1. R1DDS

    For Sale Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Spotlight Twin Pack LED [GU10 Spot] with Bluetooth

    Got the above for sale, brand new sealed in the box. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Philips-Ambiance-Spotlight-Bluetooth-Assistant/dp/B07SPKV73M/
  2. Vispen74

    Philips 32PFS6401 / 6402

    This brilliant 32 inch FHD TVs, released in 2016 and 2017 is two of the few Android-TVs in this segment with smaller screens. The TVs are great in many ways. One way that is really boring is that the last software update was released in oktober 2018. It is now running Android 7. Is there...
  3. D

    What are those star screws holding my Philips CD player together?

    6 cornered star screws hold CD player casing on etc, would they be Torx screws? I have some Spax head stuff for building DIY but it's too big for theses screws. I've been struggling by with an allen key up to now. Thank you Dain
  4. S


    Have the above model and a couple of days ago the HDMI control (CEC?) Stopped working the TV no longer comes on when I turn on the sky Q box. It no longer tells my soundbar (also Philips) to turn itself on and doesn't auto switch when I turn on the Shield. So it's all 3 hdmi it's happening on...
  5. handsy

    Philips 55OLED934 - dumb, stupid, idiot, noob question!

    As this TV comes with it's own soundbar can I assume that I would simply connect that optically to the TV and then connect all my sources (bluray, set top box, Firestick) directly in to the TV HDMI ports? I'm guessing ARC is available for all TV HDMI connections? Thanks
  6. M

    Philips 65PUS6504/12 user experiences?

    Hi, everybody, I'm in a need of new telly these days and just came across huge savings on this particular model (cca 550€). I've already downloaded user manual, but other than that, I can't seem to find any feedback on it. Does anyone here have it or has some info on it, is it any good or should...
  7. RobTi

    Question Disney+ app

    Hi niece has asked me about the Disney app on her 55” ambilight Philips tv Around 3 months old, sorry no model no. She paid £650 in case that helps, so anyway to get the app on the tv
  8. S

    Sammy Q70R - Sammy Q80R - Panna GX800 - Sony XF9005 or the Philips OLED754

    These are my choices for a new TV and they're all priced very similarly. Will mainly be gaming but these TVs all have good input lag times so I don't really mind which one I choose in that respect. HDR is the main thing I'm concerned with. I'm looking seriously at the Philips OLED but I'm...
  9. G

    TV Philips24" Serie 4000er 24PHT4031/12

    Good morning, I purchased the TV in question just over 2 years ago. Always worked perfectly. Last week while the guard is suddenly turned off. It made no noise or smells of burning. I tried and tried again to unplug it and hang it up again without being able to turn it on. I also tried with the...
  10. S

    Deleting files from USB

    Hey Guys, Do you know how I can delete files from USB drive connected to TV? I have 55OLED804
  11. G

    Kodi on philips 804

    I recently downloaded kodi from google store but when it loads it just says waiting for external storage ,anyone have any idea what's wrong. Thanks
  12. willharris10

    Question What's the state-of-the-art in control? Replacing Philips Pronto

    Hello, may parents put in a lovely system 12 years ago with a lovely handheld Pronto remote controlling everything, projector, screen, lift, Oppo BluRay player and FoxSat HDR. That worked really well back then but now the Pronto is basically dead and the big Onkyo TXNR905 is playing up and...
  13. patrickhahn

    Question Retune Philips TV

    Our Phillips TV has stopped receiving local channels. YouTube & Netflix working fine. Any a=suggestions?
  14. M

    Question PHILIPS OLED + 983

  15. D

    65PUS6754 ARC

    Cant seem to get my surround sound from amp working. TV was a nightmare to get on wall what with all the cables behind it... Etc Can anyone confirm what hdmi is the ARC for this tv. Cant actually see anything in settings related to ARC
  16. ShamblesX

    55PUS7334/12: no more favourites list following f/w upgrade

    I thought this might have been reported here before but I could find no reference to it. Since the f/w upgrade to TPM191E_R. last week I discovered I could no longer create a favourites list. So I got in touch with TPV-Tech and asked their advice, just in case the options had...
  17. Jimx26

    Wanted Philips Hue Hub V2

    As above, looking for a V2 preferably new. Thanks :)
  18. D

    PUS6754 - correct Fire Stick settings

    Pretty simple - what are the best colour mode and bitrate settings to use with a PUS6754 and Fire Stick 4k? AFAIK, all the HDMI ports on a 6754 are capable of optimal (ie: 4.4.4) at 4K. Because I don't really know what I'm doing, I set my Fire Stick's colour bitrate to 12-bit and colour mode...
  19. disneyboy

    Question Philips 43PUS6814/12 calibration settings suggestions please?

    Can anyone help me to get the best settings for this tv please? Trying to lighten the picture up without going too vibrant or washed out. Thanks for reading :-)
  20. C

    Philips PUS7334 Game Mode blocked

    Hi guys. I cant turn on game mode on my tv. Tv see my PS4 but game mode is off. Do U know how Fix it?
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