS6401/12?

    If so I could really use your help. My tv had a powercut during an update now its gubbed. I have sort of an idea on how to fix it but i need someone with the exact same tv model
  8. TheGamer147

    Philips 2020 HDMI 2.1 TVs

    Are Philips releasing TV with hdmi 2.1 this can find anything online.
  9. Faulksey

    43PUS7304 Calibration

    Looking for any advice. Much appreciated if you can share some settings.
  10. D

    phillips 8204

    I am struggling to find any info about this tv, and no reviews has left me a bit concerned, My 6703 was damaged due to moisture damage and phillips refused to repair it so currys decided to honour my warranty and exchanged it for the 8204, is it an IPS panel or VA? my old one was va and am...
  11. JackStillAlive

    Question Samsung UE50TU8502 or Philips 50PUS7304/The One?

    Hey guys! I am looking at replacing my Samsung 40" NU7122 and after a day of searching, I ended up with two finalists, both are 50" and cost the same: Samsung TU8502 Philips PUS7304, also referred to as "The One" I barely found anything about them and on other forums I got recommendations for...
  12. OC4J

    Question Display Issue with Philips LED TV and Streaming Boxes

    My daughter has been given an old (2006) TV (Philips 32PF9731D Ambilight). It looks and works fine except when it displays streaming boxes, with which it shows a green stripe / bar running down the left hand side of the screen - see attached picture. I have tried with both a Roku Express HD and...
  13. TheGamer147

    Question Anyone know what this is

    There seem to be a plack mark on screen I run a colour test on YouTube and doesn't seem to show. Thereba second pic doesn't or Is it there I'm not sure.
  14. P

    Updating Chromecast built-in

    Hi all, I own a Philips 50PUS8204 which is running Chromecast built-in 1.42 which was released in November last year and it's pretty buggy. The current release is 1.47 but any attempt to update it fails. I've tried trough the Play Store on the TV after a reboot and cleaning up the cache, I...
  15. SamV

    50PUS6703 crashes when trying to use iplayer

    Heya, I have a 50PUS6703 bought in Jan 2019 from Richer Sounds. Recently it crashes when trying to load iplayer. Software is upto date, internet connection is stable, some it seems it needs to be rechecked every other day. I've tried to leave it, and even after 3 hours nothing happens. I get the...
  16. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Philips online events to replace IFA 2020 attendance

    Philips has released an official statement explaining it will not be attending IFA 2020 and will instead be presenting new product releases via a series of online events. Read the news.
  17. G

    Philips Ambilight 65PUS8204/12

    Hi. My Panasonic been away for repair and with 6 months left on 5 year warranty Curry said it needs a new screen and binned it. They gave me a gift card and I put money to it and bought a Philips Abilight 65PUS8204/12. A liked the reviews so I hope I chose well. I wonder if anyone can help me...
  18. BT86

    55OLED754 Picture Settings

    Apologies if this has already been posted but does anyone have a good picture Setup for this TV yet? Cheers
  19. Sampson

    Question Lounge mode via hue switch? IFTTT with harmony perhaps?

    I’m currently awaiting delivery of my first proper Ambilight TV, the 65OLED805. I’m installing in my finances home rather than my own so am working on moving over 9 speakers and lots of hue lights to make her cry. Anyway, anyone found a way to get the “lounge mode” feature of the TVs to turn on...
  20. A

    LG B9 or Philips 854

    I’m in the process of getting an OLED tv, i think I’m between these two as are similar prices at costco, what do people think?
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