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  1. D

    Amp for Linn Ninka floor standing speakers and Condesa Lucia Rotary Mixer

    Hello, First of all, I'd like to mention that I am new to the wonderful world of Hi-Fi and I would like to ask you, well-seasoned veterans, for advice on a few things. I have just inherited some Linn Ninka speakers and id potentially like to integrate them into my set up. I am currently...
  2. A

    Pioneer 608 plasma and LX-SC57 receiver using only 1 remote

    This is probably my first post here, but I have been reading a while. I replaced recently my 505XDE plasma and AX-5 receiver with 608 plasma and SC57 receiver. With old setup, I could use the receiver's universal remote to control both plasma and receiver. With the new setup, I used 1 HDMI...
  3. G

    Question Pioneer Kuro - Currents settings do not allow adjustment

    I am trying to turn on AV sound on My Pioneer Kuro 6080. However, HDMI control is completely locked regardless of my settings. Is there a way to enable them so i can actually use my receiver?
  4. K

    For Sale Faulty Pioneer 500A + Media Box

    Hi All, Unfortunately my Pioneer 500A, which was purchased from these forums late last year, has developed a series of issues and the wife wants it gone. For those interested in the specific issues: The display (cosmetic issues only): Since purchase it has a bright pixel near the top of the...
  5. T

    Pioneer VSX-934 and DAB dongle

    Anyone know if the VSX-934 supports the AS-DB100 usb DAB dongle? The 933 does. Got n joy from pioneer...
  6. Costello

    For Sale Pioneer PD-S703 CD Player - Perfect - In Original Box

    Pioneer PD-S703 CD player for sale. Excellent player in its own right but Pioneer’s stable platter mechanism make these desirable transports. Mint condition with original box, packaging and remote. Has both optical and coaxial outputs. Asking for £100 plus a bit towards postage. Socially...
  7. MySmartTVBox

    Question Pioneer Receiver VSX-831 does not Turn On, only the Network / wireless red Led Lights blinks erratically

    Hello everyone! My Pioneer Receiver VSX-831 does not Turn On, only the Network / wireless red Led Lights blinks erratically. Any ideas? Thank you! Luis.-
  8. L

    For Sale Pioneer VSX - LX55

    Hi, I have a well looked after Pioneer VSX - LX55, works and sounds great. Comes with remote and set up mic but unfortunately I do not have the original box. Collection preferred.
  9. J

    No Display on Pioneer SX-P420 hi fi

    Hi wonder if you can offer any help my pioneer hi fi display just doesn’t illuminate. All other functionality is fine. Turned on off no good, cables look ok but haven’t done anything else. No manual either it’s an old girl but been very reliable over the years.
  10. J

    Wanted Pioneer PDK-TS36B Table Top swivel stand

    On the look out for one of these please for a new purchase of the PDP-LX5090 TV. Also on the lookout for the original side and centre speakers for this model. Thanks
  11. S

    How to turn off upscaling on pioneer vsx-534?

    Hi My Pioneer vsx-534 is producing a noisy intermittent signal on my Epson EH-TW9200 Projector. I think it is upscaling to 4k that projector does not support but I can't find how to turn it off to confirm this. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks, Steve
  12. AnilS

    For Sale Pioneer BDP-320 Blu ray

    Selling on behalf of a good friend, so any comms, I'll pass on. Owned from new. Collection on from Leicester. In lovely condition and fully working, with remote control and low hours. Great picture and sound. From a smoke and pet free environment. Sensible offers would be considered, but I...
  13. C

    Question New Pioneer VSX933 seems too quiet after initial setup

    Hi all I just treated myself to this receiver (previously had a THX rated VSX and it was fantastic until a channel died on it), it's to replace my Sony STR-DN1030 which is starting to get a bit annoying as it turns off the signal to the TV now and then. The pioneer seemed like a fantastic deal...
  14. bairdyboy1980

    Question Issue with sound on pioneer VSX-330

    Hi all 👋🏻 i recently purchased a second hand pioneer amp (VSX-330) from gumtree. It was advertised as working but on delivery i found that although i can hear the sounds through the seaker but a lot of white noise on top. Am i doing something silly? If not, what is mostly likely at fault? TIA...
  15. I

    For Sale Pioneer VSX-531

    hi, got for sale Pioneer VSX-531. Got it from richersound in about October 2017. Still in use. Used mostly for movies. Very good condition. Box and other original stuff included. Would prefer collection as new buyer could check it out but if you would like to arrange your own courier I am...
  16. O

    The best second-hand Pioneer receivers with MCCAC Pro?

    What are the best second-hand Pioneer receivers that have the top level of MCCAC (MCCAC Pro)? Looking for a low-cost entry point to that level of room correction...
  17. Eagle1UK

    For Sale Pioneer UDP-LX500 Multiregion 4K Bluray player

    I am selling my immaculate condition Pioneer UDP-LX500 4K Blu-ray and multi audio format player, which has multi-region DVD capabilities. Price reduced to £899 £799 + £20 UK delivery, or near offer. Automatic region code for DVDs only, updated to latest Pioneer v1.16 official firmware. A...
  18. AvitBaz

    For Sale Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus 2’s (x2) & DJM900 Nexus 2 mixer LIMITED EDITION WHITE BUNDLE!!. “A” CONDITION!! BARGAIN! £4750!

    I bought these 2 CDJ’s and mixer with dust covers last February for £6000 cash (mainly as an investment, because they are so rare! I still have the original receipt too!!) These have hardly been used and really have been kept in beautiful condition and completely faultless, would take £4750...
  19. P

    For Sale Pioneer S-2EX Reference Loudspeakers (TAD)

    Up for sale are my stunning Pioneer S-2EX Reference Loudspeaker. I bought these new just over 3 years ago and had them palleted and shipped from Germany. They come complete with the manuals, original boxes and spikes etc, I am also including The Heybrook stands and top plate which I had had...
  20. GhostRider17

    New Pioneer 534 Receiver. Strange grill on top?

    Hey guys Just treated myself to a Pioneer 534, it's brand new and works perfectly but there's a strange kind of extra layer of the grill on top of the heat disperse part. Has anybody bought a new receiver lately and had the same thing? I'm just hoping it's not a refurb!!
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