1. Putonahappyface

    Blu ray player plugged in to soundbar no picture, please help?

    Hoping someone could help me please? Soundbar is connected via ARC and I've plugged my blu ray player in to one of the soundbars rear hdmi inputs and got no signal/picture. I've plugged the blu ray player back in to one of the tv hdmi inputs and all is working fine and Dolby Atmos is working...
  2. N

    LG tv lineup picture 2020

    Hi. I saw a picture posted by Dodgexander about lg tv lineup (https://www.avforums.com/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fhdtelevizija.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2019%2F05%2FLG_TV-LineUp_chart_2019.jpg&hash=1643869efb7c1893a2e311049e0b7f2e) for 2019. Is there a similar chart for 2020? Thx.
  3. herespaulo

    TU7000 Picture Mode not saving

    I just purchased a Samsung TU7000, and my Picture Mode setting isn’t saving. I have my TV’s Picture Mode set to “Movie”, but when I change sources, the TV will default back to “Standard” when returning to the previous source. The odd thing is, when I go to Expert Settings, my custom settings...
  4. A

    Sony KD-75X8000G or Samsung UA75RU7100? Which is better for Colorful lifelike picture quality?

    I'd like to purchase a low budget 75 inch 4K TV that would give me lifelike color with excellent picture quality and should long laster. Picture quality is my 1st priority and then durability. My 1st choice is Sony KD-75X8000G compared to Samsung UA75RU7100. I have compared the both TVs in...
  5. G

    Hisense 40H4030f1 No picture.

    I have a 40H4030f1 Roku tv that has no picture, but the backlights are on and it has sound. Tried dealing with Hisense on this because it's still under warranty and they sent me a new main board and told me they would arrange for a tech to replace it ( simple 20 min job, done it several times)...
  6. D

    Question Is Your Picture Format Setting Still Working?

    I have a 70PUS6704/12 and ever since the TPM196E_091.003.051.041 Saphi software update the Picture Format setting has stopped working. I can still access the setting and select the various options, e.g. stretch, zoom, fit to screen, etc., but the image on the screen no longer changes. This...
  7. C

    Scaling down picture for watching 720p films

    Hi all, I recently bought an LG OLED55B9. Quite an upgrade from my 13 year old 32” Samsung :) Does anybody know if there is a possibility to scale DOWN the picture? I want to watch some older 720p films. When I play such a film from a hard disk it uses the entire screen height on my TV, which...
  8. kypsolo

    R50B7120UK - Picture Settings Help and Guidance Please

    Hi there. I recently bought Hisense Roku TV 50 Inch R50B7120UK 4K Smart LED TV with HDR. I'm getting a lot of ghosting especially when there is a dark scene with light shining highlight things. I'm wondering if it's my picture settings. Can you guys give me your best picture/sound settings...
  9. G

    LG CX 77" Picture issues with Xbox One X

    Hello everyone! I just hooked up my brand LG CX oled and been having issues with the picture presets. The HDMI cable I'm using is the same cable that came with the console and worked just fine with the Vizio M-series this TV is replacing. With the Xbox, all the video features on the console are...
  10. Symtendo

    Hisense 75S8: Picture settings

    Hi all, I just bought the Hisense 75S8 and my first plan was to come here to get the best settings as I am not great with TVs. Unfortunately I’m struggling to find any mention of this TV either here or on the internet in general. Is it known by a different name outside of Australia? If anyone...
  11. BM08

    Which picture settings to turn off on LG tv?

    As title, my two year must have changed picture settings when she got hold of the remote, and it’s messed EVERYTHING up! I thought the settings I previously applied would have been saved, but it doesn’t appear to have? I understand that most of the settings with the word “Dynamic”, or “super...
  12. J

    Question Philips VR110 and Sharp 32AC6EE LCD TV scart connection sound but no picture

    Hi, I bought a Philips VR110 VCR player for my dad. He has alots of old VHS tapes (wedding ceremonies, birthdays etc.) He wanted to watch them again. He has a SHARP 32ACEE LCD TV. It has a SCART connection. The Philips VR110 also has scart connection. I bought a scart cable from a local store...
  13. M

    Sound no Picture

    I have a Sony have Bravia KD55XG8505BU I am tring to connect to my Sony STR DN1040 AV Receiver to and every HDMI port I try I have sound but no picture it should work via ARC to arc TV to receiver put no good I have changed leads etc it was work on previous tv a week ago.Can anyone please...
  14. karatekid

    Yellows look green

    Hi all I have a 55UM70. Im struggling to get the perfect colour setup. The issue im having is that yellows look green or have a green tinge. For example if a number plate is shown on tv it look green I've fiddled with the settings and the only way I can normalise yellow is to lower to...
  15. rmonkey100

    Question Hisense h65b7300uk Best Picture Settings??

    Just got this TV for my parents, set it up as best I can over the phone with them, using Cinema Night, and HDR Night Anyone else got this or can recommend more detailed and better settings? Turned all motion & noise reduction stuff off, backlight is at High, though low may be better? Thanks
  16. P

    Best picture settings for Movies/Gaming for 43PUS6554/12

    Hello, I'm looking for the best picture settings for movie/gaming.. I tried setting them myself but eventually I ended up with a too blend picture or too saturated... unnatural colours... please help! Thanks in advance
  17. Jccr2004

    Roku xbox different size picture

    I have an Infocus screenplay sp2080hd, I have a roku and an xbox one hooked up to both my tv and projector, ( I use one or the other depending on what time of day or what it is) when I use my tv both the roku and xbox image is the same size, it fits the screen when I have my projector on the...
  18. D

    Picture calibration settings for 50PUS6504/12

    Hello, I recently purchased a Phillips 50PUS6504/12 and I wondered if anybody could help me out with the picture calibration settings for this TV. Many thanks in advance 👍🏻
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